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  1. ((Came up with an idea and just need some help hammering out an issues before submitting this into the forums. It will be in Modern Fantasy and looking for four people maybe five.))

    Things That Have Come to Pass…
    n 340 BC, Byzantium and their allies the Athenians came under siege by the armed forces of Philip of Macedon. On a wet and dreary night that his forces were to invade into the city under the cover of darkness, a bright light flashed through the night and ruined his plans of conquest and compromised his influence over Greece. Believing that their Goddess Hecate had came to their defense, they honored her by erecting a statue of her. However the truth of the light that saved Byzantium was less intended and more…mere coincidence.

    During this memorable event that was never recorded by historians (probably for good reason), the city had been under a different kind of siege altogether. The darken alleys that the noblemen dared not tread, the bodies of the unfortunate were being found drained of blood with throats torn as if a beast had attacked them. With theories ranging from a mad man to demons flying about, the city was gripped in fear both of the killing sprees and the forces of Macedon encroaching upon them. With the armies of Macedon not too far away, any kind of authority were far too concerned with the approaching threats of war than tracking down a lunatic.

    As fears sky-rocketed, a Witch had taken it upon herself to seek the threat and handle it herself. Following the trail of bodies and the rumors that circulated from the underworld of the city, she came across a horrific truth. That a man had been the murderer but his choice of weapon was his teeth. With a witness’s testimony, she learned that this man would venture into the alleys and poverty ridden neighbors every few nights to find some weak unfortunate soul to attack. The Witness had seen such an attack where he had picked a prostitute for the evening and tore her throat out behind some crates. He proceeded to drink what was left of her lifeblood and left sprawled out in the alley like a piece of garbage. It wasn’t long before she found his name, Damianus.

    On the night of the attempted invasion of Macedon, she had track the Noblemen and ambushed him with hire men as he was about to feast on another unfortunate soul. Overwhelmed by her magic, he fled but did not get far. Cornering him upon one of the walls, he fought her hired men and left them strewn like bloodied rag-dolls but she got him in the end. Entangling him in her magic, she placed a curse upon him as she was not strong enough to kill him with her power nearly spent. Seeing him as the demon he was beneath the mask of a human man, she turned the sun against him and exiled him from Byzantium. Coincidently, the light from her curse had shone over the invading troops of Macedon and saved the city from invasion. The people had believed the light had came from Hecate and erected a statue in her honor…not realizing their true savoir was a Witch named, Anastasia.

    Those That Dwell in Shadows…
    hat Damianus had become was named Vampyre centuries later as his tainted linage spread in his descendents. Never to return to his beloved Byzantium, he ventured through Europe for centuries before ultimately vanishing. Many of these descendents broke off into different clans, either to ward off suspicion or a desire to be solitary. Some of these clans sparked the legends of Bathory, Camilla and Vlad Tepes. But not all of these cursed souls are evil to their core and revel in the blood of their victims. Some are just unlucky to have very little choice but to hunt humans for their survival and pray from a miracle to their damnation.

    An inherited condition, Vampyres must feed on blood to keep themselves youthful, increase their strength and quicken their speed. As they only need to feed once every four to five days, they can feast on normal food and drink for sustenance. A Vampyre can live as long as they continue to feed on blood but some that lose interest in living simply stop and wither away, sometimes this happens just after a few centuries under their belts. Why they choose to die is different for every Vampyre but the common reasons are pure boredom or loneliness.

    When it comes to feeding, the smarter ones feed many miles from their domiciles and either hide the bodies or leave them hypnotized, tricking their minds so they can’t remember what happened to them. A Vampyre is actually a living being and not a member of the undead like myths often state. They have a pulse, warm bodies and reflections but their canines are considerably enlarged and sharp. From living a nocturnal life, they tend to be pale in complexion but the ones lucky to implore a witch to enchant a protection item to protect from the deadly rays of the sun tend to have a healthier skin tone. Other myths that state that Vampyres can Shapeshift into beasts or have supernatural powers like mind-reading are as far-fetched as Elvis being abducted by Aliens.

    The descendents of Anastasia stayed within the city of Byzantium for over six hundred years before Constantine I died a Christian. Seeing as the new religion falsely saw them as devil-worshipers, the family left the city and found themselves moving from place to place often. Although the blood of Anastasia and Damianus had been separate for all these centuries, they were fated to never having a homeland. These wandering witches inherited Anastasia’s power but also her burden with the fated curse she had cast for only a Witch of her blood could free the Vampyres from their curse. This revelation to both sides has painted a target on them. How this works can only be found in Anastasia’s Grimoire and finding that is a mystery in itself that only the elders of the family can know.

    All witches including Anastasia’s descendents can cast magic in the form of one special ability, rituals and incantations learned from family grimoires and enchanted items. Learning from experience, witches practice their craft in the solitude of their homes and hold secrecy of their power at the utmost priority. A few too many family members were unfortunate enough to face their ends strapped to a burning stake. A Witch can live can as long as a normal human but there have been some that grew in power that time held no sway upon them. Some even have familiars (mundane animals that gain supernatural powers) that can act as their eyes and ears, even act as storage vessels for reserve energy

    Enter the New Players…
    he Witches haven’t been the only nemeses of the Vampyres. During their migration throughout Europe and eventually the other continents, they have clashed with the Shapeshifters of the Icy North and came to blows with humans calling themselves Hunters…who are enemies with just about everyone that aren’t mundane. Like with any oppressed group of people, the source of Vampyre sustenance that had survived previous attacks or suffered the lose of loved ones to the such violence, gathered their courage to stalk the night of its monsters.

    The Shapeshifters have gone by many names thought-out the long millenniums that they have existed but in this modern time they go by one, Werewolves. Starting out in the Icy North of Scandinavia, the werewolves were a race of man with a unique talent for changing their physical form into a wolfman. The Viking myths stated that these people were special warriors of Odin and they were charged with dispatching evil. When they encountered the likes of the Vampyres, to them none was more evil. They are indifferent to Hunters as most of the time they are either killing them in self-defense or avoiding them completely while they are friendly to witches of good-heart.

    How the Werewolves came about is shrouded in myths and lost history. While they are in human form, they continue to possess their superior senses but once they change into their bestial shape, they gain strength and speed that humans can never match and only Vampyres can. Some think that this may be biological fate. Society-wise, they either live together with family as clans or separate as loners.
    The Troubles with Now…
    t’s the autumn of 2013 and the desire to end their weakness has become a priority for more than a few Vampyres. With the secret that only a descendent of Anastasia can break the curse now known to not only to the Vampyres but to the Werewolves and Hunters as well, the season for hunting witches has began. For the Hunters, killing the descendents eliminates the threat of the curse being broken for good. The werewolves on the other hand are interested in protecting the descendents while the Vampyres would have nothing more than locking them in a tower and wait for them to come to their senses. Bartering the solution to their curse for the freedom the witches beg for.

    Anastasia’s descendents have taken many precautions over the last few centuries to hind themselves from pressures. Changing their names, filing false censuses and adopting children to act as false leads are only a few to name. Keeping the curse going and keeping the Grimoire of their ancestors hidden has become their sword duty, not only to her but to humanity as well. Seeing this duty as the only chance for humanity against such beasts that hunt them in the night. However, rumor of a traitor in their midst has arisen amongst the many covens and trust is running thin.
    The rumor that spreads amongst them all, is a descendent of Anastasia resides in Grave’s Harbor, Maine.
    ((Information on the town will be given later. Probably in the first post to give the setting.))
  2. I just need to know if I missed anything or should add extra information. Those kind of things before I post this in the Fantasy Forum.
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