Something Wicked (18+ Female Partner Only)

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  1. MxF MagexMage Good vs Evil RP. Partner but be 18 or older and must be female (Not Androgynous or a 'Person')​

    Ryne Powers (open)

    Name: Ryne Powers
    Age: 19
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Red
    Ryne grew up in poverty, unable to feed himself most of the time. When Ryne was a child, he dreamt of living the high life, doing whatever he wanted, whenever he so pleased. However, this was not to come to pass. When Ryne turned 13, he developed a nasty ability; he became able to use destructive magick, without the use of runes, enchantments, mantras, or even spells. this power brought unwanted eyes to him. Soon enough, he was being hunted by a cult of powerful Dark Mages. He ran and ran and finally seemed to lose their trail, in a town called Paradise, Ohio. But, unfortunately for him, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

    Okay. So you would be playing a young, new member to the "Wicked" Cult. They are bent on capturing and training powerful mages for their cause. They are trying to release a powerful demon, and need Ryne's power to do it. Your character would come to the town, knowing that Ryne was there. She would fall for my guy and she wouldn't find out that Ryne was her target until after they love each other and then her resolve would shake.​
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  2. partner needed
  3. If you looking for a partner I am up for it
  4. You're a dude, read the full title of the thread. I'm sorry but no
  5. Okay I got you
  6. Still looking for a partner
  7. still looking
  8. Still looking for a partner to this amazing Rp idea. getting tired of waiting.
  9. Seriously, still looking.
  10. Still searching vigorously for a partner for this thread
  11. I would love to write with you on this if you would have me. ^^
  12. PM Me a CS, I'll base my decision on your CS.
  13. This sounds rather interesting. Should you ever need someone for this plot, do let me know, yes?
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  14. I'm interested in this one. But I'm still reading your other roleplays.
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