Somebody Fed Those Things Again... (Gremlins Fan-RP)

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  1. Suddenly during your regularly scheduled programming, a black out occurs. It occurs only for a moment, but when it returns, every television channel comes back on, but with one similar change. A piece of cardboard with text that reads "An Nao, A Brif Sirvic Mesag", written with what appears to be red ink... Or blood. After a second or two, the cardboard sign is pulled away to reveal a green-reptilian-esk creature with big pointed ears wearing a suit and glasses. It seems to smile at the camera, but reptiles can't smile...

    Then, it starts to speak.


    "Good evening, people of Iwaku. My name is Brain. I am here to-Oh, Lewis? Could you adjust the camera a little? I'm not centred in the frame."

    From off-screen, maniacal laughter can be heard as the camera rapidly shakes, adjusting itself into its final position.

    "Ah, there we are. Now then, I represent a very crucial, uh... Ethnic Group,what we want is, I think, what everyone wants, and what you have: civilization.

    Yes, civilization. The niceties. The fine points: diplomacy, compassion, standards, manners, tradition... that's what we're reaching toward. Oh, we may stumble along the way, but civilization, yes. The Geneva Convention, chamber music, Susan Sontag. Everything your society has worked so hard to accomplish over the centuries, that's what we aspire to; we want to be civilized."

    The camera then pulls back to reveal one of the creatures wearing a beanie cap standing behind Brain's chair. It acts goofy behind the chair, chattering away idly in a non-sensical language.

    "What do I mean by civilized? Well, this is the perfect oppourtunity to show you. You take a look at this fellow here."

    Suddenly, Brain reaches into its suit pocket and pulls out a revolver. Instantly, it pulls the trigger and shoots the beanie-creature in the head. As the body falls over, Brain turns back to the camera and smiles, which is proceeded by another round of maniacal laughter by creatures obviously hidden behind the camera.

    "Now, was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, but in no sense civilized. Now, that being said, there are a few things you should know about us. We're what you would call Gremlins, a type of creature derived from another creature known as a Mogwai. When dealing with either a Mogwai or a Gremlin, there are three specific rules you should know. They're mostly beneficial to us, but perhaps not so much for your kind. If we are to get wet, then we'll multiply by 10. This mostly applies to water, so don't go giving us baths. However, I would advise not getting caught on the streets during a rainstorm while we're out and about. The second rule, is to never feed a Mogwai after midnight. The result? Us. As you can clearly tell, some unfortunate individual already learned the hard way about what happens when you break two of those rules. The third one, although it deals with our "weakness" so to say, I will divulge upon you: We hate bright lights. Flashlights, lamps, fire, all kinds of sources. But sunlight, will kill us. We leave behind a photo-chemical substance, rather awful stuff, really. Quite putrid. Back on track, though.

    Back onto our civilization. I'm broadcasting to give you, the human race, a warning. My brethren and I have already set up shop in quaint little Kingston Falls, but we're also planning for, what I like to call, an "aggressive expansion". Meaning; we're going to go global, with or without your permission. Now, bear in mind, none of us have been anywhere outside of Kingston Falls, before. There are the Broadway shows in New York - we'll have to find out how to get tickets. There's also a lot of street crime, but I believe we can watch that for free. We want the essentials. Dinettes. Complete bedroom groups. Convenient credit, even though we've been turned down in the past. If human kind is willing to spend the rest of its days co-existing with us, then by all means go for it! However, some of my brethren don't exactly feel the same way, so we may just decide to make you all extinct. Not because we don't like humans, but because its just too irresistible to watch you run and scream, eventually dying horrible deaths in the end.

    That about wraps it up, then. Good luck to you, humans, you're going to need it. If I were you, I'd invest everything I had into canned food and shotguns. Why? Because now we're hungry for carnage. Goodnight, and sweet dreams. They may just be your last."

    As Brain finishes speaking, he offers the camera a sly wink before being joined by countless voices in one horrific cackle. Then, the camera suddenly shuts off, leaving any viewers with the static buzz of a disconnected channel.


    Okay, so the RP isn't going to be centred around the Grem-pocalypse, but I needed a creative tag to pull people in.

