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  1. Brian made his way down the brightly lit street before him. Wearing a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt he joined a line of people waiting to get into the new night club. They had advertised it for week's now, and had anticipated it's opening. He stepped a bit to the side of the line to look down toward's the door. Trying to judge the distance between him and the building, it was a bit hard to tell, but he guessed it wouldn't be much of a wait. The club was well known in some of the other cities around the country, and they were mainly known for there amazing taste in dubstep. He had been a huge fan of it ever since the genre had hit mainstream. He had noted small changes and had actually started the exam project that was due the following week.

    Looking around once again, he began wondering when his friend's were gonna show up. He reached into his pant's pocket and pulled out his phone, noticing he had a few messages he checked them. Apparently they had shown up earlier and had already gotten in, they also added that they had a table there reserved for their group. He sighed softly to himself and shoved the phone in his pocket. He must have reminded the people behind him of something because suddenly all of them decided they needed to look at something on their phones. He had always noticed that about himself. His action's would all of a sudden trigger some kind of action out of certain people around him. As if he could actually influence that action's and behaviors of others. He had given this subject a thought many times before, but had never actually decided that he would put it to the test, again. He had tried once before and had no result, but then noticed whenever he wasn't trying to do it, or cause a reaction. That the reaction was actually stronger and caused more of an influence on other people's behaviors.

    Before he knew it the bouncer was before him waiting for his I.D., which he quickly grabbed from his wallet and handed it over quickly to the large man. He then returned it to his wallet and continued inside. As he walked in, he made sure to look around for his friend's, but was quickly drawn in by the music. Instantly he recognized Skrillex's remixed version of Cinema. One of his favorites. He instantly felt at home and relaxed a bit.

    He continued walking around, mainly taking in the action, but also keeping his eye out for his group of friend's. He still couldn't find them, but he was more interested in the people and the behaviors of those people. He could almost instantly pick out the little cliques in the giant crowd. All the little group's of friend's and fans. A few staff were walking around, mainly waitress's carrying platter's of empty cups and drinks. Every once of them had a large glass of bill's from the tips and for change during transaction's.

    Brian decided to take a seat at the bar and order a drink, a budweiser and a shot of Jack was what he decided to start out with. While he waited for his drink his eyes climbed to the giant D.j. booth that sat in the middle of the floor. Elevated about five feet from the floor, and a staircase on the side. It was basically a glass box, with a bunch of different types of light boxes and effects lining the border's for added effects. He nodded softly to himself as a smile began pulling at the corner's of his mouth.

    He definitely knew where he could be found on the weekend's from now on.
  2. It was almost as if she had appeared from thin air.

    A young woman in thick sunglasses seated herself next to the man after emerging from the crowd centered on the dance floor, and although she appeared almost too young to have quickly ordered herself a glass of rum- much less be able to hold her alcohol, no one paid her a second glance.
    She gave the man who seemed to be distracted, a swift look before giving her drink an almost hesitant taste. She found it difficult to immerse herself in the cold glass between her hands. A routine night like this would have called for something stronger, but she was not terribly familiar with the kick of alcohol.
    She let her legs swing freely from the bar stool just as though it would release her night time jitters and anxiety into the club atmosphere. Staring into the amber colored blend she carelessly knocked the heel of her boot against the man's leg, all the while resting her elbow on the counter and continuing to drink.
  3. Brian suddenly noticed the small bump to his leg from behind. Figuring it was just an accident and soon came into eye contact with the attractive woman sitting next to him. He was a little suprised, because of the fact that she looked so young, but also because he wasn't expecting such a beautiful girl to try and get his attention.

    " Hey, can I help you? ", he said this a bit shyly, but not softly. He knew he needed to keep his voice up because of the music. He figured she was just someone from a rival company trying to get a quick opinion from him. He was used to things like that, but he wasn't exactly used to this. The approach was all wrong for an associate, but it would have been a more formal approach instead of just a simple bump to the leg. Which meant she was probably interested personally.

    He kept an eye on her for a moment and then ordered a drink himself. She was here enjoying herself, why couldn't he?
  4. Davin checked his phone again to see if Brian had even bothered to text him back yet. "Ah, bugger it. I'm off to the bar." He said to himself. He was a drinker, and a smoker and he occasionally dabbled in less reputable forms of excess but he was a good guy at heart. He was dressed in his usual attire; black jeans, spike bands, Cannibal Corpse T-shirt that he often wore, and long unkempt hair. He was a metal head through and through but he also admired the club atmosphere.

    He spotted Brian on his way over to get a fresh drink. "Brian! Mate!" He said with a chuckle. "I've been tryin to reach you for half an hour! Bah, not that it matters. You're here now! Hey, bar keep! Double Jack and Coke thanks!" He said loudly. "And who's this charming young lady? She with you?" He said nudging him.
  5. Brian was suddenly startled for a second by his good friend Davin, he had totally forgotten to look for him anymore. The music and the girl was the reason for that, but by the look of it, no harm done. He smiled and patted him on the back.

