Something to kill for

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William stood at the bottom of the hill. The rain came down hard, causing his raven black hair to stick to his face menacingly, his black abyss like eyes gazed up at the large house that sat at the top of the hill, just miles outside of the city of London. He watched from the shelter of the large oak tree at the end of the drive, as a horse drawn carriage came rolling by the driver an older man maybe his late 50, his rain gear pulled tightly as he steered the magnificent black beauties that pulled the carriage.

Once they were from sight, and both the driver and the passenger were safely inside the small boy made his way to the top of the hill, his hand clutched his side, Blood ran from between his small pale fingers. When he reached the top he reached out a slender hand slowly, taking the large knocker in his hand he swung it back and let it slip lazily from his fingers. It hit the door with a loud bang. There was a long moment of passing, in witch nothing happened. Slowly he reached out for the door again, but his world was shrouded in darkness and his body hit the ground outside the door.

That morning Madam Sancrest pulled open the door and to her start, at her feet lay a hump of blood red leather. It was a large trench coat, and a matching hat, giving the mass of leather a sneer she nearly jumped when it moved. Slowly she reached down and pulled the hat away "my goodness" she muttered as she gazed down at the little form that was a boy. "Walter come quick" she shouted over her shoulder. Moments later the Butler known as Walter stood behind her "My dear, it appears to be a child" he said softly, but respectfully. "indeed it is Walter" Sancrest said as she stood up. "He appears to be bleeding" she said looking at her blood soaked hand "ill tend to the child at once."

When Lady Sandcrest returned that afternoon she went straight to the guest room, where Walter had placed the boy. She found him laying shirtless with bandages around his waist we a nasty dog bite had presently been. The raven black hair was now dry and floated around him like silk, he was young but still very handsome. "He cant be any older then 10 my lady" Walter said creeping up from behind. "I looked around town and found that he is not from here" She said softly "perhaps we should shelter him" Walter added. "Don't be silly and say what? He is my child, that wont work everyone would know it is a lie" she protested. "Look at him, he is a foreigner, you cold always say he is your younger brother from over seas" Walter intoned. She smiled at the idea.

Nine Years Later ~

"William were are you?" Sancrest asked with a laughter in her voice "I am in the library sister" William called out to her. Lady Sancrest smiled, she should have known, he spent most of his time in that room, reading about herbs and perfumes, and every. "What are you doing in here" she asked the stupid obvious question anyways "Reading, did you know some ancient tribes believed that if you drink the blood of a virgin that you will stay young forever" William said with fascination. "Yes but it is all just stupid beliefs it is not possible" She said admiring the man William was growing into, with lustful interest. "Wouldn't it be something if it were true?" he asked her with a coldness in his voice.

She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and rubbed it softly, biting her lip. William had become so interested with herbs and perfumes that he had created his own scent, and although it was intoxicating he refused to market it. As Sancrest inhaled the sent she could feel her body go numb and tingle with lust and peer ecstasy, drawing her into the handsome young man, making her want to take him on the floor and ravish him over and over. "Are you okay sister?" William asked with a sinister look in his eye, taking note on the affect his scent had on her.

"yes I am fine" she said snapping from the trans and taking her leave. When she left William returned to the reading of his book. That night at dinner he came down and sat next to his sister. Walter took note of how much taller then she William was at 19. Walter could tell that the man was going to be famous for his size. After dinner, witch William had had steak, bloody, William returned to his room. It was not long after that there was a knock at the door. "Come in" William spoke softly. "master William I have brought what you asked for, and everything is set into place, now its your turn" Walter said with a crooked smile, bowed then left.

William eyed the blood red leather on the bed beside him, it was a trench coat, and a matching large rimmed hat. Slipping the coat on over his shoulders he found that it was still a few sizes to big, witch astounded him since, at the age of only 19 William was slightly taller then your average man. Walking from his room he made his way to his Sisters room, knocking on the door she told him to enter. At the sight of the young man Sancrests skin goose bumped that same lust from earlier took over.

William smiled, he could see he was doing fine, his perfume worked perfectly, with a few minor fixings it would be perfect. Eyeing his "sister" he could not help but find himself attracted to her almost naked body "come here sister" he told her, and with out hesitation she did. Walking over to him she embraced him and their lips touched. William kissed her passionately, their tongs twisting around each others. William let her remove the coat and hate, for witch he was naked under. He then let her lead him to the bed, and the love making soon started.

The room grew hot, and it did so for an hour and a half, finally after Sancrest let out her final cry of pleasure William sank his teeth deep into her neck, she did not feel it. Thanks to the numbing sensation of the perfume he wore, she felt nothing. William drank her blood greedily, he found the taste to be breath taking. He was using only his k-9 teeth at the time but they did the job nicely. Once he had his fill he let the limp body of his sister drop from his arms. At the time Walter entered the room, a smile curved his lips. "It is done Walter" William said licking the blood from his lips "as is my side master William" Walter pulled a piece of parchment from his pocket.

"I Lady Sancrest am here by traveling over seas
to seek out further business in other counties
I here by leave all the care of my money and
orders in the hands of my brother William.
He is now in charge of everything."

"its not very good but if I am the one to deliver it they will believe it" Walter said tucking the note back into his pocket "shall I take care of her?" Walter asked motioning to the dead body. "Yes Walter please do, I have a lot to tend to."

Six Years Later ~

Name: William

Killer Name: The Vampire

Appearance: guys/aerith105/anime girls/anime guys/VVV65-2.jpg?o=157

Coat and Hat:,r:3,s:0&tx=69&ty=72

Bio: Above. More in the Story as We Go on.

How you kill: William believes if you drink the blood of a virgin you will live forever, so every other night William goes out and drinks the blood a virgin. But after many years of doing so he has become blood hungry, and will drink the blood of anyone just for the taste a taste he loves so much. *evil smile*


William Stood under the street light. He watched as the young girl made her way down the sidewalk, trying to get home from a night out late. Stepping out into the dark the girl ran right into him, knocking him off his feet "oh I am so sorry sir" she said as he got up and dusted himself off. "It is no problem" William told her with a eerie grin. "No harm done" He added With a bow, then purposely stumbled forward as if he had hurt his ankle.

The girl caught hold of him "Are you…." she was cut off as the mans sent entranced her. She felt her body go numb and start to tingle and fill with pleasure. William smiled as he inched toward her neck "no harm done at all" he whispered before his teeth sank into her flesh. She did not even scream, it was so silent. Drinking her of all her Blood William let her drop to the ground. Licking his teeth William let out a sigh of pleasure before turning around and heading out of town.

Making his way back up to the large house on the hill William went inside. The night maids froze at the sight of him, fear filled them. They knew what he was but out of fear told no one. William was an abnormally large man standing at just under seven feet tall, with a nice handsome build to his body. He had planned to have a perceptional come in to make his teeth longer and sharper for drinking, but nature had planner other wise at it was not necessary.

"Another successful night I see" Walter said taking his masters coat and hat. "that it was old friend that it was" William said as he went up to his room. He had moved into his old Sisters room. He had replaced everything. A large four post bed with maroon silk sheets was what he slept on. Black curtains covered the ceiling to floor window, and a large red leather chair sat before a fireplace with a small side table, a book on herbs resting onto next to a small lamp. William had a large shelf displaying his large knife collection and had all his favorite books from the library brought into his room.

William lay down on the silk sheet, after undressing, and let the coolness of it take over his naked body. Slowly the self proclaimed undead fell asleep.

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This takes place in old England, when cars were just starting and so were street lamps.