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Some of us call it neverland

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by aja maji, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. "We are rejects, all of us here. Rejected in our own way.Some of us can not fit it normal society. We call them outlanders,they call them mentally ill. Then there or those who simply choose not to fit into society.We call them free-birds,they call them criminals. Then you have the brains,they don't consider them rejects but any one that has to be seperated from others and placed in a "special facility" is a regect in are book. For some of us it's part of are lives,we come here every semester simply cus daddy has deep pockets. We have a name for them too,it's jailies. For the rest of us this is a means of survival. The abandon,the orphans,boxcar children as we say (giggles). The rare ones or those who fought to be here. The used there talent of the arts to make it in.we call them perfects.We are all the students of Kaleniegh boarding school. Tho some of us like to call it neverland"
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  2. Ginger's eyes fluttered open at the subtle promise of dawn. She gazed out the window as the sun had just began to reclaim his throne in the sky. The soft hum of Pixie Dust as it rattled in the tracks had jogged her memory as she perked up. "Kaleniegh" it has been a while since that word came across her lips. Neverland was almost nothing more than a whispery dream. It had seem so long ago that she was a lost boy. She wanted to roll down the hills again,and explore and discover like she did once before. But there was more than just eagerness that stired within her. This was the first time she would be staying at the boarding school. She knew nothing of the place,only re stories that the other lost boys would share. The lost boys stayed at the church hill academy just down the hill from Kaleniegh. Her sister use to say that the view from the top of the hill was so grand you could look over the mountain and see tomorrow. Ginger laughed now,remembering how she really believed her words. Yet the sincerity in her sister's eyes still stuck with her. She was going to look,even if it was impossible.
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