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  1. Hello, reader and welcome to my thread! How does today find you? I hope better than yesterday and worse off than tomorrow.

    Although you may stipulate that such an introduction is leading you into the splendor of a medieval fantasy roleplay, I'm afraid I must disappoint you. I am looking for someone to share with me a journey... home. Shall I explain further?

    I hope this plot doesn't seem too mundane to you, as it does not, for good or for bad, entail such things as angels, superpowers, space travel or combat of epic proportions. Do not waver, though, as it does hold its bit of supernatural.

    The plot is set in a city, no, not really a city, but rather a very small town. I will not make up elaborate descriptions of it or its geographic location, as I wish for both of us to be able to link it to our own experiences of home. Our characters don't know each other, for one reason or another (possibly from different backgrounds) but live in close proximity (for example a teacher and a student, who don't share classes). At any rate, they are vaguely, if at all, aware of each other's existence.

    What do me and you have in common, reader? I suppose you have guessed it already - we both become aware of something terribly wrong happening in this town, that we have spent our entire lives in. So... would you explore this dark mystery with me? Our characters set off to investigate whatever is happening. (I wish for us to find something mysterious and unclear that we are both comfortable with. Being a Lovecraft fan, I would suggest some Old god. A being embed in the Earth's very core from it's beginning that is awakened due to an earthquake or the like. It could be a warlock that is acting with creatures from the Void to accomplish some excruciatingly evil agenda, creatures from dimensions as alien to us to a degree incomprehensible to our puny consciousness, taking up residence in some of the town's inhabitants, an ancient family of the town's founders returning to spread a "blessing" that gradually transforms its people into something... different and terrible, acting both on their minds as well as bodies) Each of us is initially on their own, you can try to make others aware, you can try to spell the obvious truth, but you are slowly realizing that even your own family is laughing at you, at best.

    But the evil doesn't sleep, reader, it pays attentions and its ears stretch long. How much will you be able to gather, before you become the target? Will you and I be able to get to the bottom of this together, before it is too late. And how can you be sure that you can trust me? After all, I could be pretending, whilst in fact being one of them. After all, whatever is happening, it wants to hide its presence from the rest of the world, as evident from the time you called your distant aunt who is a journalist to make a report of the strange behavior of everyone else and for a few days the town jumped back to it's normal form, causing her to doubt your sanity. Do you sleep with your light on, reader? Do you trust your neighbors, or your family? Can you even talk to your friends? And why has your Internet connection been so laggy recently?

    Seek me out on PM or in this thread.

    P.S. Hush, do not speak so loudly, they are listening for you now.

    There is no limit to how the story can develop and what picture can be painted, while the framework and feeling from above are safeguarded. Anything from romance to a mental breakdown and mass homicide are available options, depending on your own desires.
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  2. This looks interesting!! I'm interested, obviously :D
  3. Hey there, Nina... I'm not too sure how to proceed, you see, I usually apply to other people's threads as opposed to making my own. Perhaps we could discuss the plot and our own characters furtner over PMs, or also here, if that's what you prefer. Do you happen to have any particular idea of what your character would be like, or you'd like to first elaborate on the details of the scene and discuss where to, eventually, take this roleplay ?
  4. ~poke no one has contacted me about plot yet, sooo technically it's still open
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  5. Unfortunately I'm fairly useless when it comes to coming up with good plot lines, otherwise I'd love to RP with you!
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