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  1. Edited because time and all that.

    I want something dark, abusive and destructive. I don't mind many threads but I do want to warn I may be slow, I work all day and can't write on mobile. I try my best though.

    I prefer my character to be victim, I can't stress this enough. The darkest gorey thing? I'm your man. Answer here or pm me I don't mind.

    I don't mind lenght at all as long as I get at least a paragraph and orthography, english is not my main language and it may be hard for me to read if it's not really understandable, I'll be thankful if you'd consider this in mind, however I DO prefer english over any other language.

    I'm looking for (specifically) :

    Something casual, let's not stress each other out.

    Abuse, Character Death, only male x male relationships, maybe gore, violence, possibly graphic. Language is open for you to use however, and maybe some mind abuse or something, torture.

    I ADORE post apocalyptic themes by the way, easily my favorites. Also roadtrips and kidnap stories.

    I don't really mind how but my limits are needles, scat and diaper, other than that I need someone who doesn't do one liners, a long term partner, but also someone patient.

    Another idea is that maybe our characters meet for a "suicide pact" but in reality your character is a predator that just wanted an easy victim?
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  2. Hey! I might be interested. It'd need to have a good plot, though. So, PM me if you still want to do this, and we can figure something out.
  3. Hm, I might be interested. o3o What do you have in mind?
  4. I don't have anything very solid, in general I'm looking for something pretty dark and
    probably violent. I only ask that there's only mxm in terms of character and relations
    (be it romantic or friendship or w/e).

    I love apocalyptic stuff and horror though, so that's something.
  5. Still looking!
  6. Hello I still exist
  7. So I see you're interested in both MxM and guro? I think I have a couple of ideas you might like... I'll PM you the details.
  8. Hello!

    I may have something for you! It's very casual, but not apocalyptic. I have a basic plot and a start, but could always use more ideas. Let me know if you're still looking~
  9. I am. What do you have?
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