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  1. Hi everybody!
    So, I've had some burning desires for roleplays lately, and despite having my fair share I thought I'd do some more searching. Usually I'm the kind to lurk around the request threads and then pounce, but for once I thought I'd make a thread. Otherwise I'm not sure that these plot cravings will ever go away.

    Plots below, but first, some things about me and roleplaying. I'm 23, and I will NOT roleplay with anyone younger than 18. I'm sorry, you guys are great, but most of my roleplays have 'mature' themes, so I'm not going to even risk it, okay? As for my own personal rules, I don't have many. Please be able to write decent sentences and all that jazz. It tires me out to have to play with someone whose responses I can't figure out. I do not like a lot of horror, and I try to keep gore to a minimum despite being perfectly okay with violence. If YOU want to describe every little bloody detail, thats perfectly fine! I'm just not going to join in. For the most part, I'm pretty mellow and go-with-the-flow. I prefer writing at least a paragraph or two, but I'll usually mirror what you give me. Threads, PMs, Google Docs, or even AIM are all perfectly fine things that I will roleplay over.

    Also, a note about the two historical ones: I am NOT a huge history buff. I watch The History Channel but I don't profess to know much about the time frames I chose. I google what I need, and I'm not going to be upset if we make up battle dates or put something in that hadn't happened yet or something.

    If you look through these plots and decide you don't like any of these, you can go ahead and suggest something else. My roleplay box is always open. These are just the things I'm really craving right now! So, without further ado, on to the plots!

    The Time Before [MXF, you play Female] [Keywords: Drama, Romance, Time Travel, Nazis, Stalker]
    MC and YC are two different sides of the same coin. YC is stuck hiding, and MC is stuck running. YC has had a dark and upsetting past, and has suffered a childhood trauma. The nature of the trauma and past are up to you, but as a result from the trauma YC has become a recluse, even now into her adult years. She hasn’t left her house in years, and the very thought of stepping outside of her fence sends her into a panic attack. Lately, she’d been receiving letters from someone. Creepy, stalker-like letters that she can’t help but tie back to her past.
    MC is an ex-soldier turned time traveler. He was fighting in World War II when he was assigned a secret mission with a small task group. The mission was to break behind enemy lines, steal a device, kill the people working on that device, and burn the evidence before bringing the device back to the British government. MC recovers the device, but instead of bringing it back to the government, he steals it after realizing it can take him any place in time. The only thing is, now that he has it the Nazis are after him. Not having a time jumping device of their own, instead they make sure MC’s face and name are handed down from generation to generation, so that no matter how far into the future he goes he’ll always be hunted.
    So how do these two individuals meet? One night, MC time hops to modern day. The time traveling device breaks, and somehow the Nazis found him almost as soon as he made the jump through time. MC is injured and outnumbered, so he does the only thing he can do and makes a mad dash through a dark field to get away. Climbing the fence from YC’s property, he manages to elude the Nazis and find a place to hide, but promptly passes out from his injury…

    Left Behind [Non-romance] [Keywords: Adoption, Hurt/Comfort, Slice of Life]
    MC’s life has not been a good one. His birth parents were both abusive and neglectful, but they were all he had, and he was attached to them as much as he could be. That’s why it had hurt so bad when he woke up one day, and they were gone. They’d packed up and left him, and he was only six. Not knowing what to do, he decided to stay at the house and try to fend for himself. **Open Ended!** YC can be literally any adult. A homeless person who finds him, a social worker, or just a good person that somehow finds out about his situation and decides to take him in. If you’d like romance, this can be added but NOT between my child character and your adult. I will gladly play a second adult as a boy/girlfriend, spouse, or just potential love interest.

    When Ink Turns To Blood [MxF, you play Female] [Keywords: Romance, World War I, Drama, Hurt/Comfort]
    MC is a budding artist, and his passion is to create posters. He runs a printing press and has a girlfriend who is a writer. Then World War I happens, and MC is drafted into the war. It is there that he becomes injured, and whats worse, loses his memories from a gas attack. MC is taken to a hospital unable to remember anything apart from the war. At the hospital, he starts falling for a nurse that is taking care of him, and just when he is starting to accept that he might never remember anything from before the war and he’s ready to move on with life, his writer girlfriend shows up. YC can be the writer, the nurse, or if you wish to play both, that’s fine too!

    The Change From G to E-Minor [MxM, MXF] [Keywords: Rock Stars, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama]
    MC has made it big. Bassist, singer, and song-writer in a symphonic metal band, they’re about as big as you can get in the metal world. Their band skyrocketed to the top after only a short stint of playing in dive bars and garages. Now they’re playing shows daily and touring the world. For a time, everything was perfect, and exactly the way everyone in the band wanted it. Nearly a half a year into their big success, and half way through a new album, their lead guitarist gets into an accident and never makes. It nearly broke the band apart, but now, after just two months, they’re looking for a new guitarist. They want to keep going, at least finish the new album like their friend and guitarist would have wanted. YC decides to audition for the band, and ultimately is chosen as the new guitarist. Secondary characters would be mandatory to play for the both of us, which would basically just be the rest of the band. As for how the band sounds think (or look up) Nightwish, Symphony X, and Kamelot.
  2. I like the left behind one, on if you're interested
  3. Hi! I'd be more than interested! Thanks for responding. Shall I shoot you a PM or you shoot me one?