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  1. [​IMG]
    Stand on the box,
    Stomp your feet,
    Get clapping
    Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen

    Oh Oh Oh Oh
    Oh Oh Oh Oh

    [Miranda Lambert:]
    Pulled up to the church but I got so nervous
    Had to back it on up,
    Couldn't make it to the service
    Grabbed all the cash underneath my mattress
    Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

    [Carrie Underwood:]
    Ran into a girl in a pretty white dress
    Rolled down a window,
    Where you heading to next?
    Said I'm heading to the bar with my money out of the mattress
    Got a feeling something bad about to happen...

    Stand on the box, stomp your feet, start clapping
    Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
    Drinks keep coming,
    Throw my head back laughing
    Wake up in the morning' don't know what happened
    Whoooah... Something bad
    Whoooah... Something bad

    [Carrie Underwood:]
    Now me and that girl that I met on the street
    We're rollin' down the road,
    Down to New Orleans
    Got a full tank of gas and the money out of the mattress
    Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

    [Miranda Lambert:]
    Bout to tear it up down in New Orleans
    Just like a real-life Thelma & Louise
    If the cops catch up,
    They're gonna call it kidnapping
    Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

    Stand on the box, stomp your feet, start clapping
    Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
    Drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
    Wake up in the morning' don't know what happened
    Whoooah... Something bad
    Whoooah... Something bad

    Stand on the box, stomp your feet, start clapping
    Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
    Now the drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
    Wake up in the morning' don't know what happened
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Whoooah... Something bad
    Whoooah... Something bad

    For years she had claimed to love him, and indeed, she believed it had been true. [RunawayBride] had been excited for her wedding day. That is, until it came, anyway. Slowly, she began second-guessing her decision to marry him. And on the day of the wedding, she finally chickened out and ran off into the streets.

    [Outlaw] had just been released from jail earlier that day when she saw a woman in a white gown looking for a ride. [Outlaw] pulled over and allowed the hitchhiker in. [RunawayBride], angry, rambled on about how she couldn't marry him, she just couldn't, and [Outlaw] dutifully agreed before pulling up outside of a bar that night. She told [RunawayBride] to stay put before running inside through the back door... To rob the place.

    An impatient [RunawayBride] went inside to look for [Outlaw] only to see her pointing a gun at the cashier. When [Outlaw] saw the hitchhiker enter, she reaimed the gun at [RunawayBride]. In the spur of the moment, [RunawayBride] agreed to help in [Outlaw]'s newest crime spree.

    Character Sheet
    Age: (22-27)
    (anime, real, or description)
    Traits: (five personality traits)

    Miranda Lydia Ashton
    Twenty-Five || Female || The Runaway Bride

    Uncertain || Laidback || Elusive || Willing || Unsteady
    ((Sorry; I couldn't resist naming her after Lambert and giving her the same face xD))

  2. Name:
    Faith Lehane
    1. Bad Girl- Faith knows how to get what she wants, and will go to any measures necessary to do so. She is one of those people who doesn't care what others think.
    2. Cunning- she is very smart, having been on the run for most of her life. She knows how to evade capture, and will leave anyone in her path regretful they ever came across her.
    3. Cold- she doesn't care about other people, only herself. She turns a cold shoulder to those who try to get to know her most of the time.

    4. Lonely- While she would never admit it, she gets lonely at times. Having a life on the run isn't all soft and cuddly, it means you have to keep your distance from people.
    5. Self Reliant- She relies on no one but herself. Believing nobody to be trustworthy, Faith obviously keeps all things Faith-like to herself.
  3. ((Sorry. I've been trying to perfect my opening post. :P I'll have it up in a few minutes, okay? c; ))
  4. “You look amazing, Randi! Dash Reed is a very lucky man!”

    Miranda bites the inside of her lip, turning in front of the mirror slowly as she looks over her trailing white gown. Any other girl would be over-the-top about her wedding day, she thinks to herself, as she had been as well, but recently… Well, something just seems off with Dash. Nothing too drastic, but enough to instill worry and dread in his bride-to-be’s heart and soul. No, he hadn’t gotten abusive. Marrying him just seems… Wrong, all of a sudden…

    All the same, Randi offers the woman looking over her shoulder a small smile via the mirror. “Thanks, Morgan,” she says with true appreciation for her sister’s praise. Coming from Morgan Ashton, those simplistic words are the highest praise one could ever expect. Morgan had never been one to praise others on a regular basis; she tended to be wrapped up in her own affairs, instead. Randi doubts her elder sister will ever outgrow drama and gossip.