    Anyways, if you've seen the films, you'll get the references put into this thread. If not, then that's cool. Just for everyone (especially those who haven't seen the films) I'll quickly outline the plot for Gremlins:

    On Christmas Eve, a teenage boy gets a new pet: a mystical creature from the orient called a Mogwai. The Mogwai comes with three rules: Never get it wet, never expose it to bright lights/sunlight, and never feed it after Midnight. If you get it wet, the Mogwai will multiply (5 new Mogwai will pop out of its back). If you put it in the sunlight, it will burn up like a vampire and melt away into a puddle of disgusting goop. If you feed it after midnight (anywhere between the local hours of 12am until 5am, or whenever the sun comes up), then it will enter a cocoon and morph into a hideous reptilian creature known as a Gremlin. When the boy accidentally breaks all the rules, he must make up for his mistakes and eliminate the chaos-loving Gremlins before their rampage destroys his hometown, and his Christmas!

    So, this RP is going to deal with our own little run-in with these chaotic critters! The RP will take place wherever we decide (first movie took place in a small town and an office building with more kooky areas then a Swiss Army knife, so maybe we should go with a larger area like a city) and most likely take place in its own universe separate from the films. We can borrow from the films, but I'm really only thinking of using the name Gizmo and a few specific Gremlins (Brain, Bat-Gremlin, Greta the Female Gremlin, Zappy the Electro-Gremlin, and potentially Spike/Spider-Gremlin and the Flasher Gremlin).

    Anyways, this still has a few things of plotting left to take care of which can really only be discussed via group chat. I'm thinking, if somebody really wants to, they can take on the role of our resident Mogwai and potentially a few main Gremlins who may or may not show up throughout the RP (as heroes or villains).

    Anyways, post below if you're interested and let's get this going. We'll need about 3 more people to get this started, and feel free to ask any questions you might have about this. I'll do my best to answer them ^^
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  2. Do we individually get our very own pet Mogwai? If so, I'm interested in joining :bsmile:
  3. We can, but we'd start off with the 1. I'm thinking that for every 4 Bad Mogwai, there's always a 5th Good one.
  4. Yay, how many other members are on board so far?
  5. Just you :3
  6. Well I really like this idea, so I hope we get more people :)
  7. And GM makes 3.

    Alright, let's get some questions (and answers) generated for this!

    Who's first?
  8. I think it'd be cool if all of our characters are close friends from high school or college. That way they can all go to the character's house who receives the first Mogwai. It makes more sense than random people getting together. And I believe it'd be cooler if that character receives the Mogwai on his birthday to make the RP more unique, but I'm fine with Christmas Eve. (Maybe his birthday is on Christmas eve lol)

    I also think that the canon characters should be left out and that the new Gremlins are original with their own new personalities and looks, imo. It would be interesting to have Gizmo as an old Mogwai though who the characters could visit. Maybe the guy from the first movie could be an old man who helps the characters with the new threat or he has something to do with the rise of new Gremlins. These are just my suggestions though :P
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  9. I agree with true it would be cool for them all to be friends, I'm thinking maybe after high school or on break until second semester for college. I think we should all have one mogwai (not all get one at the same time) that hasn't been touched by water or hasn't eaten over 12 'o clock
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  10. Yeah that makes sense, I was thinking to keep it only one Mogwai at the beginning. I'd say birthday just so we don't directly copy the film. Also, high school graduates/early college students sound like a good range for character age, let's say the minimum is 17 and the maximum is 19 (I don't think a 20+ year old would get an adorable fluffy thing for his birthday, but that's just me).

    How soon should the Gremlins show up? I'm thinking we'd obviously discover what's happened with the breaking if the rules (by doing it ourselves or seeing it documented on TV from both the Kingston Falls and Clamp Tower attacks), but the Gremlins would show up maybe 2-3 pages in? Just to give us time to set the story, develop characters, and get to rule-breaking.

    Also, @Faithviper, want in on this or are you just seeing where this goes?
  11. I would love to join but I'm horrible when it comes to group rps
  12. I'm sure you're not, why don't you just try it?
  13. I think it'd be pretty funny if we took the little Mogwai to go swimming! lol.. Then there's a pool full of them which eventually leads to a GREMLIN APOCALYPSE!:hissyfit:
  14. XD potentially, but the Mogwai would probably do everything in its power to avoid getting wet, but I can see how a large canon-ball could easily go astray and splash the poor thing.

    Also, here's our resident Mogwai who remains nameless right now because I'm trying to think of something to call him.

  15. I named my dog after Gizmo lol.

    Hmm, I must think
  16. I vote Mowgli the Mogwai! The father of the Gremlin Apocalypse! :bitelip: Btw, scratch pool. I say they live near an ocean and the friends take him to the beach! That'd really start an apocalypse XP lol
  17. Oh I found a cool name, maybe Echo?
  18. That could work. Goes well if he's constantly singing...

    Anyone else? I found Brownie and Scamp, but that's about it.
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