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  1. So, here are a few more ideas I've had over the past couple of days, and if you're interested, please PM me. But before I post them, here are my terms:

    1. I can play male or female characters, just so you know.
    2. I do tend to like including romance, but I do have a plot or two in here where it's not required-though let me know if you want to include it if you like the idea.
    3. I will list the majority of my plots as Male-Female pronouns, but I am okay with using two male or two female characters. But where it says she when I list characters, that is the spot where the female character will go, no buts.


    In a small boomtown in 1850, in the newly made state California, a youth has made a bet with their friend that they can find gold in the "haunted" mine that no one uses after an accident two years ago. As they enter the mine they start getting lost, until they meet someone down their, who is determined to help the youth escape. But the youth, being stubborn, decides to explore, leading the stranger to lead them away into the mine. Little does our youth know, the stranger is a ghost that had been murdered by a rival two years ago, and wantd this unhallowed ground to themself. Therefore, they plan on killing the youth in any way possible to keep their home.


    In some mystical fantasy land there lives a silkie, a Vampire who loves the high life-fancy dresses, luxury comforts, the works. Her method of getting them? Killing men who fall prey to her "glamours"-spells that enchant. Well, it just so happens that one victim had a map to a hidden chamber of treasure-however, the map is enchanted, as a ring that is stuck on to the wearer's finger until they reach the place or die. But Silkie dorsn't care-she thinks she looks pretty with it. Enter a small group of mercs, celebrating tgeir victory on a recent quest. The Half-Orc, a Barbarian, sees the ring and realizes that there's treasure to be won. The silkie admits it, promises to let him go with her to find it, thinking she'll get to yry Orc blood-but instead, when she goes outside he clamps her in irons, her weakness, and starts off on their journey. I want this RP to be comedic, as well as parodying fantasy cliches.


    There is a modern-day metropolis, Hero City, famous for its supervillains. Many superheroes have tried to become the protector of said city, and have failed, leading them to be chased out by an angry mob. Enter a young hero, excited to finally get the chance to prove himself. He rents an apartment above the local cafe, where he meets a barista who has lost all hope for heroes. He is determined to prove to her that heroes are truly aroumd, and manages to actually fight some baddies-and win. Little does he know, the barista is a villain herself, and is actually impressed that there's a hero out there who can actually fight.
  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if you are still interested in roleplaying the "Hero of the Day"?