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  1. Hey, so I'm really wanting to try out my plot with somebody (male in particular) which is kind of based off from a novel/film called "In a Shallow Grave" (1988) that starred Michael Biehn and Patrick Dempsey, which is about a WWII soldier (Biehn) trying to cope with life after being badly injured from the war and he hires a young farmhand (Dempsey) to help him. Anyway, you don't need to much about it since my plot is the basic setting of the story from the novel/film and I just so happened to tweak it around a little bit.

    (Michael Biehn; In a Shallow Grave)​

    A handsome soldier (YC) returns to his hometown badly scarred and disfigured after returning home from the war. Sadly, he becomes socially withdrawn from society and he hires a young, beautiful woman (MC) to help take care of him. During her stay with him, she is asked to write and send love letters to his sweetheart practically every single day who lives down the street from him. But what he doesn't know is the woman he planned on marrying has moved on with her life, and is now happily married. Of course the young woman doesn't have the heart to tell him and decides to impersonate his sweetheart by writing back, afraid he might go into deep state of depression and harm himself. That is until he finds out the truth about his caregiver. He sends her away despite the fact that she gave his life back on wanting to enjoy the positive things in life again. The feelings of joy, wanting to laugh, and most importantly -- being loved. - (This can be set either right after WWII or Vietnam.)

    Rules & Requirements:
    - 70% Plot & 30% Smut
    - Post 2+ paragraphs for every post
    - Threads or PMs
    - Basic spelling and grammar
    - No god-modding/power-play
    - No one/two-liners
  2. You have peaked my interest, WWII is one of my favorite unplayed eras.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.