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Hey gang, updating my 1x1 requests. If anyone has the same interests feel free to pm me and we can brainstorm and get some ideas going!

M/M (My characters normally lean towards uke/bottom roles, but watch out, my characters aren't your normal run of the mill place mats. If you're looking for a sub who likes to talk back or cause a bit of trouble, come talk to me.)
School based
Supernatural anything

Redstar catagories:
Slave boys (Not always the timid types)
Rape play
Body horror

Anything with the anime/manga:
One Punch Man
My Hero Academia (I would really like someone to play Bakugou to my Todoroki <3)
Black Butler
Tokyo Ghoul
(May add more later)

Some plots:

Survive the asylum:
I love anything with horror, grotesque conditions and straight jackets. I would like to explore the idea of an asylum rp where the characters are either patients trying to escape from horrible conditions or my character being a patient and a nurse/doctor trying to help them escape.

Lost and alone:
I have two ideas for this one: 1) Animal/creature character is trapped in a human trap and unable to get out until character #2 comes along and saves them from the trap and nurses them back to health even though they are risking being found out by the people who made the trap.
2) Humanish character is lost in the forest and has no way out when monster/creature character finds them and rescues them/bring them to their home.

The angel and the vessel:
My character is a homeless skitzo boy who is going to be the next vessel for the devil. Well the devil's vessel is agreed upon by the upper and lower realms so that the demons don't go haywire and flood into the human world. So now that the next vessel has been picked, the higher ups ( the angels) pick a guardian for the human boy to keep him safe until his body is ready to contain the devil to rule the under realms. And as the title states i wouldn't mind a possible relationship between the vessel and angel.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
The rp will be set in Victorian Landon. The world has only known about supernatural beings for a short time now and the humans are still uncomfortable with them. The Queen has contacted one of the higher ranking supernatural classes in the hopes to better understand her supernatural subjects and to help the humans of London feel safer in their beds at night. Thus, the high ranking demon is pronounced as a Lord in society, the Queen's watch dog to keep one foot, or hoof in this case, in the supernatural world and one in the human world. As you can probably tell this is a very Black Butler like rp and I'm searching for someone to play the Sebastian like butler role. The Lord of the manor is named Lucifel Lamb, a young demon lord from the underworld who was assigned the job of looking after the supernatural beings in London. Will there be blood and gore? Yes. Will there be yaoi? Maaaaaybe

A Lucky, Unlucky Encounter (New!)
YC has seen this little fox on the streets for a few days now, selling 50 cent items to people as they walk by. But suddenly someone grabs this little fox's suit case and runs off. Well, lucky that YC has just walked by, as YC chases after the thief to get the fox's suit case back. YC catches the guy and grabs the suit case away, thief pulls out a knife and just as he's about to stab it into YC's heart, YC holds up the suit case and it saves YC from an impaling. Pretty lucky right? YC returns the suit case back to the fox and the fox decides that he is in your debt...
Hi Uhm... I like the angel and vessel.. and the lucky, unlucky encounter...

And black butler..

And zombies..

I don't prefer any of these above the others of these, but if your interested, that's my favorites from your post.. so Uhm. Yeah.

I'd be interested in doing any of these with you :)
Would you also be into m/f or f// if we double up?
Unfortunately I'm only into mxm >.< Sorry
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