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  1. Hey to all of you!
    I'm still pretty new to this site but I'm not new to rping.
    Mostly I'm rp as a male but I would like to try out being a female for change and just more often.
    I like to write in paragraphs so I would like for you to at least write a bit more then one sentence. Though it's always understandable that there are rough times. I don't want anyone to worry about their rp with me. It should be fun not complicated work.
    I'm quite open for a lot of things. Nothing to hardcore though. It would be still alright if there is light violence but I don't want my character to hurt anyone or get my character hurt seriously. That's just not the point of it but if we include something like one character tripping and hurting their ankle or getting a bloody knee would be alright.
    Besides that just suggest what you would like to do. I really like to do original rps but I would like to discuss about a plot before then exchanging ideas for characters.

    I like/do:
    smut (not 100% smut though, there still has to be a plot)
    modern times
    blackmailing(nothing too bad though)
    zombie apocalypse

    vampire x vampire
    vampire x human
    demon x angle
    demon x demon
    demon x human
    angle x angle
    angle x human
    policemen/detective x thief
    master x maid
    teacher x teacher
    teacher x student
    pirate x pirate
    elf x elf
    elf x human

    I don't like/don't do:
    anything with feces
    too personal rps
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  2. Fandoms

    Black Butler
    Soul Eater*
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn*
    Death Note
    Ao no Exorcist
    Shingeki no Kyojin*
    Higurashi no naku koro nii
    Mirai Nikki

    Sherlock (BBC/movies/books)*
    The Walking Dead*
    (Dangan Ronpa)

    [* marks the ones I would really like to do...the others are all cool though]

    Plot ideas:
    1.) What I thought up is that there is someone new that comes into my character's life and slowly brightens it up. He/she is still not fully over the loss of his/her beloved one.(The fiancé had died in a car accident.) And not even his/her friends can make him/her feel happy. But your character should be something special for him/her then and change that fact slowly.
    I guess they could meet at my character's café. We could make it that your character is just a new guest or maybe a new employee. I don't mind either. U-um your character needs some persistence that's all I require....the rest is up to you.

    2.) And my next idea would be that an employ is blackmailed by his/her boss/ or blackmails his/her boss with texts or pictures they got showing/ proving that the person who is blackmailed is having an affair with someone.
    The blackmailing could start out with just easy tasks, like picking up things or doing the other's work, the blackmailed one should do for the other and then get more intensive and maybe it could turn out that the one who does the blackmailing did that because he/she didn't knew how to confess his/her love otherwise. And here too you can chose with role you prefer.

    3.) In this world every human gets a guardian angle, that protects only them from every misery they may encounter. They are born simultaneously to the human they are going to guard and they get older just the same way their human counterpart does. But this time it's a bit more complicated.A 19 year old turns out to actually be a half-demon and the worst thing is that his guardian angle feel in love with him/her. Because rules say that you're never allowed to fall in love with the person you protect and especially not a demon. But actually this demon is different than others of his species. He/She is very human-like but still it seems to be a bothersome problem for the guardian angle. The latter is torn between what is right and his/her feelings. Yet can those "enemies" really turn into lovers?

    4.) A detective is desperately hunting down his greatest enemy, a master thief. But he is failing miserable every time. Soon the thief starts to pay him little visits. Teasing the detective more and more. Sometimes he even teases him during their chases and he goes farther and farther each time. Groping him whenever it's possible, stealing kisses, undressing him and giving him pleasure filled nights until the detective can't stop but fall in love with the thief. If wished for we could make it so that the thief and the detective actually already knew each other. Like the thief works in a café the detective always visits or maybe in a convenient store. And maybe the thief could be already in love with the detective and that's why he started all this in the first place.

    5.) We are survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Walking around to find a better place. How did it start? How will it go? And how will it end? I thought about the character meeting all or most of them at some kind of college or university. This idea could ever turn out to be a group rp or if someone is willing to play more than just one character at the time it could still be a 1x1 rp. I wouldn't mind either of it.

    I am always open for other suggestions and always like to help with any ideas as well try to come up with some more stuff on my own.
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  3. Why didn't you just start your own rp, with the amount of time it prolly took you to type that all up

    And when I first joined, not too long ago, I just looked around and started joining roleplays.
  4. I would love to do either a Hetalia or Black Butler role play with any of those ideas!!!
  5. I very much like your 3rd rp idea! The one with the angel/half-demon. If you are ok with playing the female, I don't mind being the angel or the half-demon. That choice is up to you!
  6. if you are ok with ME playing the female, sorry
  7. @MrsMichaelis13: Sure that sounds great. Hmm well how about Black Butler then? Any plot idea you might prefer?

    @kioko_rose: I don't mind that you're the female at all but I think I would like to be the half-demon, if that's alright.
  8. That's fine with me!!!