    Looking deep into her reflection’s eyes, Randi addresses her sister softly. “Why don’t you head over to the church awhile, Morgan? I can manage to drive these three blocks on my own. Madeline could probably use a hand directing the attendees.” (Madeline, the eldest out of the Ashton sisters, is a successful business woman with a husband and a daughter. Virtually Morgan’s opposite: professional and stern. Not very surprisingly, the two often clash heads, although they can get along without a hitch when forced to do so, especially by Miranda herself.)

    Morgan eyes her younger sister quizzically before giving a small shrug. “Well, if you’re sure. I don’t see the harm in it.” She goes to leave before turning at the boutique door. (The shop owner had preferred to be the one to help Miranda into her dress, rather than an inexperienced relative.) She seems to fight mentally with herself before speaking a simple phrase. “No matter what happens, I’ll always love you, Randi.” With that, she turns to leave.

    As the dirty-blonde girl leaves the boutique, Randi ponders her sister’s words. Morgan had never really been one for sentiment, which is likely why she looked as though a conflict was waging within her being. But even so… It’s such an odd thing for one to tell another on their wedding day… Perhaps she suspects her little sister’s sudden bouts of uncertainty?

    Shaking her head, Miranda readjusts her skirts before heading outside herself. Her white car sits alongside of the road, beckoning to her. With a sigh, she climbs inside the vehicle and starts to the church, convincing herself with some difficulty that her sudden doubts are just a severe case of the jitters. She knows very well that she is more than likely lying to herself outright, but she cannot back out of this now. They had been planning this wedding for three months, and Daddy had forked over quite some amount of money for it.

    Trying to keep her head, Miranda pulls into the church parking lot. Her stomach flips when she sees Dash’s parents waving to her from the sidewalk with broad smiles. His parents had always seemed overexcited about pretty much everything… But whatever could they want now?

    Miranda pulls up to the bend, forcing a smile. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Reed.” The woman laughs a fake, high-pitched laugh. “No need for that, my dear. In an hour or so, we’ll be family, after all!” The young bride smiles shakily. “Yeah…” She tries to think of something to say, but Mr. Reed interrupts anyway, saving her the awkwardness of the moment. “Dear, whyever are you driving yourself? A bride should have a chauffeur. If I would’ve known, I’d--”

    The feeling in Randi’s stomach returns, and she puts a hand up to stop the man. “Look, I’d love to stay and chat, but I think I forgot something back at the boutique.” At Mrs. Reed’s quizzical look, she gives a shaky smile. “The jitters make me just a little forgetful.”

    Without listening for the older woman’s response, Miranda pulls out quickly from the parking lot, hoping no one is noticing that she goes the opposite direction from the boutique. Her heart pounds, and her gaze is steely. She can’t do this, but she can’t face Dash, either. She’d crumble, she’d lose her drive. At the sight of him, her heart would melt and she’d betray herself just to make the man she once loved happy. And that is absolutely not an option she is willing to consider. Not right now, anyway.

    Checking the glovebox, Miranda counts out around a hundred dollars in cash, shoving it into her bright purple purse, which had been sitting in the passenger seat, already hosting a pair of jeans and a light blue tee shirt—the clothes she had worn to the boutique. Her Nikes sit on the ground, her socks tucked inside. Good. This should be enough for now, until she can sell the dress and get more money for it. Maybe she’d sell the sandals, too, now that she thinks about it…

    All of a sudden, the car begins to decrease in speed swiftly. Eyes widening, Randi watches the gas-tank gauge as it falls to the big capital “E” at the lower left. “No. No no no!” she exclaims, frantically tapping the mechanism. But to no avail. She is forced to pull her car off the side of the road.

    Calling a tow truck is not an option, she decides. Someone would hear about it, she’d have to call for someone to pick her up, and then they’d all know, and Dash would be angry and hurt. She can’t allow that to happen, even if her love for him has significantly quelled in the past few weeks, especially. So that leaves only one option…

    Miranda clambers out of the car in her wedding gown, carrying her sneakers and her purse. She sticks out her thumb.

    Hopefully she can hitchhike a ride away from this place… Forever.
  5. Faith Lehane

    Faith was speeding down the rode on her motorcycle, her speedometer quickly exceeding 100 miles per hour. Luckily, her helmet kept her hair from blowing everywhere, since that would hinder her vision. As she entered town she slowed drastically, nothing worse than getting busted for a speeding ticket. She slowed to the speed limit in town, and explored a little. There seemed to be a big event happening at the local church, from the way people were dressed, it was probably a wedding. She stopped, and lifted the visor to her helmet to get a better look.

