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  1. Good Day/Night/Whatever Sirs and Madams and Siradams,

    I am Tyrannosaurs Rekt. You can call me Rekt for short. Or Dino Person or T-Rex or whatever your little heart can imagine. I might even accept “Most Magical Unicorn” or “Manliest Daffodil Ever.” I’m fairly flexible.

    I’ve RP’d for quite some time. Quite some time being longer than some people have been alive. i’msoold. That being said, I’m not a stickler for writing. I’m going to mess up English. You’re going to mess up English. English is going to be abused by the both of us, get tired of our shit, and then probably leave in the middle of the night with no warning. The thing is, I want to understand the majority of what you write. And I assume you want vice-versa. As long as we reach some sort of moot point of understanding, I’m fine.

    I love all things speculative fiction. Fantasy, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, SciFi, Space Opera, Modern Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Post-Apoc, and Alternate Universe. I could probably save time by saying everything but Slice-of-Life and Non-Fiction. Nah. Lists make me seem more sophisticated.

    What else? I love things outside the norm of normal RPs. I’m going to be honest and say I’m tired of playing ye olde Gary Stu to ye olde Mary Sue. Give me a plot ripe with imperfect characters and goals that can’t be completed…. And I’ll give you all my love. A forewarning: my love isn’t amazing and it might be a little bit sticky, like the floor in a fast-food restaurant.

    This is beginning to feel less like an introduction message and more like some sort of advertisement. I might re-use this for a request thread. Because lazy. Anyway, the obligatory exposition about myself is finished. Hooray. And there was much rejoicing.

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
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  3. welcome im new also and I also don't like rps with mary sue's and gary stu's have u seen or read Parasyte its really good i'm planning on starting a parasite rp are you interested.
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  4. Mmm. Diabetes. Thanks.
  5. You are hilarious, Rekt! :D

    Welcome to Iwaku!
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  6. Ah. Yes. I agree. Damn you stereotypical RP... uh... stereotypes.

    I watched some of the Parasyte anime. Not enough to participate in the RP, though. Maybe three episodes. Poor evil corgi.

    I feel the same way when I talk about Blood Blockade Battlefront. XD
  7. Thank you! I try my best.

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  8. any rp ideas you'd like to work on
  9. Thanks. But I don't have much that I would like to work on. Beyond my previous Blood Blockade Battlefront mention. XD
  10. what blood blockade whats it about
  11. Pretty much NYC meeting hell and them forming a manga off of it. Let me not take up your time! Parasyte is awesome and I hope that you succeed in your RP!
  12. That is a very fancy Tyrannosaurus if ever there was one. Hello hello! -pinky out-
  13. Good day dear bunny-madam.

    In all seriousness. Thanks!
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