Something wicked this way comes...

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  1. ~Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen~


    My name is Grimm Crowflock, a new arival to your quiet little forums. I thought it fitting to make a small spectacle of myself and do an introductionary. And whilst i'm at it invent some new words, Like introductionary.
    I am a singular gentleman who enjoys role playing in dark and or twisted settings. I also enjoy strolls trough the forests and scaring small children. I partake in leasure activities such as always acting in an eclecticly well mannored and witty and completly creepy manner at any time i see fittingly possible. I also enjoy an obsession with Crows and dead thinsg.
    Look forward to my needlessly wordy and dark Role plays in the forums soon enough.
    Until then you can find out more about me on my information page. Good evening~

  2. I have also been so fresh as to have created my first RP Thread already, so if you would like you could take an inocent gander. If you want to be a sinner and a Scoundrel then i dare you to join it.
  3. I like dark and twisted, too.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. How possitivly charming. Then i hope we grow rather close to one another.
  5. I rather enjoy the way you put your words together. That's all I have to say so now I'll take my leave.
  6. I love a skeleton with a tophat. This pleeeeeaases me.

    Welcome to our community, Sir! It will be a pleasure to see you around!