Something-or-Anothers: Tales of the Confused Adventure's Shenanigans

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  1. Everything was almost a blur. Despite the one attack Sage got on the wolf, she didn't kill it. So she had to swing at it a couple more times. The wolf had seemed stunned, however, and didn't dodge or resist as Sage killed it. By the time she looked up again, Sanz was pinned on the ground. "Sanz!"

    Sage couldn't really get to Sanz, but she could stop the other wolves from jumping onto him as well. So, Sage swung again, clipping one of the wolves on its back legs. It yelped and turned on her. It growled before rushing her. Sage gasped and stumbled a bit, bringing her hands up to guard her face. It wasn't long till the dog did bite her. It hurt. She was surprised how much it did hurt. She was lucky, though, the dog had bitten down on her left hand, her right hand still free. In a flailing attempt to make the pain stop, Sage hit the wolf with her sickle. It yelped and flinched off of her, sitting off to the side.

    It was just in time to see Sanz charge up before hitting the wolf on top of him. The wolf was launched across the clearing and it didn't move. So, that was how you used a skill.

    Two wolves dead, three to go. Two untouched and on injured.

    Sage scrambled to get up, realized sitting on the ground wasn't going to do her any good and she was in too much danger to survey her injury. She guessed now that the world wasn't digging into her arm, she was sure the adrenaline was pumping and she just didn't feel it as much. Sanz had yelled at Sage to take the other two wolves. She hissed at him, but she doubt he heard her.

    Sage turned to the uninjured wolves and tried to concentrate. To use a skill? What was her skill? "Slash!" Sage said. She charged the wolf and when she swung at it, she noticed almost like she swung so fast that a trail of red followed behind it. Sage gasped, as she noticed the trail of red was blood that flew from the wolf, as she had cut it deeply. The wolf cried out as it fell and rolled a few times.

    Sage went to go finish off, but the injured wolf jumped on her. It went to bite her shoulder, but this time its fangs sank into the armor. The armor actually offered her some protection this time. Sage stabbed her sickle at the head of the wolf and heard a crack as the blade when into the wolfs head. Sage gasped as she was dragged down by the weight of the head wolf and her blade stuck in it.

    She scrambled to get up and try to pull the curved blade from the dogs skull, the other world starting towards her. It then dashed at her and Sage panicked a bit and kicked out at the wolf while she still tried to pull her blade. Her arm hurt and this wasn't pleasant. The dog bit down on Sage's shoe and yanked it off. The wolf seemed satisfied at the moment just attacking Sage's shoe, giving her enough time to give the last heave and pull her blade out.

    Sage lunched forward and did as many quick swings as she could manage, blood pouring from the world as she did a little bit of an overkill. Sage panted before opening up the wolves mouth, and pulling out her shoe, "Fuck you." She said, giving the wolves their last parting words.
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  2. For the first time since the wolves attacked, the beast was showing hesitation. Separated from its pack, it no longer posed the same threat it had on its own. Sanz did not waste any time. He dashed forward, and felt the same surge of energy rushing through his arm.
    The beast did not take the attack. He turned and ran, fleeing back into the grass from whence its pack had come. The force of Sanz's fist left a small crater in the ground where it landed, but honestly right now he didn't much care. The man turned around to help Sage... only to find the man hacking away at an already dead corpse. Sanz was... honestly surprised. Sage had killed off three of the wolves, two of them without much help from Sanz at all. He put his hand on Sage's shoulder, the one that didn't currently have blood dripping down it, and tried to pull the man up.
    "We did it... job's done."

    "Gods above, ya' two are crazy!"
    Pete showed his face from the barn, having hidden inside while Sanz and Sage did the difficult work
    "But ya' do good work. Why don't ya' come inside? My dear can patch y'two up before you head out."
    Sanz's initial reaction was to refuse... but he was also fairly certain that out of all the things he and Sage had purchased, bandages were not one of them
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  3. Sanz had approached her as she sat down to try and put her Shoe back on. They actually fucking survived this. Sage killed the nasty dogs as well. It was.... fucking scary. What the hell were they fucking thinking?! But yet... there was this rush. This exhilaration. Sanz had told her the job was done and Sage gave another look at the dead wolves next to her. She killed them. Her thoughts was busted when the man came back out of the barn. She was startled and took Sanz's hand to help her stand back up.

