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  1. Alright, time for the big letters. Seeing as very few people tend to offer up assistance with some things of mine, I'll just go ahead and combine a couple of things. And when I say "combine", I mean I'm going to state literally everything I can at the moment about this wonderful little system I have about my world creations.

    To sum it all up: Virtually every world I've made exists in the same universes, but not on the same dimensional plane. Or Realm, if you dislike he term 'dimensional plane'. So, basically, an event similar to the Big Bang(Theory) was created by this fairly small, but potently powerful race known as the Halidas Aisteran. A massive realm that consists of nothing but one gaegantuan city of light, known as Aistera, is where these Aisterans reside. The universe was created from them exerting 100% of their capability into a kind of energy wave that essentially birthed several hundred different dimensional planes. The collisions of these dimensional planes resulted in an unexpected formation of something known as "Veils". Bland name, I know, but these kept the dimensional planes from mixing, making barriers that vary in "thickness". This brings me to a few particular dimensions, and one specifically known as "Jamular".

    The name "Jamular" is actually the name of the planet I'll be speaking of, and is subject to change at the moment but this is off topic- Jamular exists with an especially thick Veil that actually has light rips and tears in it. This leaks energies into Jamular that are known to the peoples of Jamular as "Auklunan". Fancy, isn't it? This energy resulted in a limited but present magical power that very few races are capable of even using. Even then, it's limited to "Inscribing", the weaving and embedding Auklunan energies into inorganic matter. You could easily call it Enchanting. Anyways, a neat aspect about Auklunan is that there's a "parasitic" mineral that forms when it comes from Rifts in the Veil of Jamular.

    It's known as Idiun, and can be quite dangerous when the Rifts it absorbs energy is sapped up before it reaches a state of full energy capacity. Whenever Idiun becomes completely "full", it rejects Auklunan like an extremely pissed toddler and his cereal. But, it only reacts to Auklunan energies that have been Inscribed into an object. When Idiun that is full comes into contact with an Inscribed object, a radial force is generated and sends both objects flying. Now, the intensity of the force depends on the crystal structure of the Idiun and the type and intensity of the Auklunan Inscription. This is where the system of magic comes in and how the weapons of this world works.

    I won't touch up much about the weapons, but essentially, technological advances have been made that helps control the force produced by Idiun/Inscription contact. Different crystal structured Idiun produces different forces and has varying densities, hardness, etc. So that makes up for different ammunition types. Maybe. There's different minerals, but I'll need to develop all of that.

    Alright, back to what the title is. If you've ever played Gears of War, you know that the Locusts are pretty darn tough. Real tough. And brutal! Just like the COGs! Well, I've been doing some thinking, and feel as if making a world with a conflict similar to GoW's would be pretty darn neat. I have this realm, its equivocal to the Void, a Jupiter-sized organism exists and is producing several hundreds of different kinds of creatures that it uses to invade other realms. Maybe. I'm up for different ideas. Anyways, this thing, I simply call it the Darkness, has been invading this one realm for a few thousand years, not much real success aside a few near mass-genocides. It decides to take what it made, what's left anyways, and goes after Jamular! Tears open the Veil and plops a massive organism that acts as a HQ of sorts over a major city. If you ever played Fable 2, imagine those Spires you see, it somewhat has that feel.

    There could also be something underground. I adore differences. Uhm, if you guys could help me make a conflicting antagonistic force, it'd be appreciated. I suppose this is called Group Plotting or something? Anyways, use GoW as a guide, eh?

    I wouldn't know how to tag this, either. I'm horrible with genres.
  2. Locust? Tough? Good one! The little squishy ones were actually harder to deal with in my experience cos you always underestimate them :D

    Sounds like you have a neat setting here, but honestly it feels a bit one-dimensional, ironically.

    - Why did Aisterans make the dimensions? What made the Aisterans?
    - How common are rifts? What makes them more economically viable as weapons than lead and gunpowder? How is the recoil controlled?
    - What exactly is the Darkness? What does it gain from attacking planets?

    I do like the ideas you have, but a little more development would be nice, to set them in stone and remove ambiguity (it'll make it easier to post IC this way).
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  3. My worlds tend to have an ambiguity to them due to there actually being no real reason for existence. But, I'll answer a few of those bullets.

    "Why did Aisterans make the dimensions?" That, my friend, was due to curiosity. Curiosity and exertion of authority/power. The next bit of that, "What made Aisterans?", I personally never given it much thought. But, the answer would be due to a residual buildup of energy inside this "empty" pocket dimension that existed periodically, dissapearing as the stress of absolutely nothing around it came into play. I honestly wouldn't know where to start.

