Something Tain Showed me

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  1. Annaliece walked into the courtyard and looked around, taking in her surroundings. Sheltered, and heated in case of winter weather, it was actually quite comfortable inside. Not too hot, not too humid, and best of all, there was a nice fountain close by for Anna to rest on. Much to her surprise, she wasn't the first one to arrive, so with her dance bag slung over her shoulder, Annaliece approached the two others with a smile. "Hey there!" she said. "Are you guys new here, too?" She was happy that she'd already met some fellow students. Normally, she'd be left wandering with nothing to do!
  2. "Yes, we are miss. I'm Rolan Hartfield, a pleasure to meet you." The man responded turning to her, moving his eyes up from his book. "You forgot to introduce yourself however, what is your name if i may ask?" he added on with a smile, readjusting his glasses with one hand and closing the book with the other. The man himself had a bit of an eccentric, yet at the same time very average aura to how he held himself.
  3. ..... Tain, you're on crack.
  4. "He can regerate wounds, but not lost limbs or heavy damage, and must enter his stone sleep to heal, during which he is totally vulnerable. "

    It was stated just not in its own paragraph and forgot to specify it was during the day.

    @Michale CS
  5. Read a book?
  6. IT'S GREAT!

    I love the cupcake puppy and the sheepdog that refuses to change colors and holds FAST TO WHAT HE BELIEVES IN!
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  9. That's the most obscene kind of stuff Tain's allowed to see.
  10. I LOVE IT! It makes me happy!
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    It's still cute.