Someone fantastic please humour me! Glee. Twincest. MxM.

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  1. I have few rules -

    1.) Be active a lot. I'm free for about a month and bored out of my mind. I know people become busy, but I expect a reply if you're online. I won't make it difficult, as I only post about a paragraph or even a few sentences if that's what you write.

    2.) I'm pretty casual. I like to chat and make friends :) I tend to wing it with plot, rather than creating a lot of plot - it just ruins the fun of the Rp when we do that.

    3.) My rp's are long term, they last a while and there isn't always constant drama. I like fluff sometimes.

    4.) This is only MxM


    I want to do a Glee fandom Sebastian/ Sebastian's twin. I think that he's so sociopathic and strange to understand, he could only fall in love with the one person who's known him all his life. I would play my OC.

    I'm more than willing to double for this. I will play as Sebastian if you like xD

    Pm me or post here if interested!!!
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