Some sort of anthro-ish fighting ring

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The Underground Railroad was a series of secret safe-houses for people moving slaves to freedom, hidden from the eyes of the government and the public eyes. At the time, it was illegal, and even considered immoral, to rob people of their property. By today's standards, they were heroes who paved the way for racial equality. Now, a new group was in charge of transporting human-like slaves from basement to basement, using a network based on the same concept created by Harriet Tubman, called the Covered Crossing. But if the CC would be considered sacred 100 years later, it would spell bad news for these animal cross-breeds.

They came out in the open barely 30 years previous, hoping for acceptance. Catgirls, fox anthros, half-wolves, and other various species came out and proved themselves as real, slowly. Human reactions were mixed: fear, worship, hate, envy, love, slander. All that mattered to them was that they could now walk freely. Mixed reactions were expected, but none of them predicted the profitability. It started with the kidnappings, then the forced breeding, and then the cage fighting. Much in the line of illegal dog- and cock-fighting, two animal-humans would be tossed in a large cage to fight anywhere from surrender to death, based on the orders of the masters. The higher the stakes, the higher the bet. The CC itself was merely a series of houses, where willing masters would offer their basement as a location for these fights. And until their rights were established as fully human, the government handled it the same as dog-fighting - not as seriously as human kidnapping and slavery.

Masters would bring their fighters in an assortment of ways. Some used giant vans, or even the back seat of a car, tying and gagging the animal while they traveled, dragging them along inside. Gags varied from simple cloth to shock collars and even vocal cord removal. Extreme cases used wheeled crates, for animals driven too wild to be walked into a house. Breeders used everything from basements, spare rooms, garages, and even backyards to keep them in, so long as they were kept fertile. Those unsatisfied with the money from fighting would sell the babies as pets, or film the mating to sell to niche fetishists. It was an unexplored and eager market.

It was dangerous to keep anything stolen too close to the home they were taken from. Large kidnapping sprees would break out, caused normally by a group of men, and as soon as they got a good number they'd take them to a different part of the country, lest somebody recognize a captive. Fluffier varieties were bred and sold as pets or slave, smuggled overseas, as they were the best way to guarantee a profit to cover shipping costs. Fighters and breeders were stowed out of sight, stashed away until they could become useful to the humans who owned them.

Escapes are almost always futile, and successful police raids are rare. Will they escape and live equally amongst humans in a happy ending? Or are they trapped forever, fighting and breeding until death?


Non-human character sheet
Species: (What animal species, and what kind of non-human? Just the extremities, full anthro, hybrid, etc.)
Level they fight at: (If applicable; beginners, getting good, near-death, berserker rage death match, give an approximation.)
Owned by: (They don't just fight freelance, discuss this with the other person if using somebody who isn't your own character.)
Physical description:
Brief personality:
How and when they were brought in: (Some were bred in, others were kidnapped)
Life before fighting: (If it applies, bred animals won't have grown up and gone to school like regular humans.)
Anything else notable: (Optional)

Human character sheet
Occupation: (Fighter, breeder, seller, smuggler, undercover cop, etc.)
Owns: (Any other character they may own, discuss this with the other person if using somebody who isn't your own character.)
Physical description:
Brief personality:
Life outside fighting: (Or whatever else it is they do, since it doesn't happen 24/7)
Anything else notable: (Optional)

If you have an image of your character, feel free to use it.

Double as your own fighter/master combo if you'd like, a few fighters, no major limit other than "don't have so many that it's confusing.

Yes there is breeding. No we are not acting it out. If anything happens, it's strictly fade-to-black or implied.

Your character may be a good fighter, but no "best out there undefeated." Pretty much gonna be the godmoding here, so remember your character won't always win.

If fighting another character, let's not have a long session of the both of you either wanting to win or lose and giving no ground until it's unbelievable. Sort it out in PM or OOC if you have to.

I understand that almost every non-human character in this archetype is gonna seem Sue-ish no matter what. This is also a plot that could lead to massive angsting, since I know I'd be depressed if I was kidnapped and stuck fighting other people for the rest of my life. I'm giving a lot of leeway on this for that reason, but don't abuse that. Us your best judgment. (If any characters have a quirk where they add "nya~" to the end of every sentence, I will rage silently and judge you for eternity.)

Also important: This needs a better title =| Taking suggestions on that, since I don't have anything better than "They're kinda animalish and they fight and that's what we're RPing."
Non-human character sheet

Name: Kint

Gender: Female

Species: Mutt-Human hybrid

Level they fight at: Mid-heavy weights (She's been in it for a long time to be ahead of the game..)

