Something war-related?

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  1. Craving a war type rp. I am looking for something along the lines of general for opposing side x commoner or soldier of opposite side x soldier. I play female, and I rp over email, thread, or PM. Someone hit me up please! Third times the charm!
  2. Hey hey hey! Call me Mayhem! I can help generate some ideas with you about a war Roleplay! I play any type of character really, but tend to stray towards playing a very eccentric character, sorry bout that! I can't role play through email, unfortunately- but anything else is fine!
  3. That's cool, I like over the top charries. XD I'd be more than happy to strike up an rp.
  4. Cool! So, did you have any ideas? Any basic plot you had in mind? :)
  5. None really as of yet, just was craving something war related.
  6. War related...i had a comedic apocalyptic one in my head a while back! You alright with that kinda thing?
  7. Depends on what you want with apocolyptic, but romance is a requirement for me.
  8. Hmm....what about a apocalyptic world that was destroyed in world war three. The radiation from the bombs killed everything, and the humans survive by fighting back the BioMass- a kind of mutation that occurred from the radiation. I picture a Captain soldier kind of person who is out on the search for survivors in the Ruins of the world. The Captain could be a girl or whatever, and she has her team with her- and she comes across a couple of survivors in the basement of a obliterated house maybe? A guy maybe who is opposed to the Military.
    Okay, I'll be honest. That came off the top of my head!
  9. I like it. XD And i don't mean to be picky, but care if I played a survivor and you a captain?
  10. I don't mind! XD
    I will just apologise in advance. Most characters I make baring 1, are all very... Crazy. So Captain is probably gonna be quite eccentric!
  11. Just my style.
  12. Nice, so do ya want me to get the IC thread up, or do you want to figure out the details! Lol
  13. You can get the IC thread up. XD I usually wing it.
  14. Same! Lol, lets get at it!