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    Alex laid on her bed while listening to music, she hadn't been home for long but she was already bored. There was nothing exciting on tv and nothing to do at home. She would probably be bored to death if she stayed inside for much longer, but after her latest fight she had been forced to stay in her room as fast as school ended, her dad were tired on her always fighting. That old geezer shouldn't care about what she does, if she fights untill she dies then it should be up to her. She could decide over her own life, she didn't need someone to tell her what to do.

    After a while she got to bored of staying inside so she decided to sneak out. She climbed out on a tree that were just outside her window and started to climb down to the ground. It was something she did a lot, especially when it were the middle of the night and she couldn't let her dad hear it when she sneaked out. Sometimes she sneaked into the house that way so that she could make the excuse that they just didn't hear her when she got home, if she would actually unlock the door three in the morning and walk up the creaky stairs then her dad would wake up, he woke up easily from every litle sound.

    Alex fast ran from the house so that her dad or brothers wouldn't see her going around out there when she were supposed to be in her room. As fast as she were to far from the house for anyone to see her she slowed down. She didn't know what she should do outside but she would probably come up with something, maybe they had gotten new CDs to the store, her favorite band should have released a new album by now, maybe it had come to the store.
  2. Rex (open)

    Rex sat in his garden in his front yard outside his mansion,on a chair. Next to his chair was a miniature table with a lamp. Reading, was one of the many things that he liked to do other than fight. Around school and the neighborhood he was known as a badass. Most people feared him, while others tried to take him. The result ending with them beaten to a pulp and Rex dusting off his button down shirt. He even had a cold stare with devilish eyes that made his enemies quake just by one look.

    Rex closed the book and placed it on the table next to him and stood up, then stretched and placed his left hand in his pocket, while the right hung loosely at his right side. The night time, though it was calming to him, was rather dull this time. He looked back at his house and up at his parents window on the second floor, third window to the right. When he saw that their light was off, he assumed they were asleep. Rex turned away, maintaining his stern, serious look that he always kept and walked towards his front gate.

    It was about time they had fallen asleep, Any longer, and he would have kicked every flower in his parents garden. Which would have resulted in him getting ground for a few weeks. But, he didn't care in the least. all he wanted to do, was get into some action tonight. No matter who it was that he fought. He opened the gate and made a right and headed down the street as he placed his right in his pocket, to match his left. For some reason, other than fighting, he had the urge to listen check out the music store and see what kind of music they had in stock.

    As he strolled down the street on the sidewalk, he could see a girl. She had ran out of her front yard and was looking back behind her at the house. Rex continued his steady pace, hair hanging slightly over his left eye and watched observantly as the girl dashed down the street towards the direction he walked, with her back facing him. Curiously, he leaned forward, hands still in his pockets and took a light jog behind the girl.
  3. It wasn't far to the music store from her house, walking in a fast pace would take her there in about five minutes. It was good to have a house so close to the city centre where all the stores were, and that the music store were the first store if walking from her house that was really lucky because that was the only store she actually like going to.

    Alex didn't notice the guy that were following her at first, she didn't pay attention to things around her so often. It was first when she had the music store in sight that she noticed that someone were walking behind her, she weren't certain if he followed her or just were going the same way, but she would be ready to get in to a fight if needed. Actually she would probably get in to a fight even if it wasn't needed, it was always fun to get in to a fight with someone she had never fought before, just to show them that she were stronger than everyone. So far no man or woman had been able to beat her, and she wouldn't let anything change that.

    But at the moment her aim were the music store and if nothing came in the way then she wouldn't stop. If he were following her then she would notice that sooner or later, if they just happened to go in the same direction then it would be a pity that she weren't able to get a fight. But as many guys that were pissed of at her at the moment it wouldn't surprise her if someone were out and noticed her and decided to attack. The thought made her grin to herself and her hand twitched in desire to hit someone. She got really pissed because she hadn't taken her mp3 player with her, she could calm down easier if she had music. It wouldn't be good if she walked in to the store and started to fight with the store clerk. But somehow she would probably be able to prevent herself from doing something like that to that guy. He weren't worth the trouble anyways.

