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  1. Howdy one and all! I am new to this site, but I figured I had better get started. My boredom will only stay at bay for so long until it threatens to eat me. Anyways...

    I'm searching for a partner to RP with. I play female characters, just wanted to get that out of the way first. I have nothing against male characters, but they always end up uber feminine and since xM is not my cup 'o' tea, I generally don't play them. I do FxM pairings normally.

    As for types of roleplays that I do, I am pretty open to trying something new (I've never been able to do a nice post-apocolyptic RP, mainly because I don't have a plot. I've been wanting to try it though, so if you have one let's hear it). My go to genres are:

    Modern/medieval - Fantasy, Magical

    (I don't even mind if we make a mish-mash of several of the above).

    I have a couple plots in my blog for you to check out but if you have ideas as well, go for it. I also have a few character profiles in my blog as well, (just in case seeing them gives you an idea as well.) I will be updating my blog as ideas and characters come to me, so don't worry. The story is important to me, so I like to have plenty of character development and interaction. I love throwing in twists and other exciting things like romance. However, I will not go straight to the loving and the bumping of boots. I have to have it develop within the plot or I just get bored with it. I love sarcasm and comedy sprinkled into the mix as well, so if you enjoy that too I think we'll get along famously.

    I post at least once a day, or every other day. When things get crazy IRL, it usually goes to every two days. If it's longer I will always notify you so you aren't swinging in the wind. I will warn you now, I am prone to creating rather long posts, but it really depends on what others give me. The more material I have to work with, the more likely that I'll be able to create a longer post. However, I'm not picky on length at all. As long as there is enough substance in your post for me to create a reply we'll both be happy as clams.

    I'm always looking for new partners and I do love chatting outside the roleplay we do, so message away on Iwaku so we can become friends too! If you're interested please send me a message and we can begin having fun!
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  2. Some plots I am interested in doing. Feel free to tell me yours as well, I'm open to almost anything!
    (Those that say Taken are in use with a current partner ^^)

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    For thousands of years war has been waged between the demons, who would rule the human world, and that Gods who would die rather than see that happen. The fighting was largely unseen by human eyes, but there came a time where human souls were used to get ahead. Lives were lost, blood was shed and the Gods used every last ounce of their power to seal the Demons away. They raised a veil between the demon world of Tardaris and the human world, Earth. No demon could pass through.

    Well, until the veil began to weaken. The Gods are not as powerful as they once were, the belief that gave them power, belief from humans, as long since dwindled. They now must reaffirm the beliefs of billions of souls or find just one soul with the power to help them send the demons back.

    Now that the veil has weakened, demons have wandered out onto the earthly plane once more. They have begun initiating their plans to take over the human world, destroy the Gods, and make any survivors their slaves. Their plans would go off without much problem, if it weren’t for a particularly nosy young journalist.

    Having overheard much of a plan to attack the Gods directly, and not believing her eyes, since she can see their true forms for one reason or another, she runs. The biggest story of her life has landed in her lap and she has no idea how to make it not sound crazy or how to outrun the demons that come after her. She is brutally attacked and left for dead, having been tossed in the ocean.

    She survives, and is found by a God, masquerading as a human police officer. She has no memory of who she is or what she heard, but there is something strange about her and the God can’t place his finger on it. He does know that she might be the one to help them, if she can ever remember who she is.

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    Thousands of years ago, when Gods and Demons were worshiped there was balance in the world. The Gods blessed those that paid them tribute and Demons left those alone that sacrificed blood for their leniency. It was harmonious, that is until the simple minded humans progressed in thought. Turning instead to science and away from religion and belief in the divine and the evils that lurked in the dark.

    Gods and Demons alike were not happy with this, their efforts to force the humans to believe again--death, famine, floods, and fires-- were in vain. Their minds believed in only what they could see and prove. Now in the present day all signs of worshiping the divine and evil beings of the past have been removed, forgotten, replaced by high rises, cars, and hundreds of electronics.

    There are rumblings though, in the Underworld, where the Demons have had enough. The King of hell has instructed all demons to kidnap or kill one human, to put fear in their hearts and make them believe once more. The son of the Devil himself has also been charged with the very same task, but the question becomes; will he kidnap his victim or kill them? Will the Gods allow this to happen or will they interfere with the King of hell's plans? Who will rule the hearts and minds of man once more, God or Demon?

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    A wealthy businessman has decided to throw a masquerade ball, to celebrate recent successes as well as benefit local charities. Donations are collected at the door and guests are ushered inside to enjoy a classy evening full of music and fun. The guests have no idea that their host for the evening is more than he appears, but one guest suspects he might just be a creature of the night. A vampire .
    She has no proof, only the pain and anger over the death of her parents ten year prior. Her family also harbours a secret, one she must keep from others, especially the vampires. She comes from a family of mages charged with protecting an elixir, that if reproduced in a large enough quantity, it would give the vampires the edge they need to rule both night and day.
    She is unaware that the businessman is looking for the elixir for reasons known only to him. He has no idea she is the mage keeping it from him and neither realize just how badly others, human and vampire, want it. They are even willing to kill for it.

