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  1. Heya, this is my first intcheck here in Iwaku so please be gentle O n O

    This is still a pretty rough draft. I'm going to need some thoughts and suggestions for this.
    It's sorta like a mix between Mirai Nikki, TWEWY, Full Metal Alchemist (my friend says the skills remind him of it ._.) and a typical MMORPG.
    There's an event called "The Game" (subject to change), a death match wherein the last one standing gets to become the new God. Of course, the "players" are handpicked by the GM, or the current God. Those who see a bright and ideal future for the world, or those who resent it wholeheartedly and want it to change for the better, are the ones who are picked to participate in the game.
    Players are required to rack up points in order to get stronger. To do this, one must either defeat other players in a match, or do missions.
    Players control one of the six elements as a means of fighting, which are either fire, water, earth, wind, ice, or lightning (add some if you like, just not light and dark. I'll give you an answer when you ask.)
    Secondary skills include conjuring up a specific metal. Any metal will do.
    Tertiary skills include summons. Only players in a specific level will be able to do summons.
    Players do not know each other, and they need to search for other players by doing missions, wherein either the people who seem to be going for the same task will figure each other out, or the points gained from the missions or matches could be used to locate the nearest player.
    Players who do not defeat another player in a match within two weeks will have their name and face imprinted in all the other players' thoughts. More likely than not, that means they'll be hunted down. It's kill or be killed.
    Points could also be used to grant a player immunity or new skills, but these are only temporary.
    Players only have three "lives" (subject to change), and if a player loses their lives, they will die.
    There are also Mods and Admins, but I'm still not sure how they'll fit in.

    Well, that's all I had in mind. Oh, and it's set in an urban city, but I'm not yet sure in which country. Opinions and suggestions would be nice. Any questions and clarifications, don't hesitate to ask.
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  2. As soon as I saw "TWEWY" and "Mirai Nikki" I was hooked.
    I like the overall concept of a death match, and the goal creates potential for some interesting characters with conflicting ideologies. I also like how the time limit pressures people to murder, but does not make it mandatory. Multiple lives also leaves room for character development rather than having players start overpowered, and allows them to be more open to failures. This system could also possibly be abused in many delightful ways.
    As for suggestions, these are just my opinions so scan and take what you like.
    First, I think the combat system is a bit restrictive. Unless you can expand on it more, for example wind is associated with speed and sound, and can improve your agility or hearing, lightning includes machines and technology, etc. it would pretty much just be an all-out casting fest "MY FIREBALLS BIGGER THAN YOURS" I do like some sort of presets (most stories have some sort, such as the future prediction in Mirai Nikki, or pins in TWEWY), but don't limit it to just the Magician archetype.
    Second, the level system sounds difficult to manage. How will one's levels be determined? What about points? Who determines the points earned? It will take heavy GM policing, and I also feel like there might be excessive competition over gaining levels rather than enjoying character interaction.
    And speaking of character interaction, since this seems to be a rather large scale event with individual objectives, unless there are a large number of players I don't feel like much character interaction (aside from killing each other) would occur. A work around would be to include mostly team-oriented challenges to force people together. In TWEWY, they made it mandatory to for m a link with a partner. Even then, you really only interacted with one other person at a time. Mirai Nikki teamwork was also very limited
    As for mods and admins, I think it'd be cool if they were active NPCs who actually play a role within The Game and have distinct personalities. Think Reapers from TWEWY.
    And there are my 2 cents. If you decide to go through with this RP, I'd be interested in joining. Good luck mate!
  3. Sorry, this was originally supposed to be a novel, but that didn't work out because of schoolwork and lack of inspiration =A=
    Probably the missions that will be laid out would need a bit of partnering up to accomplish. Matches can also be between teams, but of course it's gonna take one life if you lose.
    Maybe I should abolish the level system, huh... but the points system stays. It's actually pretty simple. There should be, say, 100 points for every match won, and if you happen to kill someone, you get all his or her points. The points given by mission depends on its difficulty.
    As for summons, think there should be a specific win count to acquire the skill?
    And I like the idea for the skills. I'm gonna give it a bit of thought. I added the metal conjuring part for those who'd prefer Melee. Combine it with magic and BAM, the ultimate spellsword.
    Thanks for the suggestions and the support, I look forward to RPing with you :D
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  4. You had me hooked with Mirai Nikki. Now first off, I'd love to play in this. Seems right up my alley.

    As for ideas... I can already think of several different things to do in regards with the various powers. And playing off of what Kanon said, maybe incorporate attribute weaknesses. I mean, it's a pretty common thing in games. Like making someone who uses Fire weak against Water, but strong against Ice. And Earth strong against Wind, but weak against Lightning(seeing as how Lightning melts sand). Make it more interesting by giving each element a double weakness. Take fire for instance. Weak against Water and Earth, but strong against Ice and Lightning. And expand even further by making it to where they can even enhance another element to nullify another, or even to get rid of its weakness to something. Like Water and Earth combining to not only devastate Fire, but also nullify Water's weakness to Lightning by making Mud to kinda put more of an emphasis on character interaction. Just some thoughts that I had.
  5. You guys seem to like the idea of teaming up a lot, dontcha'? xD
    Well, I'll figure something out. For now I'd like to gather... say, two or three more people for this?
  6. Very interested.

    ...gotta fix my computer soon cuz dumb boot sector virus ._.