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A little sketch I made of a wolf the other day when I was bored. Love to draw wolves, it's fun.

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Drew this last year sometime. I'm impatient sometimes so it's rushed in some areas.

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This was drawn a couple of years ago for a class. I rushed it and I was very happy with the face but I didn't like the shoulders or the placement of the globe thing. But fortunately making mistakes will only make me better at drawing.
These are pretty good Lorbel I'm impressed! You ever think of doing color? Also you have a DA account?
I adore the picture of that yawning wolfy. <333
Thanks. :)

I've been practicing with colored pencils but I'm not very good with them. I use pastels sometimes and I'm pretty okay at that. I've just been drawing longest with graphite and it's my favorite to work with. I don't have a DA anymore.

Thank you Fluffy. :)
You have an awesome grasp for realism. (Something that I sadly don't have much of) I really like the second one, very quirky.
Have you ever thought about getting a tablet? I LURVES mine.
Whoa, this is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. 0.0 Awesome.
I like these very much. Good job! I have no talent drawing what so ever so I appreciate those who do.