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  1. Dreams, ambitions, goals, we all have them. Though I'm somewhat curious about what goals others have reached and what dreams have slipped through their fingers.

    For me, I've always shifted from drawing to writing, I had a dream of eventually becoming an animator and drawing designs for characters and places. But a few years ago I lost that spark, the feeling that I could do it, and that dream slipped through my fingers. But my goal of writing stories has not. I've finished short stories, and I'm working on a book. So while I did lose something, I have found another that I enjoy far more.

    So my questions are:
    - What are your dreams, ambitions, and goals?
    - Which ones have slipped through your fingers and which ones have not?
    - Do you think you're better for having lost that dream? Or do you feel as if you've made a mistake by giving up on it?
  2. I want to be a screenplay writer in Hollywood. I'd like to direct, but I feel woefully inadequete for such a massive undertaking (as directing is something of an ultimate leadership position, and I am no leader).

    Instead, I'll be content with selling my stories to hopefully be translated to the silver screen, my favourite medium of media entertainment. Oh, and hopefully get filthy moderately rich off of selling these scripts! ($100,000+ per successful script!)

    I used to want to be a military officer. I had a long career planned out, with me retiring at Captain of Major and joining an alphabet agency (the CIA preferably) and becoming an Information Analyst. I would have had a degree in History and Military History, as well as my military career, to get me that job.

    Basically, I would have been Jack Ryan.

    Unfortunately, none of that would be. It sent me into a deep depression that I still don't think I've quite recovered from to this day.

    To answer the last question, I think I'm in a far worse place now. I regret my dreams not having come true every day. I, of course, know the empty platitudes that should be getting me from day to day and making me feel better, and what not, but... Well... Fuck that.
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  3. World travel. Also paying off my student loans. I'm specialising in UIX design so that should help with both. I don't know if it's my dream job, but I like it and it provides challenge and many learning opportunities.

    I'm already decently-travelled, so that's a work in progress. I've had a ton of wonderful experiences.

    I guess I wanted to be in the air force when I was a kid, but my eyesight isn't great, so yeah. I'm not exactly beaten up about it, though. Similarly I wanted to be a psychologist, but upon learning more about my potential career choices I took a step back. I've dabbled in acting, making video games and comics, which sounds cool on paper, but if I cared enough I would have taken bigger steps towards pursuing them.

    The thing with dreams is that you often put on rose-tinted glasses before finding out what it's all about. Through learning about your goals and own desires you may alter them. I look for new goals and ambitions to pursue, so I tend not to linger on old dreams when I have new ones.
  4. My ultimate dream is to become a writer at a gaming company, i even have a few ideas for some games. (Rareware is the company i would like to join..If Microsoft manages to make it good again..But that's unlikely to happen so i'll probably choose a different one.) I wanted to be a singer when i was younger but i realised that was stupid so i stuck to being a writer after noticing how good i am at doing so...I suck at singing now anyway so i made the right choice.
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  5. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer, specifically, I really wanted to write my own series of books. The problem is I was never really all that great at it, at least, that's what I've come to believe. I lost so much confidence in my ability to write that I can't write anything anymore because I feel like it could never be could enough.Since then I've tried plenty of other things, such as drawing, programming, animation, game design, etc. Mostly stuff that requires creativity, as I am a very creative person. But as with writing, I didn't have the confidence I needed to accomplish anything worthwhile.

    Right now I'm actually interested in getting into psychology, maybe becoming a therapist; I've always enjoyed helping people in that way, so I figured it would be perfect for me. And now that I'm seeing a therapist of my own, I may just be able to build up the confidence I need in order to do so.

    I still want to write, I haven't completely given up on it yet; it's just something that I've put in the back of my mind for now while I pursue other, more reasonable, goals. And I'm okay with that, I really am.
  6. Books have always held a special place in my heart. While I'm not a particularly good writer (Lord knows how many badly written stories I've never finished), I've always wanted to own a little bookshop in some rural small town. Maybe somewhere in Europe? The payment won't be that much of course, but that's not what I'm focused on. I just want a future where I'm actually comfortable and happy for once.

    Aside from that, I'd like to become a professional artist. I'm a pretty decent artist as it is now, and I'd love for my works to end up in a museum or galler one day. Plus, who doesn't love getting paid for something they like to do?

    If those dreams don't work out, I plan on studying psychology and start a career from there. How the human brain functions and thinks is absolutely intriguing, so why not, right?

