Something I am looking forward to; as should all Elder scroll fans.

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  1. Hard to believe in a few months it'll be finished. You can either play as the dragonborn in skyrim, or the nevarine of morrowind. You have the option to travel between both time and spaces using a map marker so you can enjoy both and bring items, spells and other sch goodies between lands. An optional voice over file is to be included and fast travel can be turned on and off. I just thought this needed to be shared between us elder scrolls fans.

    To run you need a legal copy of skyrim and morrowind, all dlcs and is only available for pc. Naturally the mod itself is free.
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  2. I'm really looking forward to this. Morroblivion was awesome. I thought Skywind was still a ways off from having the quests and such done, though.
  3. 90% quest are done. Most the work left is voic acting and adding clothes to some npcs. I am lending aid to the voice acting effort. The quest not done are the misc quest.
  4. That's awesome; I can't wait. Does that 90% figure include Bloodmoon and Tribunal?
  5. Yes. They are done. If you know anyone with decent voice acting skills send them over. There are no female argonian or khajiit actors yet. Roughly 8 is needed for each role. Though plenty og spots need filling between male and female of each race.
  6. I may have just jizzed on myself
  7. By done I mean it'll go from Alpha to Beta. I should specify. If you're a modder or voice actor let me know or post your willingness to help on the forum. The more on the project the quicker it'll be done.