    She walked in to the store and started to look at the section for new albums, it didn't seem to be any interesting bands that had released new albums. What a disappointment.
  4. He continued to trail the girl, but kept a good distance at the same time. He wanted to find out what she was up to as well as maintain his low profile. Dogs barked and cats hissed at the dogs who barked at them. Rex smirked a little at them, not looking in the least. His attention was only focused on the girl in front of him. She had slowed her place slightly. Rex huffed slightly then slowed up his movement as well. It seemed she was aware that she was being followed.

    Interesting, was the only word that played in his head. Her senses were sharp, he liked that. A lot, if he were to say so himself. It even gave him slight chills. This girl was definitely not your "average" girl. The girl flexed her right hand and he smiled. He was guessing that she wanted to pick a fight with him. As much as he didn't want to, if she would have launched an attack, he would had to teach her a lesson. Suprisingly, the girl only relaxed her hand and continued where she was going.

    Seems that she didn't notice he was there after all. At least, that was what he thought. He maintained his pace behind her, until she made a turn towards the music store to the left. Now, it was getting even more interesting. He stopped by a wooden fence on the left side of the store and waited a few moments before walking in himself. It was a good thing that the shop owner was busy helping another customer, when he walked in. Otherwise, he would have been greeted and had his cover blown. He didn't want that to happen. The girl he tailed would have caught whim that he followed her.

    She walked over to a shelf on the left end of the store, last row corner. She was searching for a CD and he casually strolled to a section about two rows away from where she was. He stood out in the opens so that she could see him, but never once looked at her. He only picked up a music CD and turned it over, reading the song list. After he looked at the last song on the list, he averted his eyes from the CD and over towards the girl left of him.
  5. Even though she weren't able to find the CD she were searching after she still found some bands that seemed okay, she couldn't say that they were good after what she had heard from singles of those bands but she would be able to listen to them. Some minutes after she had walked in she noticed that someone opened the door to the store, she just glanced fast to see if it were someone she knew but it wasn't. The guy that walked in to the store could be the same guy that she had suspected were following her, she hadn't been able to see him that good because then he would have noticed her so she didn't know how the guy looked like. But if this guy were walking after her when she went out of the store then she could be certain that it was him.

    She felt another twich in her hand that held a CD but she ignored it, Alex hoped a bit that he actually were following her, then she wouldn't need to wait untill some other looser showed up that she could beat the crap out of. The guy went and looked at some CDs at her right side about two rows away form here. He didn't seem to look at her at all, maybe she had sensed wrong and actually weren't followed at all. To bad in that case, she couldn't beat someone without a reason even though she wanted to sometimes.

    She had a rule to only beat up people that she had a reason to beat up. Sometimes the reason could be something silly, for example if someone had picked a fight with her before then she could randomly attack them later when she got pissed without really a reason. And sometimes it were of something noble for example when people picked on a weak person then she couldn't stand it and beat them down. It wasn't that hard for her to find someone to beat up if she felt like kicking some asses, there was always some people outside that had picked fights with her before and she knew were bad right down to the core. Sometimes she picked fights with big gangs and still won even though it were one against six. But it often ended with the hospital for all of them after such fights, but she won and that was all that counted.

    When she had looked for a while she decided to buy two CDs, she weren't even interested in the CDs anymore, now she only wanted to know if that guy would follow her. After paying for them she walked out of the store and walked futher in to the town. Not many people were walking out that late, mostly young people that were out after a fight just like herself.
  6. Rex turned his attention away from the girl and back to the CD. He had no intention of buying it at all. It was crappy, that much he could say about it. He could feel himself smirking, as he noticed the girl was looking at him. That was exactly what he wanted her to do. He didn't avert his eyes from the shelf as he scanned more CDs. He could see out the corner of his left eye that the girl's hand twitched again as she held the CD. The music that played in the shop was kinda dreadful.