Owned by: Jumji Bonko

Physical description: 6'4", 190lbs in muscle, tall slender legs, bandaged arms and thick muzzle to face, connected to a metal collar around neck. Black long hair shaggy as if mane-esque. tattooed dark brown dog-esqu ears that come from side of head(serial code for transporting through country to country). Scarring all over arms and legs. One eye is white (blind in one eye) the other is a bright yellow. Has docked tail (Was docked at a young age)

Brief personality: Quite, drone, humble to master, aloof, intimidating, and careful

How and when they were brought in: Parents sold her at a young age for money and food. They died eventually because of people sickened by their choice of doing so.

Life before fighting: N/A

Anything else notable: One of Jumji's 'favorite' and prized fighters.

Human character sheet

Name: Jumji Bonko

Gender: Female

Occupation: Master

Owns: (questionable right now, I may have to discuss with other's too see if they are interested..)

Physical description: She's a tall, skinny, skinny woman. Defined features on face, is quite beautiful and possibly one of the most 'rich' looking master's in the whole 'Anth-fighting' buisness. Youthful looking as well. Long blod hair, hair is always done up or curled when put down. Clothes consists of (female) suits. High heeled boots. Sun glasses most of the time.

Brief personality: She is quite but allusive towards people. Presence is very dominate, dominate personality. Some do not take her seriously because she is a woman, but they are easily mistaken. She's a dreamer of greed and more wealth.

Life outside fighting: She owns a factory, in which her father gave to her through will when he died.

Anything else notable: N/A

(I hope some of this is okay..Please tell me if I need to change anything. Thanks <3)
Human character sheet

Name: Ichijou Takamiya

Gender: Male

Occupation: Smuggler/Fighter

Owns: Maddy

Physical description:

Brief personality: Aggresive and rude. Even when not talking to Anthros, he's mean

Life outside fighting: He works at a bar and lives mainly off of his father's money.

Anything else notable: A tattoo on his arm of a skull with thorns. When he kidnapped her, he decided to keep Maddy for himself and use her to earn extra money on the side.

Non-human character sheet

Name: Maddy

Gender: Female

Species: Full Fox anthro

Level they fight at: Beginner

Owned by: Ichijou Takamiya

Physical description:

Brief personality: Quiet, shy, scared. Never says anything to anyone aside from Ichijou, who yells at her when she doesn't reply

How and when they were brought in: She was walking home one evening when Ichijou, who was in a small gang, jumped her and threw her into a large truck with others.

Life before fighting: Never really went to school, even if she did live with humans. She was always embarrassed and shy, not wanting to leave the house at all. So, her parents agreed to homeschool her.

Anything else noticeable: Ichijou usually uses a shock collar to keep her quiet, but because she's already so quiet he hardly puts one on her.

If it's still going on, then the thread should burst to life and let me know before I slap up a character sheet.
Non-human character sheet
Name: Avonin Galbranth

Gender: Male

Species: Timber Wolf human Hybrid

Level they fight at: Middle Weight Contender

Owned by: Uunia Galbranth

Physical description: 6' 2", 175 pounds, a very Atheltic and toned build. His animalistic side is shown in his ears, arms and tail, the rest is human. Long white hair that goes to his upper back, usually tied into a tail. His skin a sunkissed brown and his eyes a golden yellow. He has a young face and could almost pass for human where it not for his paws. His paws are usually taped with black tape up to a few inches past his wrist and his legs are taped at the ankles. On his chest a white tribal style moon is tattooed on his left side and is normally garbbed in Gray Cargo shorts and a loose fitting Sleevless black shirt

Brief personality: Excited, head strong, strong willed, confident

How and when they were brought in: Bred in by his Mother and their 'pet' wolf.

Life before fighting: Lived along side his brother Uunia by there human mother and Half bred Wolf. Was taught basic skills by his mother and how to fight by his brother. There mother would sell her body for cash just to keep there heads above water. After her death, the two brothers decided to use there skills by fighting in the CC.

Human character sheet
Name: Uunia Galbranth

Gender: Male

Occupation: Sparing Partner / Gym Manager

Owns: Avonin Galbranth
Physical description: k-close1.jpg

Brief personality: Calm, cool, collected, observant, and cautious

Life outside fighting: Manages a mixed martial Arts Gym

Anything else notable: Sense he and Avonin are brothers, he tends to be a bite more invovled in his training and reering. He doesn't like his brother taking on too big a challenge.