    "How common are these rifts?" Statistically, if your looking in a flat, desert-ish biome, for every five miles, you can find at least one "small" rift. "Small" being ten feet in height and three(maximum at some point along the height) feet width. "Medium" rifts come every forty miles. These stand quirky, and reach a maximum height of twelve feet with a width of five feet. "Large" rifts are every hundredth mile, standing at a maximum height of twenty feet and a width of ten. These mostly appear under the surface, and exert massive amounts of Auklunan. And Auklunan rifts aren't weapons, what feeds off the Auklunan is used as a weapon. Some races are biologically developed to be able to weave the energies that come from Auklunan rifts into objects, which appears as runes and is called Inscribing. A mineral, known as Idiun, forms from these Auklunan rifts, also. If it's removed from its growth, either mined or the Auklunan rift sealed, it continues to absorb some other form of energy. Say, your body heat and the heat around it. It'll sap the hell out of that if you don't wear protective clothing. That said, when Idiun reaches its maximum capacity for Auklunan energies, it's officially "stable" and can be handled safely. It's just that if it comes into contact with an Inscribed object, er, the rune of an Inscribed object, it rejects the energy of it in the form of a radial force. Like the shockwave of an explosive device. This was transformed over the years into a hammer-like pin slamming into a refined bit o' Idiun. The force produced is controlled by the airtight seal of what are weapons are, perhaps a little more focused. Idiun doesn't have any other kind of use, and can be mined in a good bit. Gunpowder, that was never invented. Not yet, in the world, for now.

    "What exactly is the Darkness?" The Darkness is a organism that was made by the energy sent forth outward by the Aisterans. It fed on bits of matter here and there, but the energy did a few exciting reactions and created a kind of explosion that removed nearly an entire dimension's worth of matter from a soon-formed dimension, replacing it all with a kind of "antimatter". What matter was left was cconsumed by the organism, and it needed more, and had enough intelligence to pry a hole into the Veil and create other organisms from its own body to invade the dimension it decided to invade, having them break up the matter of thay world and send it back to itself. So, hunger would be a good answer here.

    Does this answer everything?
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  4. Hah, sounds like the creation of Aisterans has got to about the same level of understanding as the creation of our universe has in real life :D Guess that's understandable.

    Sounds like they're pretty common then. Yes, I did know that it was the material that's used as a weapon, not the rift itself, I was just revising that question a bunch of times to try and write it in a way that would be least hostile, so I obviously forgot to put "the material" back in :D Seems like these weapons are going to have to be incredibly tough to withstand the force of the Idiun though... maybe since the inscription's variety doesn't affect whether or not the explosion occurs, the inscription is one of durability and recoil reduction?

    Hunger. Quite simple, but one of the truest motives there is :P
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  5. It doesn't exactly work like that, the inscriptions. And you can be as hostileas you want, lassie, I don' car'. Yarr, I said it, I don' car'! >:y Enough jokin' around, the Inscriptions are more developed forms of Auklunan, you can think of it as an "Alpha Wave". That's pretty rare for an Auklunan rift to produce. You usually just have "Beta Waves" coming from them. Now, you see, that's the beauty of this, ypthese rifts are common, Idiun itself isn't quite that abundant as them. Other minerals form from the differing waves of Auklunan, Idiun being the most common yet least naturally common in respect to the rareness of an Alpha Wave. But, that's also a thing,

    Alpha Waves are an absolute presence when Idiun is formed. The other materials, minerals these are, they don't have an absolute chance of forming. And they're reaction to Alpha Waves is different. Or rather, "Basic Inscriptions". The Inscription of he hammer is simply made to produce the force upon contact with Idiun. You can't really do much else, there's no real affect that can be made with Idiun and Inscriptions. That's where the art o' bullsh*t and bullsh*t science come into play!

    ... The explosion, don't think of the force as an explosion, but rather its the shockwave of an explosion. That definite clear line you see when a slow-motion camera films a missle going off. Csfch my drift, or did I waste my time explaining?
  6. But that shockwave is because of the initial force of the explosion; it's the same thing that causes the recoil in a gun, the movement of a bullet and the popping of the barrel if you haven't built the gun properly. All the fire and smoke is because of the heat and stuff burning.
  7. The only heat caused from this is the air friction of the force. It's not like an explosion. Actually, wait, it somewhat is. Oh, blimey, I always do this with myself. Gettin' my own ideas mixed and forgotten. I don't see it as an explosion, but rather a radial force being sent from a specific point of contact that acts on every object it comes into contact with. Including the things that produced it, the Inscription and the Idiun projectile. It's not like fire and smoke is produced, but a sonic force. Sound, maybe. But really, I just call it a strong physical radial force.

    Anyways, school calls me, I'll continue this upon return.
  8. Lol, you basically just described an explosion XD I can understand not actually imagining it as an explosion though. Mechanically, it's still going to be an explosion, but in terms of visual function, it won't be. An explosion after all is simply an amount of energy that discharges outwards. Kicking a football is an explosion, technically, because momentum acts on both your foot and the ball after the collision. The smoke and fire etc of a typical bomb or gunpowder is simply the cause of the explosion, not the explosion itself.
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  9. yep. Now we just wait for people :D
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