    He hated it more or less. Classical was honestly not his style. But hey, anything was better than having to practice the violin like his mother made him do. It kind of felt good to be out the house late like this and the sight of this girl got his blood pumping. Now that they were in light, he could see her clearly. Rex turned away from the CDs and scanned a few more isles. Watching the girl carefully, but not obviously. He stopped on the second row closer to her now and once again, looked down at the CDS and not her.

    Finally, after a few more minutes of waiting for her to move, she went up to the front counter. After she had paid for her CDs, she exited the store and he followed moments after. Slowly, but casually, he walked behind her again, hands once again in his pockets. He somewhat felt like a detective and that was boring. It was time to see if this girl could fit the "bad ass" bill like her outside features showed. He picked up his pace until he was close enough to the girl.

    Rex walked square up towards the girl and bumped her left shoulder, hard, causing her to drop her CDs to the ground. He walked a little distance ahead of her before stopping and speaking in a cold tone. "You should really keep a tighter grip on things like that, then again, a weak girl like you couldn't keep a tightly enough balled fist. I doubt you can even back up that tough girl look of yours."
  7. She walked for a bit and heard steps comming closer, so that guy were following her. It was irritating, she would have to do something about him soon. She felt how her belligerence grew stronger, she wanted to beat the crap out of the guy that were following her but she were also interested in how far he intended to follow her and if he would do anything. Alex decided to be patient for a litle bit more, just to see if he were going to make any moves. She were probably going to attack him even though he didn't do anything else than following her, mostly because he annoyed her.

    While she were in thoughts she forgot to keep an ear on him and suddenly he bumped in to her so she dropped her CDs. How dared that fool do that to her. She didn't pick them up, instead she glared in to the ground in a shock like state. How dare he, that freaking morron! She screamed in her own head and looked up at him as he talked. She grinned in the middle of his speach. "Did you call me weak?" She almost started to laugh. "I hope you don't like that pretty face of yours to much because I shall demolish it for you." She told him with a sweet but threatening voice.

    Then she threw herself at him with her fist aimed at the middle of his face. That jerk dared to call her a weak girl, she would show him exactly how weak he were compared to her.
  8. Bingo.

    That was just what he had hoped would happen. As he thought, the girl got mad. He smirked, as he turned around to acknowledge what she asked. "Yeah, I said your weak. If you think that you can mess up this pretty face of mine-" He took his hands out of his pockets and let them hung loosely at his sides. She was mad to the point that he could have sworn he saw steam coming from her ears. He laughed a little." Then show me what you can do, girl." Rex gave her a glare, just as she charged him. She was pretty fast, but reckless.

    When she threw a punch towards the middle of his face, he took a swift step to the left. After he touched the ground he hoped backwards then placed his hands in his pockets. His blood was pumping! Rex walked over to a fence and leaned against it. He looked at the girl with a grin as his hair covered his right eye. " You know, a girl like you is too pretty to be fighting with the boys of this neighborhood. Why don't you just give up all the rough housing, before you get hurt." He said, sternly.
  9. That punk dared to speak to her like that, thinking that he could say such things to her. It irritated her more when he dodged her fist, the most guys weren't able to move before she had hit them. The speed were her best weapon, but it didn't seem like that would help against this guy. He walked over to a fence and grinned at her, mocking her even more. He dared to call her a girl.

    "Do you have a death wish?" She asked him, her voice shook a bit of anger. Her hand twitched again, she wanted to punch him, she wanted to make him beg her to stop. Alex launched another fist towards him but just before she were going to hit him with her she changed the attack to kicking towards the stomach. If she couldn't take him by being fast then she needed to be tricky. If he thought she were going to do one thing but did another then maybe she would be able to hit him, and if she were able to hit him one time then she would probably be able to get in more hits.
  10. That's it, keep it going.

    He watched as the girl looked at him angrily. He continued to grin at her and then eventually smiled as she stood in the place he left her. Seems she really wanted to beat him up. But, that didn't faze him in the least. He didn't even have to touch her at all. She was practically going to beat herself up and honestly, he would have found it entertaining. He couldn't wait to see what she would dish out next. His bloood boiled again.

