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  1. Hey there! I'm looking for someone to roleplay some ideas with me, or come up with a plot with me to roleplay.

    Some background information about me is:
    - Romance is a MUST for me. I adore romance
    - I only really prefer female in MxF relationships, but if you can sell me an idea, I'm willing.
    - I will do a MxM RP, but I prefer both males to be equal (none of that ukexseme stuff from anime).
    - I will RP in a fandom's universe, but not as characters from that show/game/movie.
    -I write about as much as I'm given to work with.
    - Anything else should be on my Roleplay Resume!

    1.) My character is a hunter who travels the US hunting demons, vampires, and other mystical creatures, never staying in one play for too long. Your character is one of these demons/vampires/mystical creatures, and when fate throws them together, they must get over their prejudices and help defeat a growing evil. (Think Supernatural-esque with this). The plot for this is purposely loose to give room for a lot of discussion.

    2.) My character is a treasure hunter, and your character can be anyone really. A fellow rival treasure hunter, a journalist, an archaeologist, whatever. Either way, they're on the hunt for a treasure which is easier said than done with ancient curses, old temples, cartels and warlords getting in the way. (This is VERY Uncharted and Indiana Jones inspired).

    3.) Takes place in the 1600s-1700s era during the Golden Age of pirates (I just beat Assassin's Creed, don't judge okay?!). This can have supernatural/fantasy elements, it's up to you. Either way, my character was a normal woman who was about to be married before some pirates came and pillaged her village, taking her away as well - or likewise, she was a prostitute/courtesan or even just some runaway who joined onto a pirate ship/stowed away. Fast forward several years and she's now the arrogant and feared pirate captain of The Princess. Your character was either her fiance or someone else who knew her in her past life and went searching or coincidentally ran into her, only to be surprised by the person they find. Cue high seas adventures.

    4.) My character grew up on the streets of _____ kingdom. As soon as she was old enough, she enlisted in the royal army and slowly but surely climbed the ranks until she was assigned as the Prince's own personal knight/champion/bodyguard. With a war brewing with the neighboring kingdom, her job is more important than ever. I'd kind of like for our characters in this one to have been really close, growing up together. They have a type of chemistry and dynamic that has been honed over several years of being in each other's presence. Perhaps they argue a lot or butt heads, or whatnot, but that's all up for discussion.

    5.) Kind of like 4, only my character is a mercenary who is hired to stand guard during a banquet for the royal family when an usurper comes and takes over/slaughters the royal family except for the Prince/Next in line. The Prince promises my character that if she helps gain him safe passage to a neighboring kingdom where he can gather an army and take back his land, then she'll be paid quite handsomely. What's the worst that can happen? Cue epic adventure. This can also be part fantasy with dragons and elves and stuff involved if you want.

    Fandoms I'll RP in:
    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Harry Potter
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  2. Oooooo...I have interest in idea #2. I love both Indiana Jones and Uncharted.
  3. Great!!! I don't have messaging yet, but as soon as I can, I'll message you. Well I guess to start though what kind of culture were you looking to explore (Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian, Tibet, idk, some made up fantasy culture that isn't really real?)?
  4. Egyptian or Sumerian would probably be my top choices, but Mayan could potentially work as well. I actually love Egyptian mythology and such so perhaps we could tie that in somehow.
  5. Hmm then how does Egyptian mythology sound as a start? If the RP goes on for a while then we can have several excursions into the others?
  6. Yep, that works wonderfully actually.
  7. Great! I'll send you a message as soon as I get on my home computer and we can further discuss the details.
  8. I'll be interested in #3, Harry Potter or Dragon Age, if you would have me, that is! :)
  9. Ok, great! I've been a bit busy because of the holidays, but as soon as I get a chance we can start planning stuff.
  10. Great! Are there any from those you chose that you're more interested or particular to? If you want we could combine the pirate one and Dragon Age one (and have characters like Isabela from DAII and whatnot)
  11. I'm not that familiar with Isabella unfortunately, but I think I would love to try a Harry Potter rp as it's been a while.
  12. Oh that's no problem! I was just making a reference that it would work to combine the ideas because she's a pirate captain in one of the Dragon Age games, so I meant that like it could be like that. It doesn't have to be of course! The RP could take place during a blight or something and the characters can be wardens, or something else or not do that at all and we could do the pirate RP in a historical context. It's up to you really!

    Is there anything in particular you had in mind for the Harry Potter RP? Did you want them to start as first years or maybe during a triwizard tournament?
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