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Hello and Thank you for taking the time to checkout my plot request thread. Down below you’ll find three plots I’d like to do and hopefully one will interest you.

So let’s begin with a little about me okay. I’ve been roleplay on and off for a good ten to fifteen years now. I don’t have to many rules only that I’d honestly like to get about five sentences per post at the very least. For posting speed I don’t really mind if you post once a day or once a week. I know reply quickly can sometimes be hard and will be patient waiting for a reply.

I general like to keep my roleplay fun and upbeat with some drama here and there to keep things moving. I’m also a big Anime fan and like and enjoy throwing Anime tropes into my roleplays as I find them silly and fun.

Well then without further or do here are three ideas I’ve come up with:

A Second Chance at Life:

Okay so the story goes my Character is a boy who die in an awful accident a couple years ago in fact. He surprised when he reawakens at the hospital so suddenly. Though is even more shocked to learn he reawakened in the body of a high school girl instead of his own. He finds that he has all his old memories intact but non of the girls he has reawaken as.

Your character on the other hand is the girl best friend, and while her parents and everyone just thinks she has amnesia. You on the other hand quickly begin to believe there a different person inside your friends body.

Okay so basic things I like to do in this role-play is of course have my character get use to his new life as a girl. Though he'll also have to deal with getting use to living a different persons life and slowly learn about the girl who’s body he enter. In this role-play your character will help him get use to his new life and teach him about your best friends life and her relationships with people they meet. As far as how your friend ended up in coma, her hobbies and life before the coma can be things we decide together if you wish, though I do have a few ideas of my own. I'd like this to be a FxF story with our characters ether just being friends or possible getting into a romantic relationship of you wish.

Be Careful What You Wish For:

In this story my character and yours have been childhood friends since we’ve been small children. We’ve always been in the same class together and have never really been apart for each other for more then a week or too. Though all that’s about to change as your parents have told you that you’ll be entering an all girls boarding school for your senior year of high school. You are of course upset over all this, but know that you’ll have to go no matter what, and hate that your character and mine will be separated.

Though on the night before your going to drive to your new school a strange text message from a person claiming they can grant wishes. You of course wish that we could continue going to school together and go to bed. In the morning you wake up to find text saying your wish has been granted and find a photo album you have never seen before near your bed. Opening it you find pictures of you and a girl you’ve never seen, but non of you and me together.

You then receive a call from my character telling you that this morning they woke up as a girl and you realize that was the result of your wish. To make matter worst it seems that our past have have changed and now only you and me ever remember that I was once a boy.

So basically from there our characters will go off to the all girls boarding school together. We end up living in the same dorm room and you help me get use to my new life as a girl. As for relationships we could just remain friends or could start a romantic relationship it’s all up to you.

The Boy Maid:

Your the daughter of a very rich businessman, one who is very overprotective of his daughter. Do to this you lived a very sheltered life, living in a rather large Mansion in the back of the main estate. You rarely leave your home as instead of going to school your father has private tutors come in and teach you personally. Your parent also seem to want to keep you busy loading you with private lessons ranging for music, arts, sports and many other things. You do have a fairly nice sized staff of maids and cooks but there all female, leaving your interaction with men limited to the ones you meet at the parties your invited to at your family main estate. Though recently your personal maid has retired, and after making a request to your parents were given the privilege of hiring her replacement.

My character is a very feminine looking and acting boy who is in desperate need of work as his Mother built up a good deal of debt to some loan sharks. So despite the ad saying only woman may apply, he throws on some girls clothes and applies to be your maid and is luckily hired by you.