Some of us call it neverland.

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    This is our neverland. You can have up to two students and however many faciulty you want. This is simply because I don't have to keep track of the faculty,but I don't want to overbear my self with students. The extras is not required for you to fill out,but they help me decided your acceptance.
    If you are a perfect,this will be your first time here. Since you only get a free ride for on semester than they ship you off to become famous.

    Appreance: (realistic or detailed discription)

    Origin/country:(the school is in New Zealand)

    We call my kind:(outlanders/free-birds/brains/jaillies/boxcar children/perfects)

    Sexual prefrence:(keep it simple,please for the love of
    God I don't want t have to researcher stuff)

    Personality:(at least a paragraph)





    Your thoughts on neverland:

    Your stamp: this can be your charecters theme song,or a poem,or a quote. If your charecter is a perfect who got in by singing or playing,then this is the song that got them in. If your charecter s a perfect that got in by acting well then post something you like.

    Ps: for those who have not read the IC you might be confused let me explain.

    Outlander:mentally Ill.
    free-bird: criminal
    Brains: scholarships
    Jailies: rich kids.(majority of the you. After all it takes deep pockets to get in here)
    Boxcar children:orphans
    Perfects: art scholarship( unlike the brains you actully don't have to have money to get in. Just talent)
    Crows: student who hates neverland and wants nothing to do with it.
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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    ℳarshall Abadeer ℒee


    Marsh, M.L., Lee-dog, Dee-Lee, "Yo! What up ABA?!"
    (If you didn't get the hint, everything after M.L. is a complete joke.)

    October 28th

    Marshall's biological age would be around 18

    "Take a guess genius"

    "I'm totally a female" Rolls eyes

    America, Washington D.C

    We call my kind
    "What the hell does that mean??"

    ♂Sexual Preference♀

    "If I love you, then I love you.You could be a pickle for all I care. And if I hate you, then you better run"



    The singing, guitar-playing, rapping, free style dancing, and trouble-making Perfect of "Neverland". But you can just call him Marshall for short. The self assured punk can be described as confident, with a massive attitude that results in being a little insensitive to others, and a trickster who loves to mess with people. You can trust that his aloof and otherwise sarcastic disposition had gotten him into lots of unavoidable mishaps. Although nothing too problematic for him to handle.

    During his early childhood years Marshall became more independent, and "lost track of his moral code" by having been too busy taking care of himself. Years of drifting from all sorts of degenerative locations has made him into a fearless daredevil. His initial disregard for danger can sometimes result in endangering others with what he believes is "friendly" rough housing. Its of course unintentional (at times) and he's quick to express his remorse if things really have gotten out of hand.

    Despite expressing himself as "Evil", Marshall is a trickster by heart, and his "evil plans" often turn out to be nothing more than elaborate jokes. Part of having a mischievous demeanor means that he is very rarely intimidated. Sometimes his pranks may become a bit too violent as he occasionally forgets the fragility of others.

    As a musician its considerably easier for Marshall to express himself through his music. Emotional garble and far too expressive sentimentality makes him extremely uncomfortable. Although he doesn't have any problem showing anger, flirtatiousness, and sarcasm. But when tears and crying start being involved that's where things get troublesome.

    Burning alive

    Damn crocodiles

    People crying, tearing up, getting all sad and emotional- "Agh shut up, shut up, shut up"

    (Sometimes contemporary) Music
    Rock and Heavy metal
    Freestyle Dance
    Singing & Rapping
    Pranks & Jokes
    Electric, bass, and acoustic guitar
    Alternative Indie Bands
    Mix tapes

    Rockr Imag



    Physical Description
    Marshall has a slim body, an average height, black hair, and light gray skin. He is usually seen wearing a red plaid shirt with gray stripes, dark blue jeans with turn-ups and brownish-red and white Converse sneakers. His physical appearance is that of a typical late teenager or a young adult.

    Has an average lean build with a surprise six pack. Freestyle dancing has its benefits ;P

    5'8" ft

    "Oh that's easy, not fat."
    147 lbs.

