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  1. Hello, now I am here again after killing some roleplays because of my writers block. Gomenazai ^^
    I'm not seeking a lot of new partners, just a few. Maybe two or three new partners. I always tend to take on too many at one time and then not being able to keep up with everyone and then they die.

    *I'm seeking people that can write around 3-6 paragraphs per post (1 paragraph = around 4-7 sentences at least)
    *I am from Sweden so I don't have amazing grammar nor spelling (I have a spelling programe but it doesn't always work)
    *I prefer playing girls but can play guys if it's yaoi (only as uke though) or if I play more than one character and so on
    *I love romance and love triangles, I don't mind mature roleplays but I will only play submissive characters in sexual relationships since I don't really know how to take the lead part.

    If you have a plot that you want to test and think I can be interested then just ask if I want to do it, the worst you can get as an answer is no x3. I have a roleplay resume that you can check if you want ;)

    Things I want to do:

    Lately I have been into manga about people getting sent into other time periods or dimensions.
    manga/anime list (open)

    Fushigi yuugi (manga/anime)
    Kyoh kara maoh (manga/anime)
    red river (manga)
    Saver (manga)
    from far away (manga)
    crazy girl shin bia (manga)
    sexy simpleton (manga)
    New sexy simpleton (manga)
    ouke no monshou (manga)

    I would want this rp to be mostly like red river and ouke no monshou, you don't need to have read the manga to understand but it probably helps if you have read one of them. (If you haven't then it's ok, we can still do the rp.)
    in short the rp would be about a girl that travels to another time period and tries to find her way home. When she gets there she ends up in either ancient Egypt, Hittite (same time period) or somewhere close by. A general, prince or pharao takes a liking to her (doesn't need to be immediately) and they falls in love, but she doesn't want to confess it to herself since she needs to return to her own time period. Also since she is from the future she knows a lot that people from that time shouldn't know (how to make dirty water clean, historic stuff that hasn't happened yet, and such things.) so people thinks that she is some kind of Goddess or are a daughter of a Goddess, so people from other countries soon will want her because they think she can help them take over other countries.
    (It's almost exactly like red river and ouke no monshou but with our own characters and maybe we do it in another time period than any of those two.)
    (I wouldn't mind violence in this rp since it is a violent time period and kings, pharaos and those kind of people were supposed to be cruel to get respect of the people. Also my character won't have much respect for the higher classes in society since she is from 21th century, so people will get pretty mad with her. We will probably need to play multiple characters for this rp)

    This is mostly a list of pairings that would feel interesting, I don't really have a plot. (If they have a * at them then I would prefer playing that person, if both have a * then I don't mind at all which I play)

    Escaped slave/poor person* - Rich person (Ancient times, Rome or 1800) (If escaped slave then it's probably best to be in ancient times since slavery were much different then.)
    vampire - human*
    Vampire* - newborn vampire*

    As I said before, if you have a plot idea or something then tell me and I'll see if I like it enough to do it ^^
  2. The vampire x newborn vampire sounds interesting! In it, I'd like to be the newborn vampire, though. Message me or something and we can discuss plot and things.
  3. I like the escaped slave x rich person one and even have a few ideas brewing in my head for it. :) I also like the human x vampire one (which I also have a few ideas brewing in my head for). If you want, PM me and we can discuss possible plot and stuff for those. (I also like the vampire x newborn vampire one, but if you're no longer interested in that one it's fine.)
  4. The one about time travel sounds interesting to me. I'd be willing to do it with you. :)
  5. YAY :D

    Which country would you like it to be in?
    I am most familiar with Hittite and Egypt. I would suggest Egypt during Ramses IIs reign (circa 1300 BC-1213 BC), then we can get in Syrian, hittite, Nubia and libya and still keep somewhat to history xD
    We don't have to be historic maniacs and look a lot of things up though. xD

    map (open)
  6. I'd have to say Egypt (because its awesome) I dont know very much at all about history, so no history maniacs here XD
  7. haha ok, we can just pretend that we know something about history x3 And if someone says it didn't happen then we can just say "the history books lies >_<"
    I'm going to eat soon, I'll start the thread after dinner :) Something you wanna ask about the rp before I start it?
  8. Uh... Nope. I cant think of anything. I'll just go with the flow lol :)
  9. K. Then I'll start writing the post now and posts a link as fast as I am done ^^
  10. DONE
    You can either be the pharao Ramsesse (can be spelled Ramses, most people spell it like that) (he should be around 21 at that time so in that case you can make him anything between 19-22 since no one is absolutely certain when he was born) Or you can be a general of high rank or something like that. ^^

    My character are 17, I forgot to write that xD
    And you don't have to write as much as I did, it was mostly because it would have been weird if I started with "she fell into the water and suddenly were in Egypt" that would have been too fast into it.
  11. lol Dont worry about it, intro posts are usually longer than the rest. I'll probably have him be 19 or so.
  12. Key :) I'll probably be answering again tomorrow ^^ I shall watch a program in half an hour and after the program is over I'll be going to bed ^^
  13. Awesome. I just got on campus, so I'll post as soon as I can.
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