    As for dreams that I've lost...well, there's quite a few. I used to want to be a veterinarian, but then I realized that I absolutely despise seeing animals in pain. I've wanted to become a writer a while back, but ideas just come and go for me. Though, maybe if the right inspiration hits and the magic Writing Fairy blesses me with amazing wordplay, I might end up writing something good and actually finish it.
  7. Don't die, create fun stories, don't die alone, don't become the bitch that left me homeless for 100,000 bucks, always improve myself every year. Secondarily, perhaps become an author, or pursue a career in service to the people. (police, firefighter.)
    No dreams slip through my fingers until I am dead. Simple as that. If I "fail" to become an author by this year, that's no guarantee that I won't succeed at it some other year. Dreams should never be set in stone and should never be the ultimate point to your life: They give you goals, and failing to achieve those goals is no more a mark against your character than a flash of lightning is a sign of the apocalypse.

    The only person who can prevent you from accomplishing your dreams is yourself. And you know what? Fuck that version of me that wants to give up and succumb to self-pity. That's the exact thing that spawned the hate-filled sack of shit parent that caused long-term psychological havoc on my mind. That's the exact thing that's choking our society with millions of people who believe they can't accomplish anything.

    So fuck it. I get one trillionth of a second in the lifespan of the universe to live. I have two arms, two legs, a brain, and the ability to learn. I gain nothing in giving up, and have everything to gain in becoming an unstoppable determinator. So I guess even if dreams of mine slipped through my fingers, I'd consider it irrelevant, and would have forgotten them by now, because I can't focus on what I don't have. Otherwise, I'll miss all the lovely things I do have. I may not be an author yet, and I may still be poor, but I do have @Seba and my wits, and hard working ethics.

    If I die accomplishing nothing more than this, I'm satisfied. Life isn't about winning, you don't get a choice in what happens to you: Only in how you react to it. Stoicism 101.
    I only lose dreams that I give up on, and if I've given up on a dream, it's only because I've made the simple decision that it's no longer an appropriate goal for my life. Even if I accomplish everything I dream of doing (hell, even immortality just so I can't die, as entirely unlikely as that is), it's not like I'll stop having dreams. I'll simply make new dreams. Better dreams.

    tl;dr: I summon my Bruce Campbell otherkin that @Darog so kindly donated to me and become an unstoppable determinator that will accomplish his dreams or die trying. Fuck depression over incorporeal shit. I don't need that, I have enough stress in my life without inducing it on myself. :ferret:
  8. This topic has come at a fun time in my life. O___O Right now I am currently re-evaluating my life goals/dreams and decided what to do with myself.

    Since I was a very very little kid I have always wanted to write books. This is prolly the one dream I kind of put some time in, but I have never actually make any sort of progress on. I think maybe I am not passionate enough for it and it's a dream I may never accomplish. Or maybe I will finally do it when I am super old, I dunno! I am not ready to let this one go yet, even though I kind of doubt I will ever get there.

    My other ambition was to run a super successful roleplay community! ...and by god I have succeeded. O___O In fact, I have succeeded so well, I no longer have anything to accomplish on that front. Because of that, for the past year I have been thinking about what I would like to do next. How I might continue this dream or if it's time for me to begin a new one. It's a really big deal for me right now. x__x

    My last big dream was living a comfortable, stress free, drama free, happy life. I grew up in a BAD situation, so my life long goal was to live in a safe, happy home. This is a dream I also accomplished. 8D And now I try to maintain this dream by being selective on who I allow in to my personal life, my house, etc.

    NEW GOALS AND DREAMS? Well... I have some new projects in the works and I hope to see the go somewhere. But I have no idea if they are going to become a passion and dream for me... yet!
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  9. Bruce Campbell is Life, Bruce Campbell is Groovy.

    My opinions solely line up to Brovo's, in all seriousness. I've already accomplished a number of dreams I've had, which some are minor others are more major( Getting married, Lived in Japan for a short while, Roadied at Download, and for major acts, and even played with The Prodigy as a replacement, etc), and I still have a ton dreams left that I want to accomplish. Will I achieve them all? probably not, but I can try! And it's not easy. But hey, nothing in life worth having is free and easy.
  10. Dreams... I dont have dreams, not any more. Did vhen I was younger, until I learned the hard vay that idealism wont get you anyvhere in this messed-up world. So I live in the present, enjoying life to its fulest each day, doing vhat I like to do! I dont think about the future until it comes.

