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  1. (Okay... so... the plit is not fully developed, but that makes for a great rp! How this goes is up to you guys! I just put it under supernatural because I'm hoping for a demon character to be involved, but it doesn't matter! :) )

    Daniella woke with a start, sitting up in her bed. She was surrounded by darkness, except for the moon's light coming in through the slightly open window. Her forehead was lightly covered in beads on sweat and her bright green eyes were wide with fear.

    Her dream was more vivid than ever this time. There were people after her... and this time.. they got her.

    Dani shook her head, trying to forget it, but she just couldn't. It's like where you're having a dream but can't wake up, like you're stuck in it, but at the same time it's real.

    She looked around her room with a sigh, leaning her head back and closing her eyes.
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    A pair of blood red eyes stared at the girl on the bed. She could feel, see, smell the fear. Her body was exploding with pleasure, she wanted more. More fear. So the horned woman approached the girl, silently as a ghost. Her mouth was almost touching the other's ear, and whispered.

    " Oh my, already awake? I was waiting for you, sweetie." Tanaesmia smirked, showing her pointed sharp teeth.
  3. Dani's eyes shot open and it felt her body jumped six feet into the air. There, in front of her very eyes, she saw something.

    A loud scream escaped her lips as she scrambled on the bed to get away, making a disarray of the covers as she did so.
  4. image.jpg Donte watched from the other side of the room as Tanaesmia toyed with the girl, making her even more terrified. He could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she scrambled to get away. Donte crossed his arms and leaned against the wall; he would let Tanaesmia have her fun then he would collect the girl once she was done. He didn't much care for games tonight, he just wanted to be done
  5. [​IMG]
    As the scene unfolded a raven had appeared at the edge of the window cocking its head to the side and cawing loudly, wings spread open. Then the raven had mysteriously transformed to that of a human being, A man who wore black with his jet black hair combed back. He wore a black v neck and a long light coat and seemed to bare many scars, a noticing e one on the side of his face and faintly on his chest and neck, it was hard to tell.

    Although at this time, he would tell the other woman, the one who looked like a succubus to stop--Dear Diaval stayed quiet only stopping her when the time called. He watched quietly as the moon light was lit upon him and brushed his hair back with his fingers through the silence."Youll surely give her sleep paralysis." He chuckled watching from the window still."You know, the feeling humans hate when they're awake yet trapped in a 'dream' and can't move or scream." He explained."They see things for a few seconds, then fully wake up and the monsters disappear." Diaval let out a sigh."What are you doing? What will you do?" Asked the male referring to Tanaesmia and slightly the human.

    Diaval was a funny demon. Kind and helpful however it came with either a price or consequence, making him wicked. For example if he saw a conceited person whom needed help the price would me 'cutting your hair off' or the consequence would be giving you a deformity therefore he was neutral yet still wicked. And was known to have a menacing sadistic side as well which riled up others.
  6. Tanaesmia noticed how Dante was quiet today, so she looked at him. Huh, grumpy. She thought. Suddenly, she heard the noise of wings and then a raven, so Diaval was here already.

    "Yeah, I know that. Sometimes I would play with them, you know. Make them terrified and then disappear, they get so relieved..." Tanaesmia voice was soothing by the end of the sentence, suddenly, she put the girl's head between her hands as she hold her still on the bed and looked up expectantly.

    "Hey! Isn't she cute when she screams like that? Can I keep her?" She made the famous puppy look, and looked between Dante and Diaval.
  7. Donte watched as Diaval turned from his raven form to human outside of the window. He used his powers to teleport Diaval inside with them. He then turned back to Tanaesmia as she made her puppy look. "The last time I let you keep a human I ended up having to deal with her all the time." He looked down at the girl then back to Tanaesmia still making her puppy face. "Dammit, fine. But if you can't control this one I'll kill it myself." He looked down at the girl and exposed his sharp fangs. He then pushed himself off of the wall and looked to Diaval. "Always a pleasure to meet to meet your acquaintance, how's hell been since I left?"
  8. Diaval chuckled, politely bowing his head at Dante."Hells been quite lovely. Especially Satan--Me working along side him it's quite--amusing, he spoils me." Diaval chuckled. He then focused his gaze towards Tenaesmia."And I don't quite know... You tend to be bored of them very quickly Tenaesmia." Side the devils pet."Besides you often leave the around too. And I don't think the highness would accept another one from you one bit." He chuckled. As Tenaesmia did a puppy look, Diaval shot a cold and menacing glare at her."I say no. I have the higher ruling. Unless you can bribe me to persuade the highness for you." Diaval laughed."But then again.. I do owe you so I guess why not.... However, you owe me back." Growled Diaval as he appeared on the bed cupping her neck and forcing her to stare at him. In the process, a trail of black feathers were behind him indicating his speed and he released her looking away. No longer slightly choking her.
  9. Watching all this seemed so unreal. But she knew she was awake. Was she? There stood three creatures in her room, all scary looking. This was a live nightmare.

