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    Chevy Townsend wasn't someone who would be working this job. It was the last thing he'd ever imagine he'd be doing in regards to earning money to live off of. But here he was, standing in a restaurant waiting for a snobby table to decide on what they wanted to eat. His shaggy blond hair fell in front of his lush green eyes as he stared down at his order paper tapping his pen on the side of the pad impatiently.

    Chevy had just graduated from a degree in Psychology, and he definitely didn't expect himself scrounging around looking for petty dead end jobs like this one in order to even just afford his rent. 'Promised job right out of school' his ass.

    "We'll just split the 4 person combo. Number 27?" the wife decided, looking up at him from the table.

    "No problem!" He replied, flashing a smile that made the husband shift in anger.

    Chevy was an attractive young man, only just turned 23 his looks were definitely in peak performance for the young man. He took it to his advantage only a couple of times, usually in situations like this where he was annoyed and felt like pissing someone off.

    As he turned to go back to the kitchen to grab their drinks and drop off their order, he sighed. Rubbing his forehead he gave the cook the order, and began pouring their drinks. He sure thought that after he spent all that time in school he'd be somewhere in his life by now. Hopefully he'd soon catch an opportunity.
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    Violet stood at a table across the room where a young child was asking her about a million questions. "What's your name again?"
    "Violet. Is that all, ma'am?" She asked the mother. She nodded and Violet smiled in relief. "I'll bring that out as soon as it's ready." And with that, she turned and left towards the kitchen. "I'm supposed to be an architect.. Not a waitress." She mumbled to herself, putting the order on the list. She stood by the counter for a little bit, all of her customers seemingly happy. She looked up as Chevy came up. She didn't speak.
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    Chevy heard a small voice, recognizing it from one of his classes. He turned his head to the girl, a smirk on his face. After dealing with that last table he was in one of those moods. Violet had been in a couple of his classes, and they had done a group project for a class one time. That was where this feud had gained its' spark.

    "So there Vi, how many old men hit on you today?" he asked, grinning down at her. His voice was smooth, having a slight southern accent to it from his many years in grade school in Tennessee. He held his body up using his elbow on a nearby cabinet, watching her as she went about her business.

    He didn't know why, but somehow they had ended up both applying and getting a job here at this restaurant. Fate worked in mysterious ways, and this fate apparently had it in for Chevy. He figured he could spend a few minutes torturing her as he waited on the drinks to be filled.
  4. Violet turned to face Chevy. "Oh, none today, just a three year old. Any on you?" She said this cool and calm, but her icy blue eyes where daggers. She glanced over at the boy that had been bugging her and she tucked a stray strand of black hair from her face back behind her ear. It was one of the few strands that didn't stay pulled back.
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  5. "Everyday!" he came back with a wink.

    As his drinks were finished filling he turned back to the chef.

    "How long?" he asked.

    "'Bout 20."

    "Cool." he nodded, turning back to Violet. "Try not to stare at me too much out on the floor, the manager might notice." he said in a sing-song voice as he walked past her, holding the tray of drinks.

    He made his way back to the table, setting their drinks beside them and letting the customers know how long their food would be. He looked back up as he made his way to the cashier desk to set the menus back in their holder for new customers. He thought about getting a second job somewhere, maybe a coffee shop or sandwich cafe. He hated working at a restaurant, by the end of the night he was sweaty and greasy from all the oils being used in the kitchen and he hated feeling gross.
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    Violet turned away from Chevy as he walked away. This movement, however, brought her attention to the little boy, who was beckoning her over. With a sigh, she walked over. He handed her a cup and she started to refill it, returning it and the boy gave her a hug. "Umm..okay." She said, returning to the counter. She was better than when she first started the job, by a lot, but she hated it, she despised it more than she despised Chevy.

    By the end of the night she was tired and needed a good shower and some sleep. I need to find a way out of this. She thought as she waved goodnight to the chef and a few of the other staff.
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    The last couple of hours of work went by slowly for the 23 year old, his mind quickly becoming drained by the time he switched the open sign to closed. Sighing and rubbing his forehead with his wrist, he turned back to grab his things from the locker room. He took a quick glance outside, seeing that the nights had become darker, which meant fall would be on it's way soon. Giving it a quick thought, he looked over to Violet.

    "Hey Vi? Want a ride home?" he asked, walking over to her clutching his backpack in one hand. "It's pretty dark. Did you drive here or walk?" he asked, looking down to her.

    He could be a dick most days, but the day had drained him of most of his energy, and he was raised by his parents to offer help to those who may need it, especially women.
  8. She glanced outside and nodded, picking up her backpack. "Umm.. Thanks. Okay. And I usually walk." She said, her voice tired.

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    Chevy nodded at her answer, grabbing his keys from a pouch in his backpack. "Cool." he replied, leading the way out of the restaurant after waving goodbye to the other employees.

    After walking outside to the parking lot where the employees parked, Chevy clicked the unlock button. A small blue Honda blinked its' lights and honked once, signaling that it was unlocked. He led her to his car, opening the door for her out of instinct. He walked over to his side of the car and got it, putting the key in the ignition and starting it up. The radio kicked in, starting up his music from his ipod. The Fray began to play, too loud for Chevy's liking while having aonther person in the vehicle, so he turned it down a bit.

    "So where do you live?" he asked. Looking over to the girl he realized how little he actually knew about her. It seemed strange to him, but he felt a need to know more about her.
  10. Violet walked along behind him and got in, closing the door and leaning back, her bag by her feet. "Two blocks East from here. 8690 White street." She said from memory. She watched the darkness outside, half-expected something to jump out an roar.
  11. Nodding, Chevy put it in reverse driving back and putting it in drive to escape the parking lot. He hummed softly to his music, stopping at a traffic light. The night was cool, feeling like it would rain sometime soon. He hoped there would be a nice shower during the night, he loved falling asleep to the sound of rain, and he usually left his window open so he could smell the freshness of the precipitation.

    He glanced over to Violet, "So, how did school treat you?" he asked, figuring small talk would be better than this silence.

    As the light turned green, he turned left, making sure the coast was clear before driving through the intersection.
  12. "Eh, it was a little rough, but it wasn't all that bad. I was hoping to be an architect, but that didn't turn out so well. What did you go for?" She asked. She was still looking out the window, her head resting against her propped up hand.
  13. Chevy glanced at her as she spoke, nodding to himself, "I went in for a degree in Psychology, but I guess they were stretching the truth a bit in saying we would be offered a job right out of school." he chuckled, shaking his head a little.

    "Classes were alright, kind of boring this past year though." he admitted, shrugging slightly. "Lots of papers to write."

    He slowed the vehicle down, looking for the numbers on the buildings so he wouldn' t miss her house. After parking on the side of the road he turned to look at her, "There you go!" he said, patting the steering wheel.
  14. Violet nodded. "Yeah, they did." When he stopped, she looked over to him. "Thanks, Chevy. I guess I'll see you tomorrow." She picked up her back and smiled a little at him to show she was thankful before getting out and starting towards the door.
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