Something that makes you smile!

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  1. Hey Everyone

    I have been helping a lot of people recently and one of the huge things I've come to realize is we always forget about the good times we've had and focus on the negative a lot. So I wanted to make a thread about the things that make everyone smile.

    It can be funny, dorky, cute! Anything!

    My friend decided to randomly start spamming me with Mario songs for some reason, it amused me a lot and made me smile so I wanted to share it with ya!

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  2. Pretty much everything I do on the Gen Chat thread
  3. Nothing makes me smile more than other people's smiles.
  4. A dog chasing a cat down a mineshaft. All the way down a mineshaft. Free fall. Then blowing apart on contact with the ground, rising up as putrid, miasma-spewing, zombified body parts, and terrifying the living shit out of everyone until the entire fort commits mass suicide/homicide in dismay.

    Honestly though, just finding their scattered remains at the bottom of a mineshaft and wondering what the hell they did to blow up that violently is hilarious on its own, even without the fun-inducing tantrum spiral caused by the dumbest assailants to ever infiltrate my fort.

    Serves me right for embarking to a haunted land.

    Nothing makes me smile more than stupid shit like that.
  5. Well, there is something that has made me smile since the day it happened to me...

    Back in September I started working at a learning center for special needs children as a substitute teacher's aid (parapro). And, gosh I love those kids. They're amazing. The have disabilities but they still have smiles on their faces every day. Some of them are mute, blind, in wheelchairs, autistic, and etc. But anyhow, I love them so I wanted to give out little presents to pass around for Halloween. I can't afford much, so I bought a little bag that had stickers, stencils with halloween shapes on them, and tiny little activity books. So on halloween I walked around to different classes and passed out the items. I almost wanted to cry at how grateful they were for something so little.

    Two months later, I'm subbing in a classroom and one of the boys from a higher functioning class comes in to help push wheelchair kids to their buses at the end of the day. He looks at me with a smile and says, "Hey, I remember you! You subbed in my class! Can I have a hug?" So I hug him and then he says to me with the biggest smile, "Hey, I still have that stencil you gave me. You're awesome dude. I love it."

    The kid brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't believe he remembered what I did two months later, and was that grateful for a little, cheap plastic stencil I gave him. And now every time I see him now he reminds me of it and how much he likes it. This not only brings a smile to my face, but taught me I shouldn't ever get so irritated for not getting something I want or for something not going my way. The simple things in life do matter. I love my job. <3 I'm thankful to God for letting me work there. :)
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  6. Adorable owl and cat pictures make me smile! I make sure to have several pages watched on my facebook, so every day I get new cute pictures. 8D




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  7. Something that makes me smile? Not much can, not much has. But these things have:


    HER TOO!

    Oh, and this person ---> @Aliceee they've been making me smile/laugh, mostly with their stab obsession :p
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  8. Yay!

    Wait.... ._.
    This is public!


    But things that make me smile?


    For he is always ready to listen to my ranting. He is also a bad rapper, but I can't think of a day he can't make me erupt in laughter. ^^ <3


    Grumpy old teddy bear that is very smart and wise. Yet, he is a teddy bear and we all see them as adorable goof balls.


    Funny quirky fellow with funny quirky plots that always make me either ponder or laugh. Very funny! ^^
    Thereeee, done! ^^ <3

    Oh wait, I forgot!


    Hail and glory to the knife!
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  9. i am smiling now
  10. Leon isn't the only one willing to come for her.
  11. i saw what you did there!

  12. I prefer to turn to humor for my smiles, so here are some funny things. All but the first one have varying levels of NSFW audio, so exercise caution if necessary.

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  13. There's nothing like watching two grown men genuinely having fun with something so silly.
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  14. XD XD XD


  15. Whether or not you've seen the film, this song in particular is just too bubbly to make you do anything but smile.
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  16. You are now more of a favorite person of mine, I love this movie and this song is my favorite song of Elton John's.
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  17. That entire movie can be categorised as things that make you smile. It's brilliant.
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