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  1. Hi there~ I usually do fandom role plays, but they're not really taking off, so I decided to do some original idea role plays!
    Usually, I play the female, but I'm willing to double.

    As for what I require in a partner:

    1- Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also please use 3rd person.
    2- Be active. Reply more than once a day if possible.
    3- Communicate. Tell me if you want to quit, or get busy.
    4- Be willing to double.
    5- Please also be willing to do sex scenes, instead of fade to black.
    6- Meet me in post length. If I post 8 paragraphs, don't reply with two. I need someone who can reply with the same amount.
    I usually post anywhere from 2-10.

    So, here are my ideas.
    Italic are ideas I'd like to do the most, bold are the characters I'd like to play.

    A married woman's husband ignores her and is always working.
    She finds comfort in an old college friend, or maybe a hot new coworker.
    (I'd like to play the married woman)

    Pregnant Teen:
    A girl has sex with her dirtbag boyfriend to finally get him to leave her alone at a party, and gets pregnant.
    When she tells him, he freaks out and says he needs time to think.
    But what she doesn't know is that behind her back, he's been seeing her best friend.
    Alone and pregnant, she meets a boy who actually cares about her... And it turns out to be her best friends runaway brother.
    (I'd like to play the pregnant teen)

    Oh no! We're related!:
    A girls mother gets remarried to a great guy.. Who happens to be her boyfriends father!
    Their relationship was a secret, so no one ever knew, and now, no one will ever know, since they're step-siblings.
    (I'd like to play the girl)

    Fluffy sweet love:
    I'd like to do a true love story between a younger sister and older brother.
    (Not too old, around 20-24) but I want it to be sweet and fluffy instead of smutty.
    And I'd like to play the sister.

    I'd also like to do any era type role plays, or arranged marriages, cheating, ect.
    I'm always up for drama and romance!

    If you're interested, feel free to PM me or comment. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.