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    Horror- Fantasy--


    Demons use to walk the earth alongside humans. For thousands of years this was the way and humans knew nothing about it. They disguised themselves with their magic, taking on the unassuming form of another human or animal. As is always the case, wherever demons are, death and destruction follow.
    the were merciless, killing indiscriminately, razing villages, and enslaving survivors. It wasn't until one of their own gave up the one piece of information the humans and Heaven needed to send them back to hell and seal the door forever. However, things that are supposed to last forever, rarely do.
    Thousands of years later, the seal on the door to hell has begun to weaken. Stronger demons have already broken through and have begun wreaking havoc on the human world once more. They don't know how they got out or who is letting them out and they don't care. Human's have long since forgotten about the existence of demons and are struggling to find a reason for all the indiscriminate killings.
    The door to hell must be resealed before the human world is no more.

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    Missing- Horror (Vampire)
    It’s been ten years since they were discovered... by the government. No, these aren’t teenagers with special abilities that we can bend to our will. No, they’re not scientists currently making promising progress in areas of interest. They’re simply people with a little extra oomph, if you will. They live forever, if they don’t lose their head or get burned; they’re rarely (if ever) seen during the day, and they sustain themselves by drinking the crimson life that we regular folks spill readily.
    Vampires... Yes, that word synonymous with the stake and Hollywood horror films. They’ve been walking freely among the humans for the last ten years, an agreement having been reached with the governments of the world. By this point you may be wondering “Well how come I don’t know about them?” Well my good sir or madam, that is because this agreement was hashed out in privet, behind closed doors, and in secluded meeting places. The government and those within (police, healthcare staff, and lawyers even) are the only ones aware of their existence. The general population remain blissfully unaware of the potential threat they may pose. Ah, but the government has weighed the pros and cons and found significantly more pros to smile about. They heal quickly, perfect for a soldier at the frontline; they’re excellent hunters, perfect for a police officer in pursuit of a suspect; they sense life, perfect for a doctor or a search and rescue crew member. In short, as they always do, they’ve found a way to exploit these individuals.
    The story remains the same in our small town of Gideon, where the population is only a little over two thousand five hundred people. This town relies heavily on the fishing industry, its port among the busiest (for fisherman) on the East Coast. Gideon has one shopping mall, but dozens of tiny shops selling homemade crafts and baked goods. Farms border the outside of the town, farmers traveling in and out selling their produce, poultry and dairy. Beyond them you have a small mountain range and a forest. Bears, coyotes, and other predators inhabit these woods and therefore it is not a good idea to go in alone. It is as technologically advance as the cities (to the dismay of the older, sometimes wiser generation) but it still keeps its charm and beauty.
    Why is this town so special? Because a segment of the vampiric population have become annoyed with the humans that have (more or less) enslaved them. They’ve picked Gideon as the recipient of their anger and frustration, their revenge. People have already started going missing and with such a small town, it won’t be long until no one but the vampires themselves are left. They intend on making Gideon the hub of their movement to overthrow the government and thus cast off the proverbial chains that bind them.
    Not all vampires feel the same as the others, but what will they do? Join their counterparts anyways? Or help save the town from disappearing completely? Will this oust the secret the government has been keeping for so long?

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    Medieval Unrest

    In the land Feldon the people have flourished. The elves live in harmony with the humans, though they do not always agree with some of their practices. The eleven lands boarder Hyedia , in the eastern forests and the northern mountains. In the south is a desert where those exiled, human or elf, are sent. Only the most ruthless and traitorous individuals inhabit this often unbearable landscape. In the west there is another forest but is often called the “Dead Wood”, because it is home to some of the most dangerous creatures in the lands. Those who enter it don’t usually return to their families and friends.
    But this story does not begin in the Dead Wood or in the Elven lands. It begins in Hyedia, during the celebrations of the Kings 35 years of reign. It was also to be the time that he would name his eldest son, successor to the throne upon his death. Little did he and his sons know, that time had arrived far too quickly to have ever prevented it. As he stood in the town square, an arrow shot from high above pierced his unprotected chest, killing him instantly.
    The crowd fell silent, every citizen to shocked to speak. The square was so quiet they could hear the howls of the giant wolves in the Dead Wood. It wasn’t until a young girl screamed that chaos ensued. The sons clamored for their father’s body, the Knights rushed to hold back the distraught people of Hyedia. No one saw who had fired the arrow, but everyone was quick to point the finger at this person and that person. The eldest son dispatched the knights to the desert, almost certain one of the exiled had killed his father, but the guards standing outside this walled in land assured him that no one had left the desert.
    So the blame fell to the elves. The people they had lived peacefully with for hundreds of years were now the most hated and most vigorously hunted in all of Feldon. The arrow had the markings of the most prominent Elven royal family. That was their evidence, and the eldest son could not be swayed from his quest to wipe them out.
    Now Feldon is in turmoil, war has broken out not only between the humans and the elves, but amongst the elves themselves. Who shot that arrow and killed the King? Did the elves plan this? Do they want to rule over the humans? Only time will tell.

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  3. Always looking :D
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