    Ambitions/goals... noting fancy. Same as I had most of my teen-age/adult life. To make my-self more independent, more capable, beter able to handle anything life throws at me (and eventualy my children, of corse, vhen I decide to have them). I very much belive in self-suficiency, I think the only person you can ultimately trust and rely on, is yourself. Not even your partner, since you never know if/vhen they migt hurt you or let you down. Not to mention I tend to see relying on others as a weaknes.
  11. Dreams have come and gone from me over the years. I used to want to be a veterinarian due to my affinity to science (yes, I know that's a bit different for a girl but whatever XP) and love for animals. Well that is until I found out about euthanasia ^^;. Then there was archaeologist then detective and who knows what else. XD. Let's just say that I'm quite confused right now. I want to go into science since it's what I'm good at and I want to do something for this world rather than just sit on my ass all day doing nothing. But I also love to write fiction. I want to publish before I exit high school ( but it doesn't look like that's happening)

    So what's the whole point of that spiel? Well I guess I want to say that having a definitive goal isn't exactly what a dream has to be. It can be modifiable to change along with you and your world, just as mine have. I dream of having success in helping this world with my own power/ talent; whether that be through literature or science, I'm not sure but I'm still determined to do so. Sure I'm an ignorant klutz with no clue at all but I guess that's part of growing up.

    My past dreams helped me in figuring who I really am so I wouldn't call them pointless or sad or a waste of time. Life would be rather boring if you didn't dream, right? Or am I just some ignorant kid? Who knows. Only time will tell.
  12. It took me a while to sit down and actually think of what I wanted in life. I have lived for so long just winging it and just for that day that I really hadn't thought of what I wanted in life. But I do know that I have always wanted to live in a house and never have to move again, it feels like I've never really had a place I considered home and I really want that.

    I also kind of realize that I really want to adopt a kid somewhere down the road, though not right now.
  13. Dreams? To be honest, aside from short-term goals (e.g, don't fuck up your semester exams, stop procrastinating, don't be a twat, etc) it is something that I have never even thought about. While people manage to establish their dreams and wishes when they were mere toddlers, I, for one, still haven't thought about my ambitions and goals. I'm already at an age where I should be seriously considering and planning how I want my future to look like...yet I still haven't done a single thing. Hell, I'm only striving for this one university course for no fucking reason aside from the fact that my parents recommended it to me because it would "lead me to have a high income and a stable life". Even prior to me falling flat onto my face in terms of finding motivation, in primary school, while everyone was able to instantly recall their dreams when asked, I couldn't even think of a bullshit answer to answer the question.

    Since I never had any idea of what I wanted as my big ambitions or goals, I haven't really flt the feeling of failing or the need to drop my dreams, so I guess that's a plus?

    So in other words, I guess I'm one of those people that likes to go with the flow, let the things that occur around me happen, and then follow the currents and see where it leads me in life. Although I know that the mindset I have right now will only last so long before it becomes very ineffective and potentially ruin my life. Yet right now, I just wanna sit back, relax and let everything that must happen, happen.
  14. My goal? Be a happier person because that's so not me. It's something I'm slowly working towards, I guess. And not something that can happen overnight.

    My dream? Live a life I'm happy with. I want a job that I will be happy in, screw office desk jobs or really active ones, they don't really suit me. I want to pursue something creative but can give me some slack when I need it. An artist of sorts or a translator for games? And if that doesn't work out, being a teacher is all good and dandy, somehow the idea of teaching the younger generation and learning with them is appealing...

    A dream I dropped was being a doctor. Maybe it's just how I was raised to think doctors and lawyers were the best jobs because Asian parents. Then I discovered my... uh, uneasiness around blood in general and the risk of getting sick, so I decided to drop it when I could make more realistic choices for the future. I probably would have died if I had to go for a bachelor leading to a good medical field, lol. I don't regret it at all. Finding what and what doesn't suit me helps me grow ^^
  15. I had a dream. Though it's a bit unrealistic and required things to fall in place WAY too perfectly. (It's still plausible... Though it's probably more of an impossibility)

    But I really don't have a dream. I do have goals though. Me and my friend is on hold for a few projects. He needed to get other things done first so that delayed it till the middle of next year. So what does one do for so long? Well in the mean time, i'm doing military stuffs and I come back at about the same time he gets all his current goals/debt dealt with. Once that happens, we'll do our project, become filthy rich, and from there... See what allot of money can do for the world and see if it truly is stupidly expensive to fix things up, or if people just don't know how to handle money/greed...

    So I guess my dream would be to fix up the world a bit, even if just by a little.
  16. My dream was/is to play professional soccer. I'm close, but so far. I had a trial with an NPSL team, but got cut.

    My college career is now over and It was disappointing. However, I'm young enough and the sport is growing quick enough here in the U.S. That I'm still holding out.