    It seemed like a normal wedding, except for the fact that everyone was going crazy, they were all on their phones, walking around, or running more accurately. Looks like they were looking for someone...probably either the bride or the groom. One had probably chickened out at the last second. A smirk came to her deep red lips, and a glint came to her deep brown eyes. Hitting the gas, her bike made a loud roaring noise as she sped past the church. Whatever the problem was...it wasn't hers.

    As she reached the edge of town, she slowly increased speed again. She was racing down the road for another hour, leaving the town in the dust, when she saw a woman. A woman all in white standing on the side of the road with her thumb stuck out. A laugh escaped her. She was right, the bride had ditched her groom.

    She slowed, and pulled over to the side of the road a few hundred feet in front of the old sedan the woman was leaning against. She swung her leg over the bike and walked up to her. She looked her up and down. While it wasn't her problem, something made her curious. Something interested her about this woman. She didn't know what, just that she had abandoned the man she supposedly loved for a life on the road. Likely she would never be able to set foot in that town again, so that was what it probably was. The woman had long, curly brown hair. Golden brown eyes, and an air of uncertainty around her. "Well well well. Looks like the bride everyone is looking for has gotten cold feet."
  6. Randi frowns ever-so-slightly as a woman on a motorcycle pulls up to the curb, removing her dark, visored helmet to reveal a face of contempt and amusement. For a moment, she wonders about the look of knowledge on this other woman’s face. Why does she gaze upon as though she knows a deep dark secret? Randi had never seen this woman before in her entire life! That is, until that other woman speaks. "Well well well. Looks like the bride everyone is looking for has gotten cold feet."

    At this simple phrase, Miranda’s face whitens greatly. She can almost feel it as she stutters out her amazed answer. “They’re… They’re looking for me, already?” Her mouth dries significantly as her mind flashes to Dash. Whatever is going through his mind right now? Does he realize that she ran away, or does he believe she had been abducted? Neither way sounds very pleasant, in all honesty. For one, if he knows she ran off, he’d surely come seeking her out. But if they believe her to be a victim of kidnapping or the like, her face would be literally everywhere and they’d find her in no time at all. A picture here, a news ad there, and voila! She'd be done for.

    Scrambling to come up with an excuse for her absence, lest this woman reveal her to her family and friends, Randi looks away. “I just… Dash makes me feel uncomfortable lately and I…” she sighs. “I just couldn’t do it. I was trying to get out of here before they noticed my absence, but my car decided it would be convenient to run out of gas.” She laughs shakily, feeling more uncomfortable by the second. What if this lady gives her away completely? Dash would be hurt, Father would be angry, Mother would be saddened. Madeline would shake her head with disappointment, but maybe Morgan would comfort her. All the same, the chances are too great to risk telling them all the truth.
  7. Faith Lehane

    Faith's lips pursed slightly as the woman spoke. She had plans...plans that didn't involve catching up a hitchhiker bride with her...if she was caught, both of their faces would be on the news...and not just for running away from a wedding. The gun was in her holster on the side of her hip, luckily it was hidden by the jacket. She sat there in silence for a few moments thinking it over. She wasn't one to travel with anyone but herself, but at the same time it would shake things up. Ah what the hell. she thought.

    A small smirk tugged at the corner of her lips, and a slight gleam in her eyes. "Cheer up, chicka. You done good. Not like he was gonna make you happy for the rest of your life. Men are notorious for breaking your heart."
    She said as she turned and walked back to her bike, and made room on the back, ditching what could be afforded to be left behind. Swinging her leg back over her bike, getting ready to put her helmet on, she turned her head. "You coming, or what?"
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  8. "Cheer up, chicka. You done good. Not like he was gonna make you happy for the rest of your life. Men are notorious for breaking your heart." The biker woman smirks with apparent contempt as she mounts the motorcycle fluidly, as though she had done it a thousand times before. Which, Randi decides to herself meekly, she probably had. "You coming, or what?"

    Randi gives a slight start, almost falling backwards at the simple question. She hadn’t seriously thought that… A motorcycle? Seriously? She had never been on one before, but on the other hand, she could seriously use a ride. “Just… Give me a minute,” she manages weakly, opening the back door to her car and slipping inside briskly, shutting the door behind her.

