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  1. Currently I am involved in a couple adventurous plots with headstrong characters. I'd like to switch that up a bit. Not entirely slice of life or romance-centered drama...but I'm willing to hear all kinds of ideas. Probably more like a fairy tale or something based on such.
    I prefer playing females but am pretty flexible on most fronts. Except for smut, that's a no-go.

    I can write in any tense, try to work creatively with my partners, and communicate the best I can. My strengths: character and concept development. I welcome constructive criticism and spelling correction from all. My weaknesses: I need to make longer posts, and learn inventive ways to encorporate backstory. I also need to improve my world-building.

    If any of this strikes your fancy, leave a post or message!

    Plot Candies: magic, fantasy...odd characters.
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  2. How about a girlxgirl Disney Princess-type roleplay? In a world where all the Disney Princesses live in one country, then one could fall in love with another one, even though they are both betrothed to be married to their Princes?
  3. Maybe...which two and how do you want to go about it? How close or far do you want to stick to the Disney realm?
  4. Still looking :]