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  1. Introduction

    I am Fox in a Lab Coat! You may call me by whatever nickname you prefer. The ones I am aware of mostly include 'Doc Foxy' or 'FiaLC'. Or just 'Fox', but that can get confusing with the number of fox-themed names floating around. On other sites, I am sometimes known as Chemifox instead. I am a 23 year old college student who both works and goes to school, so I am not online every day.

    This is a collection of my plot ideas. All of them could be either a group or a one-on-one sort of roleplay. They are meant to be brief so that I and whoever is interested in the idea can brainstorm further and find a more specific plot/setting that works best for us. ^_^ I have too many thoughts on each of these ideas to list! Feel free to suggest your own ideas that you think I might like, as well.

    I would like to mention a few guidelines! For either group or one-on-one roleplays, I prefer everyone to have more than one character, and everyone involved can participate in the creation of the world. In a one-on-one, I prefer to take turns controlling the plot with my partner so that both can explore aspects of the world that seem interesting to them. In fandom roleplays, I prefer it if no one plays the canon characters. In fact, it'd be better for me if the canon characters never existed, so we can come up with our own story with only the constraints of the setting limiting us.

    Preferred Genres

    I am very flexible when it comes to genre, but I tend not to be interested in roleplays that are completely set in the real world without something out of the norm. In other words, I would not be interested in a roleplay about the lives of normal high schoolers. I would, however, be interested in the lives of normal high schoolers dealing with living in a space station in the future. I am most interested in near-modern or future settings, but that doesn't rule out a historical setting or a completely original world. In fact, I love creating and collaborating on original worlds more than setting it entirely on Earth. :3

    One of my favorite themes of a roleplay is exploration. This requires something new for the characters to deal with. Whether that is literally a new land to explore, a new technology, or something more supernatural depends on the roleplay. Most that I do include this theme! I also like challenging my character’s expectations and ideas about the world.


    I’d be interested in running or participating in a number of tabletop games which I think would translate well online. The main two I’d want to run are Microscope and Kingdom, both of which I own. Well, sort of. The second is still in a development phase, so I own the pre-release beta version. Both of these games are story-telling games that don’t include the need for a DM/GM/ST. They are cooperative world-building games. I have too many starting ideas for these two games to list!


    SPACE STATION: How would humanity adapt to living on a space station? Could it ever fully transition? In a future where the Earth is inhabitable, it wouldn’t have a choice. This roleplay would explore the lives of people on a space station – a massive space station housing millions. How do they grow food? Who governs? What sort of entertainment venues are there? Transportation? Living quarters? Although largely an exercise in world-building, many types of plots are possible with this setting from closed-quarters terrorist attacks to space-opera style political campaigns to first contact with aliens to a survival-horror hunt for resources.
    Bonus idea: What would it be like to find the ruins of the massive space station after it has been abandoned? Party of characters explores what is left after some sort of disaster. Anyone still alive? If so, how have they been changed by the breakdown of the station?

    INTERSTELLAR TRAIL: This idea is detailed here.


    DOCTOR WHO: An opportunity for us to come up with our own delightfully British, awesomely pulp-y science fiction stories. I don’t have a plot line prepared because there are simply so many possibilities. This could be very episodic with companions coming and going. I’d also prefer a Timelord character other than the Doctor. Perhaps more than one!

    KINGDOM HEARTS: Again, an opportunity for us to create our own world-hopping story using the basic concepts of the Kingdom Hearts franchise with none of the canon characters. Our characters could come from and visit an infinite number of worlds straight from our imagination, all in the name of saving the multiverse.

    Present Day

    THE SECRET WORLD: As seen in many forms of media, this is the idea that there is a whole hidden world underneath our own full of supernatural creatures. An obvious example of this would be the MMO of the same name (The Secret World) but also includes things like Dresden, Vampire the Masquerade, Harry Potter, etc. Our beginning characters would start as part of the normal world and be gradually introduced to this new world as we come up with new aspects of it.

    GREAT POWER: What would you do with unlimited power? This roleplay would explore the behavior of individuals who have been given a godlike amount of power one day for reasons unknown. They are able to conjure anything they can come up with in the blink of the eye – and also take anything they see out of existence. Their only limitation is each other – they can’t poof someone away who has the same ability. Can they learn to live with each other in a world of their creation, or will their conflict destroy everything?


    THE DUNGEON: This roleplay idea is inspired by the many, many roguelike games out there. Another word for them is dungeon-crawler. The setting would involve a seemingly bottomless dungeon with a single entrance at ground level. The influx of adventurers hoping to conquer the dungeon has prompted the build-up of a large city around the entrance. The origin of the dungeon is unknown. It appears to change shape at random. Colonization parties have been sent in to establish trading outposts for restocking adventurers inside. The deeper ones have to deal with stretches of time wherein they have no ability to contact the surface. Some colonization parties were never seen again. Character possibilities include adventurers full of hubris trying to conquer the dungeon, normal citizens of the town above or one of the trading outposts inside as they try to make a living out of such extreme circumstances, scholars trying to study the nature, origin, and contents of the dungeon, magical creatures awaiting inside the dungeon, and more.
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  2. I would love to do something involving KINGDOM HEARTS... basically 'cause its amazing.
    Would you want to keep the same disney movies and stuff. Also what would the basic plot be?
  3. Sorry for the late response. I ended up horribly sick and could not focus on anything. @_@ Lots of catching up with school, but I finally have free time again!

    So, I like to create whole new worlds for my roleplays. I'd take the basic setting of Kingdom Hearts - the idea of the multiverse connected by doors opened by keyblades) and just apply it to a different combination of worlds. The plot and worlds we can brainstorm together!