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  1. Jayden walked down the street, thinking of what it would be like in the new school. He had been talking to some of his old friends the other day, and had gotten some really good advice on how to impress on the ladies at first day of school. He had just laughed it off anyways, he knew that it was all nonsense. He wasn't really looking for a girl, and if he was, he knew it wouldn't be here. He yawned and buttoned some of the buttons of his black coat as he walked since it was a bit windy. Looking at the clouds, it looked like it was about to start raining.

    And as he thought, when he caught sight of the school, the raindrops fell from the sky. He didn't mind getting wet, since it would probably dry once he got inside. He looked at the paper he had gotten in the post from the school on where he was supposed to go. It looked like it was a pretty complicated map. He sighed, he wasn't good at those things, and especially not when it was raining, as well. He took shelter under a roof where there were a couple of bikes to take a closer look at the map.

    Soon, he had gotten to the entrance of the school. To judge of the map, it seemed like he was supposed to go straight forward once he got inside, and then turn to the left, and then... He paid much attention as he wandered through the building, not wanting to miss anything. If this was the wrong way, he wanted to be able to get out, as well. But in a matter of minutes, he found himself standing outside the door of the classroom with his new classmates in it. He knocked on the door and put his brown, a bit curly, hair out of the way as he opened the door and stepped inside.
  2. As the teacher walked into the classroom she was met by twentyeight gossiping students. Everyone talking about the new student that would arrive that day. The girls hoped it would be a cute guy and were already trying to tell everyone else to not touch him if he was that persons type. All the guys were talking about how they would kill that guy if he dared to touch their girls, but then they changed the subject to what they would do if it were a hot chick.

    Melody barely payed any attention to them, it had been like that for the whole week. Everyone was excited that a new student would come to their class, but shouldn't they spare their excitement until after he or she had showed up? So that they wouldn't hope for a prince charming or a Cinderella but in would come a clown.

    Melody and her friend Sasha were probably the only two who didn't talk about the new student, Sasha had been into the gossip the first two days when it had started the other week, but then it had become too much and she had return to being a boring geek with Melody. Ms. Evans, their teacher, told the class to be quiet, and it helped for a minute or so but soon whispering was heard again. This was probably the only time she had let the whispering be, since the new student would come that day anyways she could as well let them be for now.

    Soon there were a knock on the door and a young man with brown hair walked in. The disappointment on the guys side was pretty obvious, but the girls was happy. He were decent looking, some may even call him something between hot and cute, not really fitting into hot but still not going all the way to cute. The girls were already thinking about if he were their type or not, many of them were probably going to test him later on when they could talk to him.

    "Welcome, you must be Jayden I presume. We have an empty seat over there between Melody and Aiden that you can take." Ms. Evans told the new student. His seat was no surprise for anyone, since that was the only seat in the classroom. In the beginning if someone would have transferred to their class then they would have needed to take in a new seat, but a person left their class just weeks earlier and that seat had been empty since then. They said that he had left because of his father who decided to change to a job in another town, but a lot of students thought that he had asked his father to move because of the constant bullying.

    Melody gave Jayden a small smile when the teacher pointed her hand at her before going to Aiden on the other side of the empty seat, Aiden wasn't a guy who smiled, most people were scared of him because he dressed like a gangster and looked like one.
  3. Jayden looked at the pupils quickly when he entered, letting his gaze go through them, but it didn't take more than a few seconds. Then he looked at the teacher, and nodded. He looked at Melody and Aiden, so this was his seat. It didn't surprise him much since he now noticed that it was the only available seat in the whole classroom. He looked at Melody as she smiled at him, or at least, it looked like something close to a smile. Aiden, on the other hand, didn't seem to be too happy. He wasn't sure whether it was because he was new or maybe he always was like that. Jayden couldn't care less though - Aiden didn't look like the kind of guy that Jayden would hang out with, anyways. He thought of what to tell his friends back home from the first day at school. He would probably say something stupid about Aiden, he thought, although he didn't know the guy. He sat down and gave Melody a quick look, a bit curious, but he was sure on not to let it show too much. At least, she seemed like a nice person. Jayden had spotted some other girls that had looked friendly as well when he had entered the classroom, although he was perfectly fine with Melody. Maybe they were jealous that he sat next to Melody? The boys hadn't looked as happy as the girls, he thought. It was probably a quite big thing that there was a new pupil in the class, he thought. That was quite different from what it was from where he was coming - back home no one would care if someone came new to the class or went away. At least, not those who weren't friends with that person. Of course Jayden's friends had cared when he left, but the others of the class hadn't. He wasn't even sure that they all knew his name. They had been quite a large class back there, and seeing what it was like here, Jayden thought that it seemed to be quite different. Surprisingly exciting though, he thought and smiled a bit to himself.

    He looked at Melody, realising that he had lost touch with reality, again. He bit his lip - this girl probably thought he was crazy by now, or at least, awkward. He had no idea what this class, or even school, worked like, what the rules were and everything, but honestly, he didn't really care. At least where he came from, even the geeky and outcast-ones would fit in somewhere. He reminded himself of, that maybe this was different. His eyes came back to the present and he looked down at the table. What a wierdo he must appear to be, he thought, and glanced out the window. He heard the teacher say something, but he didn't really here it, since she had probably been speaking all the while that he had been thinking. But soon, he realised that there was silence. He met the teacher's eyes and looked around. "Oh", he said, realising that everyone was looking at him. "I'm sorry, I was... lost in thoughts", he said with a grin on his face. Time to let go of the daydreamer, he thought, and stood up. "I assume you want me to introduce myself?", he said, looking at the teacher with an asking gaze. The teacher smiled at him, a bit confused it seemed, but nodded. It hit him that maybe she hadn't asked him to introduce himself at all, maybe she just wanted him to answer a random math, or whatever. He couldn't let this opportunity slip out of his hand though, he thought, and so he went up to where the teacher was standing, and she politely went towards the door to let him have some space.

    Jayden looked at the class. It looked like they were expecting something. Maybe something extraordinary. There was probably not to the usual that someone did anything like this, he thought. He better put on a show, he thought, and grinned. "So, let me tell you about myself", he said and leaned towards the table. "I'm Jayden, the new student. I moved here because a relative of mine passed away, and so I had no other option but to move here, to my grandpa and grandma", he said and watched the facial expressions of his classmates. "I'm from a big city and quite a big school, so, I'm not used to, well, this kind of places", he said, and thought of what to say next. He grinned a bit and first looked at Melody, and then at the rest of the class. Time to break the ice. "And yeah, I have ADHD and I'm secretly gay. Anything else you'd like to know?" he said, sounding death serious, although that wasn't true. Well, at least, he wasn't gay. But he felt like playing some with it, he thought, now that he had the chance. He could always change the story later, he thought, and glanced at the windows. Then he looked at his classmates again. "Please, there must be something you want to know?" he said. This was a game to him. Totally something to write about to his friends back where he came from.