Some plot heavy ideas (with the possibility for m/m or m/f romance)

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  1. Looking for partners for probable slow burn rps! Not all of these have to involve romance but if you want them to, then just progress it in a way that feels natural! I mostly do m/m but I'm still definitely open for m/f (just know I don't play females.)
    Anyway here are some ideas. (Roles I already have characters for * beside them, meaning I might be more inclined to play that role but it's not set in stone!)

    The fence. (character A*)
    Character A is a new student in a new town, and is having trouble finding a place for themself. Character b is the ghost of a student who died over a decade ago, lingering in the forest behind the school where they died.
    One day, while walking around the back of the school after class, character A stumbles across character b and before long, an odd friendship develops.
    Character B can't pass the fence that separates the forest from the town behind the school, and can only be seen by people who cross the fence.
    (Whether character a knows right away that b is a ghost or if there's a dramatic reveal later is your choice!)

    Crater slums. (Character b*)
    Character A lives in a city that has been partially destroyed in a war over a decade ago that left a large crater in the centre. During this war character A was experimented on by their parent, giving them some sort of super power (up to you what) that they use to survive in a city with high crime rates, and foreign military in control.
    Character B is a member of the foriegn military, but against their will. They had been a part of the same experiment as Character A and lost the sight in their eyes, but gained future sight (for the most fart, they're only able to see a few minutes or sometimes just moments ahead but at night while asleep has more vivid visions)
    Character A and B meet, and recognise one another.
    (It can go a number of directions from here, b taking A into custody. B convincing A to leave the military.)

    Character A comes from a family who is constantly strict, ordering them around and demeaning them for not getting perfect grades.
    Character B comes from a family where they are ignored. Their parents are always fighting and never even notice they have a child.
    A and B become close because they live next to one another, so when B decides to run away from home, A is quick to follow.
    (This story would basically be one big road trip with two teens trying to find a place in the world.)

    I have more but I'll leave it here for now! Let me know if your interested in any and if you want it to be romance or not!

    My standards aren't too high. Just that you can post semi regularly and can respond with at least a few mid sized paragraphs ~
  2. Interested in (romantic) runaways?~
  3. Definitely! What way would you prefer to Rp? Thread or IM? Either way, you should probably IM me so we can talk a bit more about it~
  4. Interested in The Fence idea!
  5. Awesome~ pm me and we can talk about your preferred format and stuff!
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