    " It's good to see you again bud, it's been too long! How are you liking the new scene, the music here is amazing! ", he smiled big as he said this, Davin had been a good friend for a long time. On top of that, he had a good ear for great music. He looked once more around really quick. Still a little curious if any of the other critics had shown their faces yet. So far him and Davin were the only one's there, that's the way he liked it. He turned back and grabbed his drink. Looking at the woman who had just gotten his attention. He felt bad for suddenly turning away from her, but he had to atleast greet his good friend.

    " Well Davin, I can't really tell you who she is, I haven't had the pleasure of getting her name yet. "

    He said with a small smile on his face.
  6. Michael laughs as he began to bust out his break dance moves, Michael was wearing a sleeveless shirt that said 'Trapstep' his were Black Cargo pants. On his head was a black beanie that was fit nicely to his head, His arms were riddled with Japanese writing and Tribal tattoo markings. He finished up his break dance and walked out of the crowd, heading towards the bar and leans onto it " Hey bartender let me get a Budweiser " As the bartender handed him the beer and picked up the money for the beer, He looked over at a man who he found a bit familiar. He made his way over and looked at Brian and everyone else that was around him, Michael smiled and said " Im sorry to interrupt but you look familiar... Have you gone to any other Nightclubs around here? " See Michael was a DJ and he would DJ at alot of these other clubs. His sunglasses that hung from his sleeveless shirt swung a bit as he hoped he found a friend from a different club.
  7. Brian was startled once again, seeing another familiar face. He had seen Micheal a few time's at the rest of the local club's. He was another big dubsep fan. He liked the music he had played in the rest of the places, and was honestly suprised he wasn't up there working the table tonight. It wasn't that much of a surprise though. Some Dj's didn't like playing at new club's, sometimes the turn out's weren't all that great. He smiled big and nodded as he replied.

    " Yeah, I've seen you play the table a few times. I like your style, I think I've actually done a couple articles on you too. " He laughed and took a drink from his glass.

    " Why isn't it you up there playing tonight. ", he motioned to the booth, drink in hand.

    He took another quick sip and started to feel that warm feeling come crawling up from his stomach. He was starting to open up a little bit and was starting to enjoy all the company.
  8. Davin downed the last of his drink as he took in the atmosphere of the club. It was one of the better ones he had been to, but to his confession, he hadn't been many nightclubs. He preferred the rush and violence of a bloodthirsty moshpit but a club was a pleasant change every now and then. He turned around as another person approached the bar. He turned back to the bartender and ordered another drink. "Yeah, mate, can I get another double Jack thanks". He tapped Brian on the shoulder. "Dude, watch my drink, huh? I'm going for a smoke." He said walking toward the back exit.
  9. Michael had a smile on his face from the mans comments, He saw that there was a women next to him and chuckled a bit " i might jump on the table..just might. But thanks for the compliments " He took a sip of his beer and then spoke once again " But hey im hanging out at the back of the tables if you wanna hangout back there later...but i see you have a lady friend with you so hah ill be on my way. " He began walking away and waved at Brian, He slowly danced through the crowd to the tables and sat in a couch that was back there sipping his beer.
  10. She was leaning against the wall, opposite of the back door that can only be opened from the other side, waiting for it to open and try to knock out whoever comes out. She has issues entering this club by using the front door.

    She just stood there, petite in size since her height is only 4 foot 8, in her black sweater which the hood is covering from the a sight of her eyes with her light brown hair loosely hangs out from the hood. A half gas mask decorated with red colored LED lights, a pair of black slightly bulky headphones is around at her neck as the wire connected with her phone lies stuffed in her dark denim jeans' pocket and as well as her hands, neatly inside her pockets.

    She waited. She heard something, but just kept on waiting patiently for the door to open.
  11. Davin plucked a cigarette from the packet and placed it between his lips. Pushing on the handle of the back door, it swung open gently and he propped it open with a nearby brick. He took the lighter from his pocket and lit up as he stepped out the back and drew a breath. He blew smoke as he looked up. "What the fu-!" he exclaimed. "Who the hell are you? You shouldn't be here!" he shouted at the strangely dressed person.
  12. The door. She lifted her head to take a look, revealing her eyes. Her eyes gleamed with more what a smirking look. Her breathing echoed within the gas mask. She knows she could not communicate with this person with taunting words even she wants to. The gas mask would just make it more creepy, but she see not reason to even say Hi to the man.

    She walked towards the guy, looking at him straight in the eyes. She's laughing, thanking him, through her eyes.