    Daniella's eyes closed as her blood pressure dropped from fear. Her body laid limp on the bed as she passed out.
  10. "Oh dear... We should leave and revisit her in the morning." Suggested diaval."Maybe bother her while she's at school." The male chuckled but then shook he head."But we must Becareful... If one of us for one bit cares for her, He will have our heads.." Hissed Diaval. It was part of the rules in the underworld, you must not care or have sympathy over humans -it wasn't applied to few races, however it was suggested as you were able to 'buy your way out hell'- and diaval looked at the members in the same room cautiously."And I will say a thing I it happen." He warned, however that depended. Of they all ended up caring of her, h most likely probably wouldn't but he dismissed that idea. It'll never happen. He was sure of it and will make sure it won't.
  11. Tanaesmia smiled when the other demons agreed to let her keep the human. However, the smile was slowly disappearing as Diaval kept talking. By the end, she didn't feel like keeping a pet after all.

    "Damn it Diaval, you always spoil my fun." She looked at his eyes as he choked her, breathing more freely when he released her. "I don't want her anymore. And as you said, I don't think Boss is going to like it." She said while rubbing her aching neck. She turned her eyes to the human and saw her closing her eyes and then passing out.

    "Oh, I think we three were a bit too much. Well, I don't think she's going to wake up soon." She turned her gaze to Diaval and Donte, a smirk on her face. "So, tomorrow at her school?"
  12. Donte walked over and put his hand in the middle of Diaval's chest pushing him back lightly as he took a step toward him. "We are all on one team and we are all together in our endeavors. But I will not allow you to hurt anyone on this team. If you put your hands on her again, I will have to intervene." He looked Diaval in the eyes to let him know he was serious. He then took his hand off of his chest and put it on his shoulder and his features relaxed. "Now, let's all part ways and meet up tomorrow at her school. I haven't done anything like this in a while so I'm looking forward to it." He walked over to the girl and lifted her limp body off of the ground, then laid her down gently on her bed
  13. Diaval raised an eyebrow."You're an idiot for thinking I would hurt anyone of my kind. Not by race but by place. And I am in no team." He scoffed annoyed by Donte's false reading. It was idiotic of him and Diaval yawned."I don't know. From what I can tell, donte you seem to misread me to much with others from hell yet not with humans. Stop playing guardian angel of insecurity." Said diaval smoothly. And that seemed to be true. Diaval turned away from the two and got off the bed."Though I can't mistaken those wings, they of course mean something." Snorts the male."I most certainly won't be there. But who knows." He shrugged hands in pockets.
  14. Tanaesmia stared at the two demons, slightly sighing.

    "Now, come on guys. Relax." She said without taking her hand from her neck. "I'm fine, Donte. And Diaval, damn, if you wanted my neck as a gift just ask." She said sarcastic.

    "Anyway, I'm going to stay in that tree out there, I want to watch every move if the girl." She said nodding to a tree out of the bedroom.
  15. [​IMG]

    Ren mumbled to herself in a childish tone when Tanaesmia pointed at the tree she had been watching this entire affair from. Ren was abit angry though her expression was one of curiousity. It was the helpless girl's initial scream that drove her to this place. Now Ren found herself fascinated with the human those three were so eager to toy with. She was terribly obsessive when her mind was made up on days like today. For now she would curiousy watch the situation from afar until any of the three did something reckless like trying to kill her new obsession. At that point she would make it her duty to send there souls back to hell
  16. Hearing a scream from next door Sora was julted out of her sleep and out of bed, These walls were in no way soundproof and that always resulted in a loss of sleep for her. She quickly ran over to the window with the light still off, It had come from Daniella's house. This worried her. Daniella was an aquiantance of hers in school and she shared the same schedule, and they just so happened to be neighbors. Was she having a night mare or something? Sora got out her phone and texted Daniella's previously acquired number. -Hey are you okay?

    After a few minutes there was no answer. Maybe she went back to sleep. She tried to look past the humongous tree in the middle of their house where Daniella's window was but all she saw was dark. Sora then noticed some movement in the room and began to call out Daniella's name softly. Still no answer but she clearly saw movement. Then she saw red eyes turn towards the window, and her eyes went wide while she ducked down out of the out of sight. What was going on, what the heck was that! She tried texting again -Daniella! Daniella! She didn't know what to do. Should I go over there? No it's way too late they'd think i was crazy, maybe I could climb onto the tree and knock on the window who cares if i look like a total creeper she could be in trouble, i know it's dangerous but it's not too far from our windows and it always works in the movies. I have to be quiet so i won't attract whatever that is attention. She slid up on the walls around the edge of the window and slowly began to lift it, until it was wide enough to fit through.
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