    He closed his eyes and leaned his head upward to the night sky. The cool air was pretty nice and he was going to enjoy it, even with this hot-headed girl yelling at him. She was like those girls in the comics he read. The ones who always jump to try and kick people's butts. He looked over at the girl." I don't plan on dying today, girl." He said, coldly. Soon after he had spoken, she charge him again and threw another right to his face. He calmly waited till she was two steps away from him, then took his hands out of his pocket.

    He pulled his hands out out his pocket, while he side stepped her right fist then grasped it firmly in his left hand. But, as he readied himself to flip her, he felt a sweep kick to his legs, Wow, she was pretty fast. Rex was impressed. He placed his right hand on the ground, then pushed up and landed on his feet away from her. "That was pretty good, for a girl." He said, with a grin on his face.
  11. It had worked, but it wasn't as effective as she had thought, he were fast up on his feet's again. Instead of actually starting to fight with her for kicking him he just grinned again and told her that it wasn't bad for a girl. The last person that had said something like that to her had ended up in hospital for three weeks, and she wouldn't let this guy get away with saying something like that to her.

    "Little kids shouldn't play with fire, shouldn't you go home and play with your dolls instead?" She started to calm down, which made it easier to not just rush in to the fight, if she did she would definitely lose it. Alex weren't used to have an opponent that actually seemed to use his head, for the most it were brain dead idiots she were fighting. But it felt kind of good to have such an opponent, because if she beat him then she would know that she were the best fighter. She couldn't let that idiot win, she wouldn't let him win, calling her a weak girl was unforgivable.

    This time she didn't launch an attack, she was certain that his aim were to tire her out by letting her attack him while he only dodged until she were to tired to do anything. "What's the matter? Don't you dare to have a fight with a weak girl? Afraid of loosing?" She teased him and grinned, if she could make him loose his temper then she would have a bigger chance of beating him.
  12. Once again, she was making insults instead of ACTUALLY fighting. Rex brushed his slick, purple hair out of his eye and looked at the girl. She really had a big mouth, but that made his blood boil. He gave her a piercing look and flexed his fingers. He made fist with both of his hands and readied himself to attack her. Although, he was able to dodge her attacks, she was still pretty fast. And she wanted to beat him badly. Rex couldn't take any precautions and let her get any leeway. He had to teach this girl her place.

    After the last words had escaped her lips, he charged he, not fast but at a steady pace. " You really need to learn-" He stepped side to side, swiftly, as he made it closer to her with each step. "how to let your fist do the the talking, girl! If you think that I am afraid of you, you are sadly mistaken. I could care less who you are! You need to learn your place!" Rex took a big step with his left foot and shot forward, he clinched his right hand by his rib cage and sent a straight fast left towards the girl's forehead. " Lets just see if you can back those words up with you fist!" He shouted.
  13. She were prepared for him to attack and when he finally did she grinned. He weren't as fast as her but probably much stronger, if she let him hit her then she would be down in just a few blows. But her speed were to her advantage and she weren't weak either. He sent a straight fist towards her head and it was close that she got hit, she were able to duck just in time. Alex felt how the wind from the fist touched her as it only were centimeter from her head.

    "You're good but close doesn't shoot the hare." She commented as she launched her fist a bit over his stomach so that he would get trouble breathing for some seconds.
  14. She was pretty fast. As he threw his punch, she easily dodged it. Soon after, he felt his spine tingle, as she sent a numbing punch to his guts. Rex's eyes widened in shock, slightly. His eyes shook a little and he looked over at the girl. She was faster than he had expected. Now, it was even more interesting. He coughed a little, then gasped for air. Rex backed away and began to breathe in and out, trying to catch his second wind, slouching over.

    Afterwards, he stood upright and smiled. "Heh, you're not too bad, girl. Anyway, I've had my fun." He turned away and put his hands in his pockets." I'll see you around, girl." He said, coldly as he walked away.
  15. Alex smiled as she were able to hit him, he coughed a bit and gasped for air before he were able to breath normally again. Once he got his breath back he stood upright again and smiled. How could he smile when she just had hit him like that? He just irritated her more and her hands twitched again. Her eyes widened as he told her that he would see her around and started to walk away.