    Sage too wanted to say no, but she was pretty sure... a doctor will charge them. Rhea said she did healing magic? They could patch up now and perhaps see Rhea tomorrow. She didn't know how healing magic worked, but it would be really nice if it was as magical as the word implies.

    "Thanks, that would be appreciated. We can take these wolves corpses right?" Sage asked him. She actually looked at her arm for the damage and at first glance, her heart stopped at all the blood, but looking further, she realizes it really wasn't that bad. She didn't think there was even enough damage to warrant stitches.
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  4. "The corpses?"
    Pete looked at the carnage Sanz and Sage had left behind
    "I was gonna bury them me'self. Not much use outside of their hides honestly, but you're welcome to'em. Just be careful, their heavy buggers."

    Pete lead the two inside, to a fairly small but warm room. A red-headed woman who appeared to be about the same age as Pete was sitting next a fireplace, knitting what looked like a massive pair of wool socks. She was a healthy size, and was wearing a large purple dress. At the arrival of the two adventurers, she set what she was working on aside and set a white box on the large table nearby.
    "This pretty thang is my wife, Lily. She oughta be able to patch you two up. I'm gonna head outside to check on the chicks."
    "Greetings y'all. Why don't we start with you big fella?"
    Sanz didn't know how he felt about being called a big fella, but he chose not to comment on it, instead just sitting down with a simple "thank you" before holding out his left arm. She put some kind of green poultice on his arm before wrapping it in bandages.
    "It looks fairly nasty... but there isn't much damage beyond the skin. Keep this wrapped for a couple days and you'll patch up just fine."

    That... didn't seem right. It wasn't for very long, but a wolf had latched onto his arm like a chew toy. Maybe that physique skill was more powerful than he had initially thought. And that was without the ability given by the skill. He'd need to test it out during their next quest if possible.

    When Lily was finished with Sanz, she motioned for Sage to sit down.
    "Come on young man, your turn."
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  5. "Thank you ma'am." Sage said, smiling at the woman. Sage went to go sit down, "Ah, I thought it would look worse, you know? When the wolves clamped down on us. Like. I thought I was going to need stitches. Doesn't... hurt as much as I thought it would." Sage noted out loud, "But this is the first time I've ever been injured like that, really." Sage said. She held out her arm so that it was easier for the... pretty thang wrapped her up. Sage felt like she was on a cloud. She, didn't quite know how to react at the moment. She fucking killed wolves and her arms was partially chewed off. What the fuck?!
  6. Sage just would not shut up after what had happened. Sanz wanted to say something about it, until he saw the slight shakes in Sage's movement. It was something he knew well, not fear, but adrenaline. The man was still full of shock and adrenaline after the fight. Not that Sanz could really blame him, he himself was feeling it too--but he had enough experience to not show it externally. In retrospect, it wasn't that surprising that Sage was continuously speaking as a coping mechanism.

    "It looks a lot worse than it actually is dear. Keep that wrapped up and you should be right as rain before the week is out."
    Sage's hand was held reassuringly before Pete came back into the room.
    "All chicks accounted for, and a not a scratch on any of 'em. Y'two do good work."
    The man had set down a basket on the table with two... Sanz hesitated to call them eggs. Based on size, one could fill the entire palm of his hand. They were also a bright yellow, as opposed to the normal white or brown shells one would expect.
    "So these are..."
    "Your reward! The guild should pay ya' the monetary reward when you get back, but I can give these to ya' right now for a job well done."
    Well... at the very least those could probably hold for a breakfast tomorrow and save the two of them a little cash.
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  7. "Like.. real eggs? Would they hatch?" Sage half asked. She didn't know what the fertilization process was for... chickfurs. She really had no idea how eggs worked here. Honestly, if they hatched one and it made eggs for them, then they could totally just have eggs! Forever! Well, until it died or got sick.. then they could just eat that too. Sage also was hoping her and Sanz could at the very least carry each a wolf to sell to the guild kitchen for money. That.. would help on top of their 3 silver they are getting. They were literally going to be living meal by meal for a while.
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  8. "Nah hon, these eggs aint fertile. We actually just passed the breedin' season, so it'll be about a year before those come 'round."
    Pete pushed the basket across the table towards Sage
    "But these are some of the best eggs 'round, don't you worry."

