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Hey everyone! I'm Cress, I'm new here. Well, new-ish. I'm a Figment transplant looking for some new partners, so I thought I'd throw out some ideas! I can match post lengths, I'm cool with all gender pairings both romantic and platonic, and I love going super in-depth with my characters.

I'll separate them into three different categories- written-out, photos, and lyrics. Here we go!

1. A tale of two glanced locked across a crowded street, though not a lightning bolt of romance, not a coup de foudre. Both of their lives have been anything but eventful, but both of them have always yearned for that something more, both convinced that they have a larger purpose. And at that brief moment of eye contact, both of them are transported to the past. They year is different, the time is different, the clothes are different, and the two of them have a connection like no other. And of course, after memories upon memories, one of them watches the other die. They both return to the present, being shoved by the rush of those around them. But they both saw. And now they have to find each other, and prevent it from happening again.

2. Okay so, a really really long time ago (like two years ago) I did an rp based on this and let me tell you it was sick. There were these two who had a history in high school, one was really shitty to the other who happened to be hopelessly in love with them. Five years later, the two are completely different people. The first has grown up, grew out of their resentful, rebellious, cruel ways and done some soul-searching with the help of their high school best friend and sidekick (who retained a bit of their old edge) and went to community college, mellowing out and trading in their leather jacket for a handful of heavy sweaters, and above all deciding to become an elementary school teacher to put some kindness in the world that they once polluted. The other, needless to say, has gotten stronger, smarter, and glowed up substantially with the help of their upstart Harvard-law younger sibling. They've both moved past their respective histories, but can it stay that way when they work across the hall from each other in an elementary school of all places?

3. Based off Victor Hugo's Les Amis de l'ABC, this idea is a character study disguised as a group of college kids running a social justice movement. There's clashes in opinion, clashes in action- friendships bud, as do romances, but some break.

4. The year is 1961, the summer is ripe, and the waves are tripping, that's for sure. Southern California calls a bit of everyone, all different people united under one god, and that's surfing. For this, I would really like to double or possibly even triple. Though different, under one steaming sun and beyond the aquamarine sea they make a family of their own.

5. A modern Iliad (going to require doubling or tripling)- X savagely took over Y's family business, spawning something of a corporate war between this two ancient families. A cast of characters including: the young prodigal businessman who was aided by the CEO's of a Fortune 500 company in taking Y's business over; Y, young and hungry and ready to take on the world; Y's best friend/ significant other who balances out Y's fire with his own temperance and many more.

photos to brainstorm with!







1. Nathalie - Gilbert Becaud - No more questions, sober phrases / Nor October Revolution / I am no longer there with her / Finished, Lenin's tomb / The chocolate in 'Pushkin' / It is- it was- long before...

2. Sleeping Powder - Gorillaz - I'm back, where are we goin'? / Seem to get tired of the mornin' dawn / With a basin on my head / I'm missin' all that I used to know, then / I get the kids to go, and I get...

3. Blue Ridge Mountains - Fleet Foxes - My brother, where do you intend to go tonight? / I heard that you missed your connecting flight, / To the Blue Ridge Mountains, over near Tennessee / You're ever welcome with me any time you like, / Let's drive to the country side, / Leave behind some green-eyed look-a-likes, / So no one gets worried, no...

4. Pulaski At Night - Andrew Bird - Half empty, half full / Cup runneth over / Horns of plenty, coffers full / We're starting over / I write you a story / But it loses its thread / And all of my witnesses / Keep turning up, keep turning up dead / I paint you a picture / Of Pulaski at night / Come back to Chicago / City of, city of light / Come back to Chicago...

5. Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Yusuf Islam / I'm just a soul whose intentions are good / Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

so! Let's discuss!