    After changing clothes in the car, Randi discards her wedding dress into the trunk, slamming the hood down with a sense of finality. There. It’s done. There’s absolutely no going back now. Without giving her car a second glance, for fear she’ll go back out of fear itself, she slings her purse over her shoulders and mounts the bike behind the woman, Nikes soundless against the pavement. “I’m Miranda, by the way, but I just go by Randi most of the time,” she says in a slight hush. “And thank you.”
  9. ((Hehehe...Faith's a little cautious, she always gives fake names to people. It's a Lehane thing :P .... and Yes, I'm a bit of a BTVS nerd :P))

    Faith fastened her helmet over her head, and dug the spare helmet out of a small bag attached to the side of the bike. As the woman changed clothes, she thought over her plan once more. Adjusting slightly for the passenger. She would practice her get away, again, to see how much she need adjust with the extra weight. She would have to teach the person how to hold on to her, and to lean when they turned.

    They were another days ride out from where she needed to be to complete her plan, but that was okay. They could crash at a cheap motel. Wouldn't be too bad. She could look at the blueprints again, and go over her escape route once more. But that would have to be done without the eyes of ms Bride over there watching over her shoulder. Hmmmm...

    It was then that she heard the steps of the woman behind her. As the woman mounted behind her, Faith handed her the helmet that matched her own. She smirked behind the darkened visor of her own helmet, and took the girls purse and stashed it in one of the compartments next to the wheel so it wouldn't fly off.

    “I’m Miranda, by the way, but I just go by Randi most of the time,” she said as she hopped on behind her. “And thank you.”

    "Name's Buffy." she said, as she took Randi's arms and wrapped them around her own waist. "Hold on tight, and don't let go." she said. Without another word, she kicked the motorcycle into power. With a loud roar, and dirt speeding behind them, Faith and Randi sped into the night. The speedometer quickly exceeding 100 miles per hour.
  10. Randi concedes to the grip prompted by Buffy, half wanting to pity the poor woman for having such an odd name. But she doesn't express this feeling out loud. For all she knows, Buffy could like her name or it could even be a self-chosen nickname that she favored over an embarrassing real name. No; Randi doubts that embarrassing this young woman who decided so charitably to help her out would be appreciated in any twisted sense of the imagination. She owes a lot to this woman; the least she can do is keep her big mouth shut and her ambiguous opinions to her own self.

    Miranda knows without actually feeling or seeing anything externally that they had started off, and not very moderately either. Instead, as they zip off, Randi feels her organs rise into her throat, threatening to spill from her mouth should she dare open it... which she doesn't. Even so, worried thoughts enter her mind as she tries to focus on the back of Buffy's head. Don't speed limits apply to motercycles? Is this chick suicidal? Are they even actually going as fast as she thinks that they are?

    Regardless, Randi dares not lean to look at the bike's instruments. Such a chance could prove to be quite fatal, she knows... And in more ways than one.
  11. Faith laughs as she feels Randi tense slightly. As they near another town, she slows down to 5 over the speed limit. Pulling into a nearby gas station, she swings off the bike. Opening the cap, she starts pumping gasoline. As the tank filled, she took the chance to stretch. Looking over at Randi, she smirked through her visored helmet. "Loosen up, chicka. Do a few stretches, it will help loosen you up." She stretched her arms over her head, her jacket lifting ever so slightly showing a hint of the gun that was hidden in her jeans holster. When the pump finished, she replaced the cap and started the engine. When the two took off again, she took it slow until they hit the open highway again. With Randi's arms around her waist, she leaned forward and sped up. They had a few more hours before they stopped for the night.
    A few hours later
    As they pulled into a small town, she slowed once more. She pulled into a small hotel. Turning her head, she glanced at Randi who looked a little queasy. "This is our stop for the night. Get your stuff." With that, she swung off the bike, and started walking to the lobby. "Room for a Buffy Summers." After paying and getting the key, she led Randi up the stairs to their room. It contained a single queen bed, some musty curtains, and a small bathroom. She entered and threw her stuff on the ground on the side next to the wall, letting Randi have the window side.
    "Welcome home for the night." she said as she took her helmet off, shaking her head as her hair fell out. As the dark brown locks fell on her face, looked Randi up and down once more. She would need to be a bit more inconspicuous. Picking up the phone book she flipped through the pages, looking for a good delivery place. "What do you want for food?"
  12. ((??? If we're not going to do this RP, I would like your permission to do it with someone else, because I'm really interested in this one. Please let me know.))
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