    Sanz looked at the basket one more time before grabbing it and thanking the two individuals.
    "We should probably be heading out. Otherwise we're going to be wandering around in the dark. Thank you two for the eggs... and for patching us up."
    "Oh I don't mind hon. It's thanks to you two that we still have our chicks. I do hope we'll see you again."
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  9. "Yeah, thanks for all that. You be safe!" Sage said, waving a bit. When they stepped outside, Sage looked at Sanz, "Lets go pick up one of those wolf corpses. If we take them back to the guild, we can sell them to the kitchen and get an little extra cash." Sage told Sanz.
  10. "I don't think we'll get much for one wolf... but I guess it couldn't hurt."
    Sanz walked over to where the wolves' corpses lay. The three that had been cut open and bloodied were dragged off the farm, but left behind. He had no desire to be covered in blood by the time they finally got back. The one that had been killed by bludgeoning was flung over his right shoulder. The thing was kind of floppy, awkward, and definitely had parts bending in directions that they were not meant to, but he was fairly certain he could carry it back to town. The eggs had been set in his shoulder bag, wrapped up in his old clothes to keep them safe.

    It had taken Sage and Sanz about an hour to arrive at the farm. While they knew their way back now, the return trip was looking like it would take longer. Not only was Sanz lugging a corpse with him in the hopes for some extra cash, but they were losing daylight. Sanz's set aside his plan to gather fauna on the way back. They needed to make as much time as they could while the sun was still visible. Even then, after about 45 minutes, they only had starlight to guide them. Sanz ended up pulling out his cell phone and using a flashlight app to light their way until the town's oil lamps became visible.
    "I guess we'll need to consider lighting next time we go out. We'll need to either invest in some light sources or just restrict ourselves to daytime questing when out of town... at most this thing will probably run out of battery in the next two to three days."
    And another piece of our home will just be dead weight.
    Sanz didn't say his last thought on the subject, but it rang out in his mind all the same.
  11. Sage went with Sanz and picked the other wolf he punched. Quickly, Sage tried lifting the wolf onto her shoulder. She huffed with how fucking heavy the thing was. It hurt her arm a bit as well, just trying to heave the thing.

    Sage gave up halfway through, they abandoned the wolf corpse, unable to hold it up. So, Sage helped Sanz with his, distributing the weight a bit so both their injury wouldn't get strained. Sage insisted that they did that.

    "Yeah.. and cooking supplies... I figured if we can't sell the eggs for more when anything, we could eat them, but we don't have a lot of way to cook them." Sage pointed out.
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  12. Sanz had initially rebuffed Sage's attempts to help him carry the wolf corpse. But it turned out the young man could be surprisingly stubborn about things--and after half an hour had passed, Sanz was actually grateful for the help. Not that he was going to let Sage know that...

    "I mean, their eggs. Even with only the basic cooking skill, as long as I have a clean metal plate and an open fire, I should be able to do something with them. Actually, if we keep going for quests that reward food items, we might be able to cut that out of our budget entirely."
    Sanz wondered internally just how much it would take for the two of them to be completely able to forage and cook their own meals without relying on other people. It would save them cash, but also how much would it take out of their ability to actually complete quests? He'd need to check the guild card when they got back.

