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  1. Hello there! I currently have something up for this particular plot, but... the person who I wanted to roleplay with has been taking their sweet time with the reply, and really I don't see the need with all of the extensive time consumption. I actually gave this prompt to atleast three people, and it's making me sad that no one is taking up my offer! Also, might I apologize in advance, I am sorry about how long it may take me to reply. I've been bouncing off the walls to get my school supplies ready for this school year. I'll try and make some time and try to reply as promptly as I can!

    I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for about a MONTH AND A HALF now. I really can't wait to share it! I don't have a visual as of yet- surprisingly, I never found one. But, I think I could sum it up in words this time around.

    So, say that there are two people who meet- but they're not such complete strangers. I got the idea from when I was watching Teen Titans Go! and really, it is such a cute show. Watch it now. Alright, anyway, I had an idea for one of the main protagonists in the roleplay so far. I got the feeling that he would be a villain, but I guess I could possibly change up the story and make him a hero if you wanted.

    I wanted the story to be slightly romantic. What, with them being strangers and such, anything could spark! I had the idea that this could be MxM or FxF, because that would make things a whole lot more interesting and fun, but it's your word over mine here. I would love to roleplay with someone literate, with a minimum of two paragraphs at all time- depending on what is happening. And if possible, I would love to see a quick profile before we do start!

    I was planning to have my character be male. You can make your character a hero or heroine, unless you wanted yours to be the villain or villainess. But, I'll give you a summary that I have for my character right now!

    I was going to name him Grey Earlhart, and I was going to make his age around the early twenties or early thirties. He works at a bar part-time as a bartender, and as for the rest of the time ( then he isn't plotting any wrongdoing, ) he is a magician for the city fair/circus or just kid's parties. I was just planning that he would be something like The Robin, and he could just be very flexible and quick-moving. No superpowers for me, but you? Have all the ones you want! I would LOVE that!

    His super villain name would probably be The Crow, and I have a small reasoning to that. He has a crow named Dexter, and he taught this crow to speak. Not words, but numbers. He uses him to steal credit cards and other items. The only words he does know would probably be " Million " and " Hundred " and such like that.

    I was going to have his family be quite rich- or at least above average. I was going to have them die, but probably from old age. Or murder. But, yes, Grey lives on an estate and he really has no need to steal. But he does.

    It isn't all that set in stone that we can roleplay THAT idea, but we can surely roleplay something! This idea, though, is something I've had glued to my frontal lobe for a million years or so. I put up a prompt for it already, but I got no wind of what was to be of it. If we roleplay this together, we could fix that up and tweak it to fit your character and mine.
  2. I'm interested in this. :)
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