Someday Came Suddenly

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  1. Rabbit, aka Dianne, sat in her run down Ford pick up with the windows up and music loud. It idled in the schools parking lot as she lit her bubbler. Rabbit took a strong hit and immediately felt her nerves calm. It was her first day at this school and she was not ready for it. Plus it was the begining of the second semester of her senior year! Honestly who moves mid-year! Oh yeah your parents do. Why? Because they need to get you away from all the "bad influences." Rabbit snorted and a puff of smoke swirled out of her nose. Yeah "bad influences." Little did they know that Rabbit was the bad influence on them. Well that's how most parents saw her anyway.
    After finishing off the last Mary she had Rabbit hopped out of her pick up and sprayed herself with a quick spritz of perfume. It killed the smell of weed to an indistinguishable musky scent masked by berry. No one had ever noticed so she wasn't worried. She hefted her messenger back over her shoulder and shut the door. Her light green eyes gazed warily upon the looming building before her. It was huge.
    "You can do this Rabbit, only the four hundredth time you've done this since freshmen year." Rabbit chanted to herself. Her father was in the military so they moved often but that never made it any easier.
    The warning bell rang and a surge of students fell into the building. Rabbit hung at the edge of the crowd as she slowly made her way inside.Wow this place is huge! Rabbit stepped in the doors and was blown away at the shear size of the foyer. She looked down at the school map that was mailed to her the day before. "" She mumbled searching for the main office to get her schedule.
  2. Aly currently was driving to school in her car, listening to The Wanted's new album - Word of Mouth. She had to admit, being Nathan's sister was amazing and she loved how she had her privacy. Everyone knew she was his sister but didn't treat her any different, which she loved. She pulls into the school's parking lot, an old beat up Ford behind her, and smiles when she finds a spot. She parks into the free spot and gets out of her car, locking it as she walked to the main building.

    Her chestnut hair was blowing in the soft breeze as she walked. She couldn't help but notice guys flirting with her already and chuckles. That was one thing that amused her - guys endlessly flirted with her even though she was gay. Yes, Aly was a lesbian but she wasn't out. It wasn't that she wasn't comfortable or ready, it just was something she didn't feel everyone had to know. Plus she enjoyed guys flirting with her and taking her out almost every night.

    She was about to head to her locker when she noticed a girl glued to the school map. Must be a newbie she thinks. She makes her way through the surge of students and to the girl. "Need any help newbie?" She asks, looking at her.
  3. Rabbit's head shot up when she was addressed. She saw a girl standing beside her. She was, "Pretty..." Rabbit muttered but it wasnt loud enough for anyone to hear. It was a bad habit of hers to mutter her thoughts aloud. Rabbit realized she had been staring at the girl and quickly loooked away. "Oh, uh, sorry....I...Im looking for the office..." Rabbit became unnecessarily nervous in front of her. She tugged at her over sized band tea and shuffled her feet.
  4. Aly smiles looking at the girl. She had to admit, this newbie was cute. She hears the girl mutter something but doesn't catch it. She notices the girl stare at her and smiles more. She can't help but chuckle a little when the cutie looks away. "It okay. The office isn't too far. I'll take you there." She replies smiling. She then starts walking towards the office, leading the cutie.
  5. Rabbit felt extremely nervous as she walked with...wait. She realized she didnt lnow the girls name. Rabbit took quick glances at her as they walked trying to build some courage. This girl made her nervous. "" Rabbit sighed, she was stuttering, "W_Whats your name?" her question was quiet and she wasnt sure if the girl had heard her.
  6. Aly smiles walking with the cutie to the front office. She notices the girl glancing at her numerous times. She couldn't help but chuckle seeing how nervous she was making her. She can't help but wonder if this new girl was a lesbian like her. If she is, Aly was definitely going to go after her. "I'm Alyssa, everyone calls me Aly though. What's yours?" She replies and asks, looking at her.
  7. "Aly..." Rabbit mumbled so she would remember. Chancing a glance up she saw Aly loooking at her. Rabbit felt frozen. Aly's eyes were just so..."really pretty..." Rabbit realized what she said and her face went bright red. She glued to the ground She really hoped Aly didnt hear that. "I...Im Diannne. But you can call me rabbit.."
  8. Aly chuckles when the girl mumbles her name, remembering it. She seen her almost freeze when she glances up at her again. She hears what the girl says and blushes slightly. Looks like she has a crush too she thinks smiling. Dianne.. She thinks remembering the name. "It's nice to meet you Dianne." She replies happily.
  9. Rabbit gave a faint amile. Aly was nice. Maybee this school would be better than the others. As long as she kept her secret. Maybe she could ecen be friends with Aly. Rabbiit liked that idea. "Yeah, nice to meet you too." Rabbit could see the office now. ​
  10. Aly smiles back. She really liked Rabbit. She was cute and nice. She hoped that she would become friends with Rabbit and eventually more. "There's the office. Just go to the front desk and tell them you're new. They'll give you everything you need. I have to get to class, see you later Rabbit." She says. She then walks off to her next class, turning her head and winking at the girl before turning the corner to her next class.
  11. Rabbits face turned a bright, cherry red. 'She winked at me...' Rabbbit thought absent mindedly. 'Oh man...' Rabbit mentally sighed. Walking into the office, Rabbit spotted the secretary. The older woman gave her an evil look. Rabbit felt her heart skip a beat. Did she know already? How did she find out? Rabbit quickly calmed her mind but her hands were shaking as she recieved her class schedule. She left as quick as she could but the heat of the womans glare burned holes in her back. Rabbit scurried to the nearest bathroom to recompose heraelf. "No one knows." she reassured herself quietly. A deep breath, and then a sigh. Rabbit gave herself a once over. Her hair was up in a messy bun, light make up, with her thick, square glasses slipping down her nose. Her sws band tea stopped short of mid thigh. Her black and white winter leggings kept her warm and her feet were clad in grey calf high socks and combat boots. "No one knows..." she reassured herself before headimg to her first class, Ap Calc. 'killl me now...'