    The man was grateful when the oil lamps of Themyscira finally appeared. A glance at his phone before powering it off was depressing for the battery life that was left. The guildmarm was more than happy to give them their pay when they arrived, with 1 extra silver for the wolf they brought in. When the two finally made it back to their rented room, he found himself collapsing on the bed, spent both physically and mentally. The only light in the room was a single candle, as if to send home just how different their beds were for the night than just a day ago.
    "Well... I guess this is what we start treating at normal for the time being."
  13. Sage had to clean off the armor and sickle while Sanz went to get their reward and such, throwing the junk on one side of the desk. Going through the bag to put their money away, Sage found a small basic pan. "Oh right.." Sage said softly. She'll tell Sanz tomorrow that they actually had a pan and some bowls. She put them out on the desk before Sage collapsed onto the bed with an exhausted sigh. Her arm hurt, despite it not being the worst feeling in her whole life.

    "Good night." Sage said, almost unsure what Sanz was talking about when he had laid down as well. She was exsausted and she was going to get some sleep. Sanz be damned.
  14. Sanz threw off his shirt before pulling the covers over himself. As he gazed upon the wooden ceiling above him, dimly lit by candlelight, Sanz wondered just how long this was going to last. For now, the only person who could ensure him he wasn't crazy was in this room...
    "Good night Sage."
    Sanz snuffed out the candle before turning over to try and sleep.

    Try was the operative word. He had bouts of sleep, but was constantly tossing and turning in his sleep. His dreams were fitful and harsh, preventing him from achieving the truly deep sleep he wanted. When he awakened with the sun, his torso bolted upright before he frantically looked around the area. It took him a minute to realize where he was. Not in his home--but in a wooden room. The events of yesterday came flooding over him, and he had to pinch the bridge of his nose to try and get his head in order. Sage was still sound asleep, not surprising since the sun was just peeking over the horizon. Normally, Sanz worked out first thing in the morning--but since that wasn't really an option...

    Sage would have found a note on the desk from Sanz when he woke up. The man had gone outside of the city to look for herbs and other plants to help supplement the eggs from yesterday. What he had not written what that the walk was also to clear his head.
  15. Sage slept rather fitfully as well. She wasn't home and she woke from a nightmare after nightmare. It wasn't a pleasant sleep and by morning she felt like shit. Her arm still hurt a bit in a small throb and she hopped Rhea would be around to use magic on. By late morning, Sage forced herself to get up. Sanz, of course, was gone and left a note for her. Sage sighed and rubbed her hair a bit, trying to make it lay flat on her head. She sat cross-legged in her bed for a bit, thinking about everything and half listening to the bustle out in the town.

    Pulling her guild card out, Sage noticed that she had new points. One in armor and one in combat.

    You have gained 2 levels.

    Sage rubbed the back of her neck as she thought about what she wanted to do. A few moments of thought, Sage used the red point to add 1 point into Sickle, giving her 2 total. She then added 1 point into dodge.

    You have powered up the Sickle skill. Your damage and proficiency has increased.

    You have unlocked the dodge skill. Your ability to dodge harm has increased.

    Sage sighed again and fell back into the bed, spreading her arms and dropping the card onto the bed. Might as well go take this time to get a bath. She needed one. She'll eventually have to fess up to Sanz about being a girl, but right now it seemed fine that he thought Sage was a boy. By the time Sanz had returned, Sage was pulling out the cooking gear she had left in the room and dressed, hair still a bit damp from her bath.
  16. Sanz found the simple act of walking outside of the town limits and searching for useful plants relaxing. It wasn't that it was easy, it was that it was simple. He wasn't thinking about the nature of this world, he wasn't thinking about how long he was stuck here, he wasn't thinking about where his next meal was coming from. Right now, all he was worried about was what useful materials he could find, and making sure that nothing ambushed him in the process. Not necessarily comfortable, but simple.

    When the sun had risen much farther than Sanz realized, and his stomach started to protest at the lack of sustenance, the man finally started to head back to town. Probably for the best, given that he was running out of spare pockets for plant materials. When he returned, Sage was going through the meager cooking materials they had. The man also looked like he had just returned from washing, if his hair was anything to go by.
    "Huh, I didn't realize you'd also taken cooking. I did find some things while I was out."