    Did he take her for an idiot? Did he think she would let him leave just like that? "Oy, don't just walk away when I am trying to beat you up." She shouted at him "Are you too afraid to fight me now?" That bastard dared to call her girl and as fast as he was done with his fun he just tried to leave the fight. If he would do that while being in a street fight then he would get killed. Did he think that he would get away just because he were fighting with a girl? She wouldn't let him. She ran towards him with her fist ready to hit him, and forgetting to think before she did the move.
  16. Rex listened to the girl as she shouted. It was rather annoying to hear her going on and on about the fight. He would have turned around and responded, but he felt that it was best t just ignore her. There was still alot of things that he wanted to do,. after all, the night was still young. He wasn't going to spend it fighting this one girl all night. He would rather waste his time playing hopscotch or something else. Little to his surprise, it wasn't to long after he had walked away and the girl calling him a coward, that she charged him again, yelling like a maniac.

    He turned around the very moment she was close to him. The girl threw another punch towards him. This time, he wasn't going to go easy. Rex once again stepped the punch then grabbed her hand as he removed his hands from his pockets. He grasp it tightly then used his left foot to sweep her off her feet, then flipped her forward and on her backside. He looked down at her for a few moments then knelled down on his right knee. He extended his right hand as he spoke. "My name is Rex."
  17. It went so fast so Alex barely noticed what happened, first she had run towards him and tried to punch him again and then all of a sudden she were laying on the ground. He extended his hand towards her but she just glared up at his face. He had gone way to easy on her before, was it because she were a girl or because he thought she wasn't worthy of fighting him? Either way they both made her irritated. "I don't need to know your name" She said coldly.

    She didn't need to know anything about anyone she were going to beat up, she just needed to know that they weren't dead after she were finished with them, because that would put her in to trouble. "Why didn't you fight me seriously? Because I'm a girl?" She asked irritated, her anger had started to fade away when she got thrown onto the ground. If he wouldn't fight seriously with her then she shouldn't bother with such a guy, it would be better to just go and find some gang that she use to fight with and beat them down. It were a much bigger risk to take on so many of them instead of one but after wasting her time on this guy she would need a really good fight.
  18. Rex let out a sigh as he put his hand back in his pocket. She was such a hothead and he had no time to deal with her at the moment. The night was fading away and he wanted to enjoy the rest of it before the sun broke through the sky. He turned back in the direction in which he was walking, and walked once again. Just as fast as he had met the new girl, she was defeated and he didn't break a sweat. It was way too easy. Nothing was thrilling about it at all. "Hey, you did pretty well. But next time, try not to be so reckless. Just because you're strong, doesn't mean that you can always win.

    Try to think of what your opponent can do before you attack. You never know, he or she could have a concealed weapon on them. You charge towards them the way that you did before, and it could be the end of your life." Rex stopped and looked up at the sky.
  19. She looked at him a bit irritated, so now he were telling her not to attack people like that, sure it was dangerous but she wouldn't let people stalk her around without getting their asses kicked. Someone like him didn't have a right to tell her things like that.

    "Whatever, I have better things to do than dealing with some crazy bastard that first follows me around then aren't even up for a fight." She said irritated as she got up from the ground. "Death will come to us all one day, if I die in a car accident tomorrow or in a fight next week doesn't matter. If you excuse me, I shall go and beat the crap out of someone now." She said as she started to walk away. She wouldn't get a real fight out of that guy.
  20. Rex continued to walk, ignoring the girl. She was talking gibberish and he honestly didn't want to hear it. He still chuckled at her. She was kinda cute, even though she put on a tough girl act. "I'll see you around, girl. Maybe next time, we can have a real fight." Rex said, taking his left hand out of his pocket and waving goodbye. Soon after, he was clear out of sight. Rex looked up at the sky. The night was pretty quiet, now that the girl he had the quarrel with, wasn't yelling out.