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  1. I'd like to start a new onexone, try to get my muse moving again. I'd specifically like to RP with someone who loves worldbuilding as much as I do because I'd like to play in a world that we can build as we go. I enjoy well thought out, creative plots and am open to most genres, provided they aren't historical. I don't mind posts of varied lengths, but I'd like to avoid one liners when possible. I do want an element of romance to whatever plot is chosen, and thus would prefer any partner be over eighteen, even though there won't be any smut. If you see anything you like in the plot list below or have an idea you'd like to run by me, please contact me via PM or on this thread.

    One note: No fandoms.

    Now, without further ado, onto my list of plot desires.

    1) A violent horror game. Secret agency hunting horrible nasty monsters. Blood, gore, NC17 for violence. (Danny or Artzydaze)
    2) Something along the lines of beauty and the beast or my fair lady: Specifically, a member of a diplomatic group trying to "domesticate" an alien with very different customs. Roles perhaps to be reversed somewhere along the line of the RP. (1. Dedtoo 2. Theory)
    3) A fantasy RP with a wizard type and warrior type being trained together to go into war as a bonded pair of some sort. (HeliumJack)
    4) A roleplay involving a warrior with a kindly spirit trapped in a sword of some sort. (One Must Wonder)
    5) Science fiction intrigue with a Timothy Zahn style plot.
    6) Something involving a tea shop and romance plot.
    7) A story about a breakfast shop where all the weird stuff on the wall transports people places/times or bestows powers.
    8) A story about bards searching for pieces of the Song of Life which bestows immortality and health.
  2. Hmm I like idea number three... But can the warrior be an alchemist? (Leaves room for insanity) Also, I'm not good at romance, but I suppose I'd be willing to try it...
  3. Er, sorry, Marceline. Like I said before, I'd really prefer partners for these plots to be over 18.
  4. I'm not sure if I can push time aside to promise anything RIGHT NOW since I also have a few people waiting in line to have a chance to RP with me, BUT idea 1 is something that brought a smile to my face and could even elaborate other games rather then just monster hunts.

    Again I can't promise you my time just yet. If I get the chance to make some time I would love to take on option 1 if you'll have me that is.

    If you decide to hold the spot for me or if your just curious about other games of death you can contact me. I enjoy premiss and plot building even if I'm not the one that gets to RP it.
  5. interested in the second idea :3
  6. Oh, 2, 3 and maybe 4 sound interesting! :O
    I might even have an alien race ready to use :D
  7. Which would you prefer the most out of those?
  8. All of those sound awesome. I particularly like ideas, 4, 1, 3 and 2. :3
  9. Well, I already have a wizard/warrior rp going, so I think I'll go for door #2! :D
    ...Now tho think of a alien race...
    Unless you wanted to be the alien?
  10. The first idea intrigue me, do you have a more in-depth summary or it's to be made later?
  11. Dedtoo, I'd love it if you want to be the alien. PM me and we can plot.

    artzydaze, can you PM me, too? I am open to discussion on the first one.

    One Must Wonder, what about number four, then?

    Theory, have any preferences for that one? You can just PM me if it is easier.
  12. I'll drop, seems like plenty of people commented for them
  13. Theory, I still wanna RP with you! I thought I'd already responded to you but I think I was editing the post when you posted. I also added three new concepts up top.
  14. I'm interested in 6:
    6) Something involving a tea shop and romance plot.

    I wouldn't mind playing a clumsy waitress character. PM if your intersted
  15. lol ok. um. I'll switch from 2 though. Maybe 6 with something supernatural?
    Maybe a ghost who's stuck haunting the shop who recently passed (within 10-30 years) and can be seen during the day? (I don't do plotting very well lol and tend to play more then one character)
  16. E-claire, right now I am bogged down with PMs. But will try to PM you tomorrow.

    Theory, I'm fine with multiple characters. Any stipulations?
  17. I'd like to play the ghost but besides that nope, open to just about anything
  18. Okay, go ahead and send me a PM. I might not get to it til a bit later.
  19. Four sounds great to me. :D I'm good with playing either the warrior of the spirit, so if you had want to lay a certain character, I'm fine with it
  20. Sorry for those of you waiting on PMs and waiting to get started. I had a sudden really busy time in my life come up and haven't had much time. It will calm down a bit soon and I should have plenty of time this weekend.