    Sanz laid his findings out on the table. Many sprigs of herbs had been found, though only a few different types. They ranged from a plant that looked very similar to rosemary from their world, to something with vibrant blue leaves that glowed slightly. He had also managed to grab 5 samples of some kind of fruit. It had a hot-pink skin, and said skin protruded in what looked like spikes all over the thing, but touching it revealed that the whole thing was soft, kind of like a ripe plum.
    "That guild card is something. I couldn't tell you how I know these things are safe to eat, but I'm certain they are."
    The man also pulled out several strands of what looked like plant fiber, pulled from a trunk of some kind.
    "This isn't edible, but I think we can use it to make rope, or even refine it into some kind of cloth."
  17. "The guildmarm couldn't even tell us how." Sage half said to Sanz, even as he started to lay out their options in front of them, "Even though I don't know what some of those herbs are or how to find them, I can see some of those herbs won't completely fuck up a dish." Sage said as she looked over what Sanz had brought them, "Are you kidding? I was a chief when I was in our world." Sage told Sanz, "NOTHING made me happier than to cook." Sage told him, "I always say I have two passions in life, Sex and Cooking. Not exclusively in that order."

    Sage picked up the rosemary and really looked at it, "Maybe we should go in and see how much a bit of salt would be worth?" Sage half asked, "A bag of salt can go a really long way for us."
  18. Sanz raised an eyebrow at Sage regarding the man's two loves.
    "I know we didn't really speak much in high school, but I saw a LOT of one of those loves and none of the other. So you'll have to forgive me for missing that. I do agree on finding salt though. Hopefully it's as plentiful in this world as it was in ours--but I'm not waiting for the possibility of salt before eating breakfast."

    Sanz sat down on the bed he had used last night, letting his legs rest from the hike that morning.
    "I should have checked by the quests before I came back in. If we're lucky there will be more food items as quest rewards. Focusing on those should let us pool money towards getting proper equipment instead of just trying to survive."
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  19. "Well you never saw me at lunch." Sage said with a chuckle, "With my homemade lunches. Quite extravagant, if you ask me. It's why I went to go be a chief. While you were out back beating thugs, right?" Sage said. After all, that was what Sanz did when thought no one was looking, playing the school hero. At least it seemed like Sanz had kept a lot of the school thugs in line.

    Sage gathered all the ingredients, and the eggs and put them into her bag, then grabbed the pant and bowls and stacked them into each other, "Lets go find some wood and a fire.. I doubt we can cook here and I don't think they will let us start a fire in the middle of town." Sage shrugged to Sanz.
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  20. Sanz frowned a bit when Sage brought up his actions in high school. He had made every effort for his appearance then to be that of a bully, someone not to mess around with. And that had successfully distanced him from everyone--thus letting him beat on every thug in the school with relative impunity, since he had no friend circle that could be targeted. He thought that he had hidden that well enough from everyone.
    "I fought a lot of people in high school, what's it matter?"
    The man shook his head before grabbing his bag and following Sage out. He was right, they'd need some spot to light a fire if they were going to cook in such an old-fashioned way.
    "I spotted a couple of places just outside the walls that could work. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to walk there."

    The spot in question was just a few minutes' walk from the wall, underneath a patch of trees, and near the forest line. Sanz had already dug out the firepit while Sage got his ingredients together. He'd made fires like this before, when camping with his sister, so it shouldn't have been too hard to make one...
    shouldn't have.
    "What the?"
    Sanz pulled together the kindling he'd gathered, as well as a few of the plant fibers he'd gathered from earlier, but despite his experience making said fires... he couldn't. His head could remember the images, but not the method, and his hands seemed to fumble around the task. After several minutes, he had finally managed to burn down some branches and bark, but the fire didn't last. The resulting red-hot coals would work for cooking... at least the amount they were planning on, but nothing much else.
    "I used to be able to do this just fine... what even--"
    The man stopped. Fire making was a skill. All of his experience had been transferred into other things. If he wanted to be able to make fires like he had before, he'd need to find a skill that would let him.
    "Shit. Everything we're going to be doing is governed by the guild card."
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