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  1. Searching again. Always searching. Good thing there's people like you looking.
    I'm looking for just one partner - actually I wouldn't mind a group either - so make that one project. My semester doesn't end for another month and a half...unfortunately it's not summer for me yet.

    So I'm Jess; my resume is filled out with tendencies and preferences. I'm sure it's very vague compared to some, but I really am just that open. I only play original characters, but borrowing worlds is just dandy.

    No worries if you consider yourself a slow poster. I will not jump ship as long as I know you're alive. Even if you have no reason at all for not posting to our roleplay, a hey what's up, it's snowing here and that sucks, is good enough to keep me interested in you and ultimately our story. I hope you can offer me the same patience.

    Now, I've listed below some plots, but feel absolutely free to suggest other routes. I've also got some characters in that thar character section and most of them are free.

    the imaginary friend (open)

    They were best friends. She needed someone and he came. An imaginary friend, her mother called him since she could not see, but the girl knew better and she saw. For years he watched over her and helped her through hard times, but all good things must come to an end. She didn't need him anymore, so he moved on and eventually so did she.

    Imaginary friends do not exist, but he, a Watcher, does. Watchers are employees of the Krose Federation, a civilization unknown to humans which lives not amongst, but above them, orbiting the Earth. Their own planet was destroyed long ago as a result of war, but they've settled on Earth as a candidate among many to host future generations. Watchers are sent to Earth to research both its conditions and inhabitants. They possess the ability to cloak themselves and also technology which allows for teleportation, around Earth and back to the station, invisible above the atmosphere. Imaginary friends, schizophrenic hallucinations, fairy god parents, and ghosts - humans gave the Krosin many opportunities to slide into their world.

    The girl, now grown, is confronted by her old friend, who she herself had come to believe truly was figment of her imagination. He's in trouble and he needs her.

    from darkness (open)

    In this story, the hero did not prevail over evil and did not save the world. Instead, it fell into darkness and has not since recovered.

    This idea came from watching the Lord of the Rings, but it could easily be set into many eras and types of fantasy or science fiction. I want to explore what this world of evil would look like - because most stories focus on evil fighting for power and not what it does when it has it. Lots of slavery and building of the empire, I'm sure, but I'd love to theorize about it with a partner.

    Of course our story will be of the final crusade against this evil force. I don't want an organized, underground rebel force to come back from someplace far away. I'd really like our characters to emerge from this same evil world. Could even be a higher ranking person who was truly evil, but has lost his will for it. Does a lack of evil mean good or is there someplace between?

    framed (open)

    Our characters wake in a dark motel room. There lies on the floor the dead body of someone they both know, though they don't know each other.

    Very simple idea and I'm hesitant to flesh it out before getting a partner for it. But I want something gritty and dark. We need reasons this person is dead - I was thinking they may have been tied to a gang/mob type organization that neither of our characters could have guessed about. Now that they are involved, they will descend into a dark world beyond their previous daily considerations to figure out why their friend/lover/family/enemy was killed and why they were dragged into it.

    Could easily become supernatural.

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