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  1. Greetings everybody and welcome to my interest check

    Something about me:

    Twenty-two years old university student
    Skillful in the art of applied cynicism
    Have a strange sense of humour
    Prefer darker themes and shady characters
    Active and able to respond at least every other
    Able to write a few paragraphs per post
    More active role in the roleplayes, willing to drive plot forward
    Enjoy world-building and plotting a great deal
    Like ladies, thus prefers FxF romances.Love/hate relationships and rivarly between the characters is appreciated
    First language isn't English

    Roleplay interests:

    I prefer darker kinds of fantasy that try to be realistic without necesarilly sacrifacing the fantasy factor. Creating elaborate magic systemes and world history is also a lot of fun.
    Inspiration: Malazan book of fallen, Dragon Age, Witcher

    Science fiction:
    Not very good at technobabbling and explaining high tech stuff, still I enjoy good space adventure as much as anyone else.

    Science Fantasy:
    Scifi is like peanuts and fantasy like butter. Great together.
    Inspiration: Warhammer40k, Star wars

    Evil corporations and the poor people running away from its stomping heels, AI in its "rebelious" puberty phases and robots that no longer want to be second class citizens. A lot things to love.
    Inspiration: Transmetropolitan, Blade runner


    Star Wars:
    Jedi x Sith
    Sith x Apprentice
    Jedi x Padawan
    Smuggler x Bounty hunter
    Trooper x Soldier

    Female Witcher x Sorceress
    Scoia'teal x Anyone
    Ciri x OC
    Triss x OC
    Ciri x Triss
    Yennefer x Triss



    Metro 2033:

    Malazan books of fallen:

    Dragon Age:
    Inquisition agent x Venatori turncoat
    Teplar x Mage
    Cassandra x OC
    Cassandra x Leliana

    Mass Effect:
    Spectre x Indoctrinated Scientist
    Spectre x Bounty hunter
    Femshep x Tali

    Noble x Loyal soldier
    Witch x Witch hunter
    Necromancer x Dead minion
    Priestess x Demon
    Paladin x Heretic
    Godess x Servant
    Jedi x Sith
    Mentor x Apprentice
    General x Assassin
    Bard x Hero

    Anyone interested?

  2. I am interested
  3. That was fast! Please PM what exactly are you interested in.
  4. The goddess and servant one could be fun, pm me if interested
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