Something Tain Showed me

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube- CakeDogg&Present Cat[/ame]


    I like the cake puppies...
  2. Behold and bask...!
  3. ..... Tain, you're on crack.
  4. "He can regerate wounds, but not lost limbs or heavy damage, and must enter his stone sleep to heal, during which he is totally vulnerable. "

    It was stated just not in its own paragraph and forgot to specify it was during the day.

    @Michale CS
  5. i vote ecstasy, not crack

    Coldbrook by Tim Lebbon.

    It was suggested to me specifically for this book club by my sister, she thinks we'll like it. 8D It supposed is a really cool twist on scifi zombie thrillers and she says it's "Diana Safe". Which usually means "you're not going to cry yourself to sleep while still wearing your clothes so you can run away from evil in the night."

  7. So we have...

    Vladislav - Knights Templar - 1206 AD Mongol fighting badass
    Aigiarn - Knights Templar - 1286 AD Mongol badass
    Dian - Round Table - 170 AD Body guard badass
    Wei - Round Table - 197 AD Strategist badass
    Mylene - Round Table - 1101 AD Merlin badass
    Connor - Knights Templar - 1559 AD Maple tree badass
    Henrietta - Knights Templar - 1436 Witchy witch badass
    Val - Knights Templar - 788 AD Pope protector badass
    Morgan le Fay - ??? - ???

    Of course, 'badass' is replaceable by the word 'knight' but that was way more fun.

    P.S. If anyone doesn't like their description I've got who knows how long to edit it before the button disappears.
  8. Bronze magic of Connor says "F yo curses" So he's got her back when it comes to curses.
  9. You have to read School Daze before House of M.
  10. WOW! O_O


    *begins to dance*
  11. afternoon :3
  12. Hopefully this is not disappointing you more than me not rping much for awhile now. But I was thinking about ending our rps in a day or two once we get past 20 posts in each. And start our two new rps.
  13. Apparently it is, because I got a notification for this. Must just do so automatically! Thank you though!!
  14. mixture of the two