    Soo Skiℒℒs


    English, Latin, and Korean

    Singing, rapping, beat-boxing and dancing

    Playing instruments

    Has been known to pull out some amazing drop beats back when he DJ'ed

    Pretty carefree & laid back
    Enigmatic & easy to converse with
    Can be a party animal when he wants to
    Never a boring character

    The sexy is strong with this one

    His rough-housing can turn into just straight up violence
    Lacking the sense of morality, his tricks may suddenly become life threatening
    Far too unpredictable
    Lacks awareness of his own physical health
    Takes too many risks for his own good



    Just like (almost) any other human being, Marshall started out as a cute little baby. Being a single parent and also the CEO of a multi-billion empire, Marshall's mom was rarely there to take care of him. Due to the fact that his mother was never really much of a parental figure Marshall had pretty much learned to get along without her. Their relationship, or lack there of, has caused him to become a very independent and overly gutsy young man. So with his electric guitar in hand, Marshall decided to leave his mansion of a him and tour the world. Surprisingly, his mother had no problem with his self proclaimed trip. Believing that this was an excellent way for him to gain some life experiences.

    Well she was at least correct about that assumption as Marshall led an extremely adventurous life. Although it obviously didn't last long as he's now stuck in Kaleniegh Boarding School. The reason being is that his mother had actually made an effort to control her son. Noting that he had enough 'experiences' it was time for him to get some education. The private tutors from before hadn't exactly worked out so shipping him away to boarding school was the best next thing.

    Thoughts about 'Neverland'
    After the constant traveling and changing scenery the academy really did feel like some type of prison. One that Marshall was determined to get the hell out of. But first rule of order, test the waters before blowing it all up.


    ersonal Mix Tape

    'Bad Little Boy'

    'Electric Guitar Covers'


    'EXO_으르렁 (Growl)'


    'Acoustic Guitar Covers'

    These start really slow. Some at :30 :/

    '(Maroon5) Sunday_Morning'

    '(Maroon 5) This_Love'

    '(Bruno Mars) It Will Rain'

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  3. I added a few (A LOT) of extra info in there. Hope you don't mind ^^;
  4. Hmmmm,I think you are a crow. That's what they call the ones who are"different" I guess. To put it in simpler terms if this was actual neverland you would be a pirate. You are not a bad guy,you just not only cause trouble for the staff but trouble for the students as well. The crows are those who don't like neverland. So,and I forgot to mention this. If you are a perfect this is your first semester here. that way we will see if you are a crow or not,it changes your experience drastically.
  5. All this music, I really enjoy call me baby.

    Gender:"I'm a girl! Don't I look like a girl?

    Age:"14 and a half"

    Origin/country:"England,if you couldn't tell"

    We call my kind:"you must be new here if you can't tell just by looking. I'm a jailie"

    Sexual prefrence:"what in bloody hell!? Why do you care I don't see how it's any of your concern." (Straight)

    Personality: a simple girl with simple thoughts. Tickle her and she laughed,hit her and she cried. She likes pretty dresses and playing in the rain. She gets to attached to fictional charecters and isn't very bright at times. She is nothing more than a tinker,nothing to grand. She makes friends easily,and is very temperamental,of course she can never stay mad for long. Her mother use to always tell her she was to small to hold more than one emotion." So yeah that's me,plain looking,simple,emotional girl."

    Bio:" you are rather noisy,well nothing intriguing has ever happened in my life. My mother married rich into royal blood. My farther is the favorite child. I have a little brother,he's a little scamp, and a handsome boy. He got all the good genes. I have friends but none as close as the ones in neverland. of course last time I wsas here I was a lost boy. My older sister went to this school. And did she ever leave the hardest legacy for me to trail behind. But I look nothing like her,she was so pretty. Maybe they won't know I'm her sister."


    Nickname: gin,and not not for the reasons you think. My sister left stashes of gin all over the campus,and I know where they all are.

    likes:fairytales,Africa (the only place she likes better than neverland) flowers,pretty rocks, and feathers.

    Dislikes:bullies,waking up early,her looks.

    Your thoughts on neverland:
    "Think about the most magical wonderful thing in the world,that's what I think about neverland,just three times more."

    Your stamp: .
    "My older sister, taught this song to all the lost boys. Never knew where she picked it up from"
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  7. Ah so I should change it to Perfect first?

    Marshall is my most music based chara by far ;) The whole Personal Mix Tape deal was just an added bonus as well as his "Stamp"
  8. Hmmm oh no you can be a crow. I suppose you are neverlands captin hook. But it's fine if you keep it as jailie,it's just most jailies are normal students and you came off as a perfect. I was simply saying if you are a perfect this would be your first time here. But you are fine as you are.
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  9. Name: "why don't you call me Mika"
    Gender: "male. What a odd question"
    Age: "24"

    Origin/country:"Peru. Have you been there? Nice place..."

