Someone Please Tell Me I'm Stupid. Please.

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I was raised being told I was smart. Really smart. Genius level smart. And this, by a man who was a genius. Turns out he was an evil genius but I don't feel like going into that.

Uh... I can bum my way around a computer. I don't know most of the technical terms, but I know a few key shortcuts and I can use the internet and can usually figure out what my poor ancient laptop is trying to communicate to me (usually it's along the lines of "OHGODSTOPIDON'THAVETHATKINDOFRAM!")

But apparently, to most people I speak to IRL, being able to torrent is on the level of hacking the bloody pentagon.


My husband gets called out to fix people's computers alot cause he doesn't actually charge for it- he gets tipped AWESOMELY but he doesn't charge. He's taught me quite a bit about computers, actually, I know more than most of his geek friends.

But I see him run into the dumbest problems: It's taken this woman TWO YEARS to give up trying to change her desktop wallpaper. One dear sweet old woman I really adore who is VERY intelligent couldn't figure out she had to CLICK on EMAIL to open her email. Another couple didn't realize that when they entered a PASSWORD they had to re-enter that password to go back to that site.

Should I go into computers? I was thinking of going into network security since everyone seems so paranoid about it. Even my darling father, who I love and who is a very smart guy didn't understand that if your computer wasn't hooked up to the internet (and never on anyway...) you couldn't get a virus on it. I always kind of figured that job market was flooded but around here... it seems like I could get away with it.
Yeah, I have my bossman calling me with questions that often make me faceslap. x___x (last time he couldn't figure out how to change his home and I had to walk him through it.)

If you like it, go for it. >:D why not make some monies fixing simple problems!
I'm actually majoring in Networking. There is a projected growth in the industry of over 50% by 2012. But there's a lot more to it than that. Do your research, play around with it first. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
What they all said. Just remember that you WILL have to deal with morons and the occasional chauvinist.
I've never actually met a chauvinist. I do meet lots of morons though, so I'm used to that.
You'd be surprised the kinds of stupid things i get paid to fix/do. Though when it comes to networks ...... its better to call the other guy, I could learn but I'm to busy with web programng, I say GO FOR IT!
That reminds of my mom being a doctor. Daddy always says she's not a real doctor, because all she does is see people who have dumdum problems. People who go to the doctor for headaches, stomaches and pain here, pain there. :3

I guess its like that in every field, moreso in technology than everything else. The only thing my mom can do with a computer is check her email. And even for that, we have to save her email/password into the page & keep as that computer's homepage. Otherwise...she's hopeless :3

But you should go for it. Don't let these things take you away from something you like to do. I mean, you'll occasionally get a cool job, I'm sure. And when you don't, isn't there so much to discover/invent/create/explore in this field ?
I'm actually majoring in Networking. There is a projected growth in the industry of over 50% by 2012.


I think around here people think that just because they can pimp their myspace page it means they are COMPUTER SUPERGENIUS. They major in computer technology or networking, what have you, but don't see to do anything with it...but I guess that's up to them.

Hell, go for it. I wanted to go into computers originally...but then realized I don't like SITTING.
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