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  1. Plot #1 (open)

    Insanity Study A psychologist just gained two (or three) new cases, all of which the criminals all have mental problems or are just plain horrifying in the mind. All of their crimes were gruesome and inhumane. No other psychologist will take the job so she did. She didn't realize that this would result in one (or two) of these criminals having an obsession with her.
    I will be playing the psychologist.

    Plot #2 (open)

    Inside the Italian Mafia This will have a fantasy setting. And I might put it in the 40's/50's. Not sure yet.
    The head of the Italian Mafia just hired a few new hitmen, gunsmiths, and captains. All are in charge of just a few things but remain within the main household. The head, her name is Priscilla and she happens to be a half dragon, is leaving and her daughter, Florence, has to stay behind. Priscilla hired these men to not only watch over the mafia while she's gone but also to watch over her teenage daughter. Florence will be there to help where she can and to prove the men company. With the Don gone, a lot can happen during a four month time period.
    Also, my character is quarter dragon. I will post her character sheet up if anyone joins.

    I plan to play the main female in all of these ideas. After you post, please send me a writing example. I would like to see how well you can write. If you also wish to add something to the plots, PM me and we can discuss it together :)
    My rules:
    • No one liners. I refuse to RP with you if you're just going to do one liners. A paragraph or two will be fine.
    • Help contribute to the RP. Meaning, please don't be afraid to bring an idea up.
    • Post at least a few times a day please.
    • Give me a heads up if you won't be on at a certain time or day.
    • Don't be rude. I can come back at you with a terrible attitude and I won't hold my words back.
    • Don't force an action on a character.
    • No Mary sues or anything of the sorts.
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  2. So, I'm confused. You say you plan to play the female in all of the plots but these are small group plots? However, if we want to join and play a female, we have to ask? Why not just state you plan to play a female instead of the female? That won't throw people off since this is a group roleplay. To be honest, I don't understand why we'd have to ask if we want to play a female but we are free to play males without asking. Do you have a reason for this? I'm just curious because your words threw me off.
  3. Sorry, I'll fix it. Jeez
  4. No need to be passive-aggressive about my suggestion. I wasn't forcing you to do it. I was just curious about why we had to ask if we wanted to play a female. When you say "the female" it indicates that there's only one female. I just didn't know if the reason that you wanted us to not play females (because we had to ask) was because you wanted there to be one female and many males. I'm just trying to help. I apologize if I offended or sounded rude to you in any way. That was not my intention at all.
Thread Status:
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