    And she walked past the guy, happy to finally get inside. Step by step. The moment is finally here.
  13. He noticed the DJ waving him up to the front, Michael smiled and walked up to the DJ table and fixed his beanie and looked at the crowd who was still dancing to the song the other DJ left on. He smiled and looked over at Brian, grabbing the mic he said into it " This next one is for a friend, a friend named Brian " He put his hand on the record and sent a kick spin to it causing it to give that swivel noise. He pushed it forward and pressed a few buttons mixing the next dubstep song into the beat, so that it blended in perfectly. The song filling the room and getting people bumping, as the dance floor got darker and the glow lights came on. People bumping and grinding on the dance floor he smiled and continued mixing dancing a bit with the song. He shouted into the mic " HERE WE GO! " the beat dropping after he said that, people going crazy on the dance floor, He was even jumping up and dancing around behind the DJ table. He took a sip of his Budweiser and continued to dance setting it down Safely away from the equipment and the bumping bass.
  14. Davin stared in a daze as she walked right past him. He shook his head and snapped out of it. He spun on his heel, tossing the cigarette into the alley, the other hand reaching around and grabbing the hood in his heavy grip and pulling her closer to him. "Don't you ignore me!" he said over the music. "Oi! Security! Hey!" he shouted toward the bouncer at the top of the stairs at the entrance, waving his free hand, trying to get their attention.
  15. Oh how she would like to scream helplessly right now. Her hood slid forcefully off her head as she fell, leaning slightly on the person's body, revealing fully of her hair style, medium length and layered messily and her eyes, its color as it reflects the club's lighting dimly, bright amber eyes 'sparkled' as she positioned her head back to look up, trying to take a look at whoever is holding her. She stared at that same face, stared deeply into the same eyes, wanting to say, 'Please. Let me go.'
    She know she can't. She could, but she refuse to talk with her mask still on.

    She snapped out from that stare, her head back to normal, struggling to get away from a much larger guy than her, trying to pull away from such a grip held on her hood. A growl, she let it out, loud enough to deepen itself in her gas mask.
  16. Davin kept his grip on the hood even as the woman fell back and leaned against him with those puppydog eyes. "You are a cutie, I'll give you that." he chuckled as she began to struggle again, "But you're gonna have to do better than that to soften a heartbreaker like me, love." Security couldn't see him right at the back of the club and he sure as hell couldn't hear him. "Bugger... Well, how about we have a look under that oh-so-scary little mask of yours, eh love? Give us a look at the rest of your pretty face, huh?" he said reaching for the gas mask on her face.
  17. Her amber eyes widen in shock, her gas mask, no. Not that. Just please. His hand come to reach her face, her precious gas mask. 'No, I beg of you!' She wanted to say it out loud, but all the best she can is through her eyes, begging him, looking at him into his eyes.

    This is not going to work. She know it would not. She have to do something about it.
    She have to. She moves away from the hand but still in the grip of the man.

    If she could, she would. If she can, she will.
    But is this situation worth such action to break free?
    Is it worth it?


    So she decided to avoid troubles like a normal person would.
    She struggled, trying to break free and obviously trying her very best holding off the hand from her face, from her gas mask. Her hands grappled with the wrist of the hand, pushing it away from getting any closer.
  18. He was walking towards the back of the club with a cig in his hand about to go light it up, Until he notices the door was already open. He twisted his face a bit and walked through the crowd faster, He approaches the man and the women. " Everything alright here? " He looks at the man who was with Brian and smiles a bit, " Whats your name little lady? " He says kind of looking down on her his hand on her shoulder.
  19. "This little one decided it would be fun to try and sneak into the club without paying the post-10pm entry fee. She's probabaly harmless but I figured I may as well do the right thing by the club's rules." he said to the man as his hand was batted away from the mask. "Probably not even old enough to be here anyway by the looks of her..." he pulled her a little closer. He extended his hand in a friendly kind of way. "The name's Davin." he said. "I saw you up at the tables! Nice job by the way. And you are?" he asked him. The small lady did not like the advance toward the gas mask one little bit... What was she hiding under there? She cant be all that hideous surely...
  20. She stood weakly at that one spot, tired of all this gibberish fuss and now there is another person involved. 'Great. Just great.' She rolled her eyes, her arms hanged at her side, she more like a rag doll now, helplessly stuck in so-called following them rules.
    She gave out a sigh, which filtered out as a raspy and deep breath of disappointment through her mask. She looked at the man named Davin, blankly and tiredly staring, 'Just.. Let me go already.." Her eyes clearly said that, she made them to.
    Is this her giving up? No. She never give up in anything. This is the chance and she will get a full grasp of it.
    'If this gets any longer and this man still refuses to let me go, I need to somehow try to struggle my way out of this no matter what."
    She thought with full determination and in a ready to take any chances, even a tiny gap of opportunity to escape the clutches of this man and get to where she is suppose to go.