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  1. Came to me all at once while battling insomnia. Needs work, but I feel good about the concept. Will be posting more soon

    The sweet release of some subtle knowing;
    Our simple lives chalked with a steadfast growing;
    That it all leads back to the same starting measure;
    To reap a disease we've all been sowing

    The poisoned wells that are our life's water;
    Have drowned all our fathers, our mothers, our daughters;
    Our sons, with little left in between;
    To sell ourselves to the dreams we'll martyr

    Pride and prejudice, whim and wonder;
    Defining one another from the bridges asunder;
    We'll walk together to that bright, shining Sun;
    Never to realize the plight of our blunder

    Nothing will end and nothing to start;
    Hand-in-hand victims to the lives torn apart;
    The times we'll share and the rivers of emotion;
    Mean nothing to us, we are not so smart
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  2. Doing some research on Egyptian mythology recently because I realized I'm fascinated. Want to start a running series of poems based off the Gods. Tell me what you think!

    "Nun, Inert"
    Behold and revel
    The primordial sea
    His watery chest, a womb
    The Father of the Gods, life and death

    The snake consumes frog
    Nunet to Nun, ingest
    The frog to evade the snake
    Thus, paradox is forever

    From deep down below
    An azure hymn sung loud
    Heard through the ripples of land
    Heard through the wintry ocean tide

    Atum, Creation
    There dwells the inner self
    Something born of nothing reigns
    Through the tears, humanity born

    Dripping self, yet dry
    A single mound of land
    To house little worshipers
    Bound to drowning life's bloodletting

    And Lo', will time split
    Will tangible become
    And intangible, slightly
    Be held together, fused as one

    And how deep the drink
    And how fair the orange sky
    And how noisy the land's shout
    And how dark the night will become

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