    We call my kind:"have we not met? I'm the Librarian"

    Sexual prefrence:" oh? I dabble in a little of this and a little of that"

    Personality: mika is the only outsider that knows of neverland. he can not really understand it,nor can he comprehend the complicated society the students have created. He does encourage it,and speaks to the administration on there behave. (Allowing them to govern themselves to a certain point and have there games) he is very laid back and tho he doesn't seem like,is very wise and a good person to go to for advice.

    Bio:" you are rather curious,well I suppose I can give you a peek. My mother was african my farther French,they had traveled the world when I was younger but the farthest I can remember back is Peru. Now that I think about it I really can't remeber anything that well. Always wanted a brother but never got one. I use to be a student at Kaleniegh as well,tho this talk of neverland was still in its infancy. I met a girl here, she was a feisty little spunk and loved her gin. she was much older than me and boy was I in love. now I just lay around here have have to deal with brats like you pestering me with questions!"


    likes:song writing,books,sunny days.

    Dislikes: being trapped, early mornings,growing old.

    Your thoughts on Neverland: " i might be an adult now but I will never forget that I was a lost boy from neverland just like most of you"

    Your stamp:.
    "What? I told you I was in love of course the songs about her....."
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  10. Name: Mackenzie Kaylee Toulon
    But you may call me Kenzie, Kenz, or even MK, but only grandma calls me Tiger Lilly.

    Gender: well love, I'm a female.

    Age: 16

    Apperance : [​IMG]

    Origin/country: America/ Maryland would be the state

    We call my kind: a brain

    Sexual prefrence : I like guys.

    Personality: She's the kind hearted girl next door. Sure mommy and daddy spoil her, but she has a heart of gold. Kenzie is use to spending time alone, due to both her parents being the heads of major company's. Singing is her world and she loves singing many different types. She's lovable and always looks for the positive in anything negative. Loyalty means everything to her. And when it comes to keeping friends out of trouble, she's the most stubborn girl wou will meet. Even ready to risk her own life. While yes she has her hidden secrets, she's pretty much an open book who loves to talk to people. Once she has a goal in sight, she'll work as hard as she has to to accomplish it.

    Bio: while she mommy and daddy could have paid her way in, Kenzie worked her butt off to get accepted. With her mother and father always so worried about their work he had always been alone. Except when she spent her summers with her grandparents. Loving every summer on the Indian reservation, learning everything she could about her ancestors. But sadly they have passed. I use to sing all the time with my grandma. We would go to all kinds of music festivals. It was amazing. Other then that, not much to tell.

    She loves all styles of music.
    Little known fact. Kenzie can play the guitar and keyboards.
    She has a YouTube channel.

    Likes: singing, reading, dancing, movies, having fun,

    Dislikes: spiders, stalkers, and always negative person

    Thoughts on Neverland: I love this place. It lets me escape the loneliness of a big empty home, most would call a mansion. It lets me be who I really am and not the fake perfect daughter my parents see.

    Your stamp:

    Because she loves this song.
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  11. Great
    great song. You have to choose who you are. I take it you have no fliping idea what any of those things are that I named so I edited and added the meanings. if you are still unsre you can always go to the main thread.
  12. All fixed now :)
  13. Okay. We have the main characters,you all know who you are. The firstthing you should post in the main thread should be the same. We are arriving at Kaleniegh. If your charecter is a first timer then remembere they won't be using any of the slang. If this isn't your first time then the slang term for the train that everyone arrives on is called pixie dust. You can post at anytime. If you want to wait for me to go first then I'll go on ahead and post.
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  14. @Clear

    I might be a tad busy this weak. So I already made my post but I'll try to do a little this weak
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  15. Name:
    Jessamy Carroll
    Origin/country: Dublin, Ireland

    We call my kind: Perfects

    Sexual prefrence: Asexual Aromantic

    Personality: Jessamy's always had a mouth too big for her own good- she's been cursing since she learned the words in third grade. The release in energy after that single 'shit' has always been absolutely lovely. But with that wide-open mouth comes a cruelty undeniable. After years of being pushed around as a child, a single word taken the wrong way causes a barrage of insults aimed to make you break down and cry. And it typically works. Under all that armor, there's a courageous heart of gold, taking the first opportunity to become a hero- and a martyr.

    Bio: A brilliant young lady, she excelled at a young age in the sectors of drama, music, and literature. She could read at a tenth grade level in fourth grade, but with that comes a hell of a lot of arrogance to be carried. She was never close to her mother- relating more to her elderly grandmother. After she died, though, she was shipped right off to New Zealand. Her mother couldn't deal with her.
  16. Really taken advantage of the explicit language rating. Well you are excepted.
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