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  1. I been in a mood for a specific roleplay. I had in mind a Steampunk feel with either gender and they can be friends, siblings or just partners in crime. I had these for a starting idea:

    » The two are thieves or/and treasure Hunters going on numerous but soon find themselves in trouble with a few other "treasure Hunters". They can even just be Starting out as thieves.

    » Two young kids crave adventure but soon they learn that they are something more than your average adventurers.

    » A war turned for the worst and it is now up to someone to start a rebellion and try to put the war to an end... Or die trying.

    Those are my starting ideas but they clearly need some work. I plan on being character being a highly skilled mechanic because that's what I do in reality or if its a kid she's learning obviously and also loves blades but dislikes guns. Anyone want to do it with me?
    Male Female Adult Kid... I don't care. :3
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  2. Ill do the rp